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I.C.S Chapter 163: The Surprise of The System

Withdrawing from Koshi’s sight, Naoto took a long sigh. Koshi was one of the first cards he drew out, and at this moment, his departure even left Naoto with a trace of sadness.

Naoto’s clones, to a large extent, are similar to Shadow Clones. They have their own logic and choice, and maybe for Koshi, death was the best choice, just like in the original work.

When he was drawn as a D-level card by Naoto, he was already seriously ill. He originally thought that with the research of Dr. Genus, the biology expert, he could cure his illness.

But the genes of the dragon clan are too mysterious, and even though Naoto was able to create a giant dragon, he still couldn’t fully research all of their secrets.

So Koshi chose death.

But… his death seemed to bring a little surprise to Naoto…

In his mind, the [Koshi] card that was originally floating suddenly collapsed, it was like a piece of paper burned by fire, eventually turning into ashes.

And these ashes combined together, forming a new card…

[Random Item: Substitute Necklace (1/1)]

[Item Introduction: From the world of “Doraemon”, worn around the neck, as long as the button is pressed, the wearer can become the person in the mirror.]

[Note: There is a time limit when using the Substitute Necklace, and after the time is up, it will revert to its original form.]


Naoto touched his head, so it turns out that character cards become item cards after death, this was the first time he had seen it.

He materialized the card and a necklace appeared in his hand.

“I don’t know if the abilities of the person in the mirror can also be copied.”

Naoto pondered.

If the person who transforms is truly identical, meaning that even their strength can be replicated, wouldn’t that be crazy?

But the (1/1) on the back of this card made him hesitate, because if it means that the Substitute Necklace can only be used once, then it would be a waste if he used it for experimentation.

And the time limit also needs to be clarified, don’t mess around and suddenly turn back, that would be terrible.

Shaking his head, Naoto was about to shift his attention to other altar areas when he was suddenly attracted by another avatar in his field of vision.


New Rain Village

Konan brought Ryo Shimazaki into a room

Inside were Pain, Zetsu, and a man wearing a mysterious mask and a black and red cloud robe uniform.

Uchiha Obito!

When he saw this scene, Ryo Shimazaki’s eyebrows jumped. He didn’t expect Obito to expose himself in front of him.

“Allow me to introduce myself, you can call me… Uchiha Madara.”

Obito, with a swirl mask, intentionally said in a deep voice,

“Uchiha… Madara?” Shimazaki raised his eyebrows. “I remember he died a long time ago, right?”

Shimazaki’s reaction was somewhat unexpected to Obito, because the name Madara was, in a sense, a weapon.

In the current ninja world, few people do not know the famous name Uchiha Madara and Senju Hashirama, because they represent the strongest fighting power in the ninja world.

But on second thought, Shimazaki was originally a wizard descendant who knew nothing about ninjas, and was a native of Lituo land, so it was a little surprising that he know Uchiha Madara.

“Well… it’s not like I summoned you here now to discuss whether I’m dead or not.” The eye that appeared from Obito’s mask spun rapidly and quickly became a kaleidoscope pattern. “This time, I summoned you to ask you some questions about the demon clan!”