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I.C.S Chapter 15: Arrival

“Demonic energy ?” Minato Namikaze, the leader of the team this time, said in surprise, “I’ve never heard of such a thing in the Shinobi world.”

Fugaku had a sullen face “I don’t think he’s making it up, but no matter what he has done something that threatens the Uchiha and the village, so even if he finds the carrier of The Demonic fire breath he must not be given it.”

Minato pondered for a moment before turning his head to the ninja beside him “Hiashi, can you find out where this Suzuki is?”

Hiashi shook his head “I’ve looked with my Byakugan before, I can’t find a trace of him.”

“It seems that this person is also very familiar with our itinerary.”

“We can’t let this delay the trip..” Minato made a decision. “You go first, and I’ll follow behind. As soon as Suzuki appears, I’ll deal with him.”

The protagonist of the third ninja war is undoubtedly a man named Minato Namikaze. He has mastered and developed the Flying Thunder God Technique left by the second Hokage, and his nickname is “Konoha’s Yellow Flash”. After Konoha’s White Fang Sakumo Hatake.

At the same time, he is also the apprentice of Jiraiya, one of the Sannin three ninjas, and is also the disciple of the third Hokage, which means that Namikaze Minato is the most powerful candidate for the fourth Hokage.

“If it’s Minato, then it’s fine.” Everyone nodded in unison, even Fugaku.

Fugaku, who also became famous in the Third Ninja World War, is called “Evil Eye”, but he knows that he is definitely not the opponent of Minato.

In fact, the Flying Thunder God Jutsu is a really unbeatable ninjutsu, even the Sharingan owner has to admit the superiority of this ninjutsu.

‘But that’s the Sharingan’


Fugaku unconsciously touched his eyes with one hand, and quickly recalled the original feeling in his mind. It seemed like the world was in his hands, and a steady stream of chakra poured out of his body. Mangekyō Sharingan is simply incomparable!

That’s the Mangekyô Sharingan ……

The ultimate pupil technique recorded in the clan, with those eyes, he thinks even the Flying Thunder God would no longer be a match for him.

The fourth Hokage was holding a position that Fukagu wanted!

With Minato’s order, the Jonin meeting was dissolved, and Fugaku also returned to his place, “It’s almost time to rest, but we have to leave as soon as possible.”

“Clan Leader …… just ……”

“Just do your own thing, don’t worry, we have already taken care of Itachi.”


The group marched in the same formation as before. And to prevent anything from going wrong in the middle of the march, This time, they go to the side of the borderline.

And Suzuki said that he will not appear until the Konoha people are troubled by the Demonic energy. Even when Minato and Hiashi have searched for him dozens of miles, they still can’t find any trace of him.

They continued until the group reached the southeastern border of the Land of Fire, which was close to the Land of Bears.

During the Shinobi War, the Mist Village sent Seven Ninja Swordsmen to attack the Konoha team, but this was rescued by Might Duy, who fought all seven using the Eight Gates Released Formation and killed four ninjas at the cost of his own life except three of them. So far, the group of seven has become a group of three, and they have become the laughing stock of the ninja world.

The Mist had then used the Three-Tails beast to seal him into Rin, hoping when she was brought back to Konoha, but unfortunately, the battle failed and the Three-Tails disappeared along with Nohara Rin, leaving Mokuba with the life of a medical ninja in exchange for the enemy’s Tailed Beast, a great victory.

Add to this the fact that not long ago, Utakata, the jinchūriki of the Six-Tails, was defeated in his mission to kill Pakura by the mysterious organization Shichibukai.

This succession of events has reduced the Mist Village’s prestige to the extreme, but it is still one of the five great countries, and it’s still called the Village of the Bloody Mist, which makes their ninjas cruel and cold-blooded because of the Kirigakure Academy policy, which makes peace with them difficult.

Konoha’s intention was to gather a big force in the Land of Bears and crush Kirigakure in one fell swoop.

Now after Iwagakure and Konohagakure had stopped fighting, it would not be difficult to crush Kirigakure as long as they were given enough time to gather their forces.

This was the confidence of being the number one power!

The squad sent by Konoha this time was good in numbers, and they were elites, a force made up entirely of Chunin and Jonin, and with the famous Yellow Flash that had shaken the Shinobi world, it could be said that they were fully capable of destroying a small nation in one battle.

It was already late in the evening when they arrived at their destination, the group first set up the camp, after which Fugaku left Itachi in the tent and walked to the other side “TheJonin ninjas are going to have a group meeting, I’ll leave Itachi to you guys, for now, Take good care of him.”

“Yes sir!” The three replied together

“Then the order of vigilance for the guarding will remain the same as before, Naoto first, then me, and finally to you.”

After seeing the other two return to their tents Naoto set up a campfire in the middle and sat down next to it.

With nothing else to do, Naoto opened the system interface once again, when a constant beeping sound appeared in his mind.

“Reputation points from Uchiha Fugaku +412.”

“Reputation points from Hiashi Hyūga +312.”

“The reputation points from Namikaze Minato +779.”

“The reputation points from Inuzuka Tsume +212.”

” The reputation points from Shibi Aburame +199.”

“The reputation points from………..”

“The reputation points from………..”

(“I didn’t expect that Suzuki’s palm and that Demonic fire breath could bring so much reputation points!”)

Naoto was smiling widely, his reputation points had already broken the 30,000 mark and it was still growing, if he continued at this rate, he might soon get a B-rank character card!

It’s a super-powerful character card that reaches the Super Shadow level, with such a powerful character even the old Uchiha Madara would not have the courage to face him.

He can’t wait for this!

‘the Eight Demon Sorcerers.’

He set the purpose and the current strategy of the Shichibukai Organization

Collecting the Eight Demon Sorcerers!

At this time, Itachi walked out of the tent. He looked at Naoto with a smirk on his face, touched his hair, and said, ” Naoto… You look very happy, is it because you are on the battlefield??”

Itachi had heard that some people were born for war, and the more intense the battlefield, the more excited they were.

“Huh???? …… No no no, I just suddenly remembered something that make me happy.”

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