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I.C.S Chapter 162: The Last Witnesses

It’s possible that it was because Anjou was too weak, or because he was focused on what was behind him, but in any case, when he was thrown out by Koshi, he was unable to resist and was thrown several kilometers away.

By the time he came to his senses, Anjou had already risen to several dozen meters in the air. He managed to say “What the hell!” before he was silenced by the whirlwind.

Furthermore, this distance was not enough to allow Anjou to escape the encirclement. Although most of the dragon vipers were wrapped around Koshi, there were simply too many of them!

This resulted in even though Koshi being surrounded inside and out, there were still a large number of dragon vipers scattered throughout the sea. If he were to fall to the bottom of the sea like this, it’s likely that he wouldn’t have much strength left to fight his way out.

But there wasn’t a trace of fear on Anjou’s face. From Kakashi’s perspective, the old man looked pale and seemed to be enveloped in endless sadness.

This was the first time he had seen helplessness on this old man’s face!

How similar it was…

Back at Kannabi Bridge, when Obito was crushed half of his body by a boulder in order to save him, wasn’t his face like this too?

This old man has watched his friends one after another die over the long passage of time, whether from old age or from murder. Now perhaps it is the funeral of another old man from his own era. Even if in the past they may have been enemies or rivals, who can deny that they are also a testament to his era?

As these old folks one by one left, isn’t it said that his life will no longer have any witnesses?

That’s why he’s sad! That’s why he hates it!

“Kakashi, let’s go!”

Kakashi turned around. It was the first time he had seen Guy looking so serious when speaking to him.

“Uhhhh yeah…” Kakashi suddenly laughed, then tensed his body. “Pay attention, ْGuy!”

Shichibukai Chakra Mode!

To the ninja’s amazement on the side, Kakashi carried Guy on his back and the two little guys charged back!

Their target was Anjou, who had been thrown into the air!

“Eight Gates · Gate of Pain, open!”

Guy forcibly used the Eight Gates Technique and jumped off Kakashi’s back. He was faster than Kakashi and, using Kakashi’s push, he stepped on the air and caught Anjou when Anjou was still at safe distance from the surface of the sea.

But he also suffered from excruciating pain all over his body because of his forcible use of the Eight Gates Technique. Fortunately, Kakashi was not far below them, continuously kicking the dragon vipers that emerged from the surface of the sea back down and using this momentum to retreat and find a safe landing spot for the two of them.

But in the end, it still wasn’t enough!

Just as the two of them were about to touch the surface of the sea, at least fifty dragon vipers suddenly jumped out and surrounded the three of them, all opening their large bloodthirsty mouths at the same time!

Even if Kakashi used Lightning Cutter, there wasn’t enough time at this distance. Everything seemed to be in a hopeless situation, as if the Angel of death had already written the old man’s predetermined death destiny, and no one could change it.

But at this moment, when the vipers were showing their bloodthirsty fangs, ready to swallow Anjou and the others, they were suddenly pulled by a strong attraction!

It was Koshi!

He was using his long sword to cut the death’s chains!

The Black Sun of the Word Spirit!

He first used his long sword to draw a perfect circle of dark energy, and suddenly this vast sea flowed like a galaxy, with silver waves carrying the dragon vipers, as tens of thousands of them chewed and tore at each other, making a terrifying grinding sound.

Facing the surging waves and vipers, Koshi stood motionless, like a mountain. The slowly flowing clouds of flames evaporated the hundreds or thousands of tons of ocean in an instant, and then the evaporated waves returned to the ocean in the form of a downpour.

Suddenly, the wind blew with a sad howl, and the rain fell in response, as if the world was issuing some kind of warning.

The dragon vipers, also attracted by the wind, also burned up as soon as they touched the Black Sun field, becoming red bones in the blink of an eye and then turning into white ashes in the storm.

Koshi wielded his long sword, each step carrying this ashes, as if a warrior running forward in the rain and snow!


Using all of his strength, he sliced through the long galaxy-like, and began to accelerate. His sword strokes transformed from heavy to agile, each movement perfectly in harmony with the natural world, each movement seems like a masterpiece of a painting, like a carefree child waving his sword under the blue sky!

Could it be… that he could make his way out by himself?!

The nearest to him, Kakashi and Guy, could hardly believe what was happening before their eyes. The man waving his sword and yelling were now only less than three kilometers away from them!

But at this moment, Koshi stopped in his tracks, and then he burst out laughing, his laughter drowning out the waves, the rain, and the tearing sounds made by the thousands of fanged dragon vipers.

He laughed out loud, full of spirit, as if he had returned to his most passionate years of decades ago, when he must have also been the main general on the battlefield, leading thousands of troops on both sides with him and Anjou, singing this song of life on the battlefield filled with hot blood.

Time did not turn Koshi into a scumbag as Anjou had said, but rather turned him into a heroic figure standing tall and proud!

He had once said that he was just an ordinary person, but at this moment, no one was more worthy of the word “hero” than him!

Now behind him is a raging storm, a sea of blood and debris, and in front of him are Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers, and he himself is the bloodthirsty demon reaping everything in front of him!

He is the mad dragon! He is the god of death!

“Come back quickly!” Anjou shouted. He had already guessed why Koshi had stopped, but he didn’t want to accept that fact.

“Sir Anjou, we have to go!” Kakashi had come to his senses. This old man may have already…

“Wait a little longer!”

Anjou still held a glimmer of hope. He wanted Koshi to break out of the encirclement so bad at this moment. Kakashi and Guy understood Anjou’s feeling better than anyone else, but they had to leave with Anjou.

Because the dragon vipers that had previously been sucked away had regained their movement and if they didn’t leave now, they might fall into a new encirclement.

“In life’s hundred and ten years, everything goes by like a dream, in this world, is there anyone who doesn’t eventually die?”

They heard the sound over the waves and the monster group, it was Koshi, now he immersed his scarred long sword in the seawater and then looked up at the sky.

The majestic blue light shone on his cheeks, and it was at this moment that the others saw Koshi’s true situation.

This old man had a dense group of dragon vipers clinging to his back. These monsters, which could bite through steel, were crazily tearing and biting Koshi’s flesh, trying to even consume his internal organs.

The biggest flaw of “Black Sun” was in its back, and without Anjou defending this flaw in the back, Koshi could be said to be fighting on two fronts.

But no one knew how this old man had overcome the intense pain and fought until now with wounds that should have killed a normal person long ago.

Anjou broke free from Guy’s support and looked at Koshi gravely. Finally, then he said:

“I have already fought in a beautiful battle, I have already traveled the road that should be traveled, I have guarded the way that should be guarded.”

“From now on, the crown of justice will be reserved for you.”

Koshi used the last of his strength to laugh loudly. “Don’t pray anymore, Anjou! God will not welcome you! Because you are a devil!”

“But this world… only you, as a devil, can protect it! Farewell, old man!”

He seemed to be standing at the end of the sea of heaven, looking at the people of another world, whispering:

“Collapse, Black Sun…”

The strongest move always requires something to be sacrificed, it could be Chakra, it could be lifespan, or it could be…


The Black Sun needs the life of its user to end before it can collapse. The out-of-control Black Sun wheel collapsed into a powerful gravitational field, sucking everything in, including the Ghost-toothed Dragon Vipers, the seawater, and the wild wind.

Countless beings were attracted to Koshi’s body and turned into fundamental particles at extremely high temperatures, forming a point in seconds.

Black flames suddenly gushed out from the point of strongest attraction, spreading out to several kilometers in the blink of an eye, these flames resembled the eternal Amaterasu fire, and at this moment, these flames seemed to be constructing the most perfect grave for their master.

“It’s over…” Looking at this sea of black flames, Anjou whispered.

” Reputation from Hatake Kakashi +339.”

” Reputation from Might Guy +318.”




After experiencing a bloody battle, they finally completed their original mission, and the altar of water was successfully destroyed.

Although some partners died during the mission, for the entire ninja world, these dead ninjas…

Were so insignificant…