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I.C.S Chapter 14: The Demonic energy of fire

“Speaking of which, Naoto.”
As the large group took a break, Fugaku slowly approached Naoto and sat down next to him
“You are one of the few Chunin members in the clan who participated in the war, you should have a deeper understanding of this war.”
“Chunin …… that’s right, I guess.” Naoto didn’t quite understand what Fugaku was trying to say, but after thinking about it he replied “And the Chunin ninjas are the most dangerous, isn’t it? I heard that something happened to Uchiha Shisui.”
“That’s exactly what I’m saying.” Fugaku pointed to his eyes, “These eyes give us power,
but they have also created disasters. Some organizations want the Sharingan, and with the added threat of war, do you think I made the right decision in bringing Itachi?”
Of course not!
Naoto almost said this sentence
If you didn’t always bring Itachi to see the cruelty of war, how could that little Itachi suddenly make such a horrible determination to help Konoha to slaughter the family?
But now Fugaku is the leader, how can a decision made by a leader be wrong?
So Naoto smiled and said, “Sooner or later, Itachi will become an excellent ninja, and the ninja’s destiny is to serve in the war. It would be better for him when he gets involved in a war to have fully experienced the cruelty of war so that he doesn’t freeze from the horror of what he sees in the battlefield when he has to fight..”
“As for the protection issue, with so many people around, there’s no problem.”
“Maybe…” Fugaku wasn’t sure, but when he was about to continue speaking, he suddenly stood up as if he had sensed something.
“Fugaku-sama? What’s happened?” Naoto made a puzzled look
“Get ready ……”
Fugaku answered in a low voice and then held the Kunai from his back
Naoto nodded lightly, and at the same time stood up and prepared for defense.
Fugaku threw a Kunai at the bush. With the sound of Kunai inserting something, Naoto moved forward cautiously, but when he reached the grass, he found that it was just a wooden stake.
The moment they saw the wooden stake not only didn’t feel relieved, but they also greatly increased their vigilance.
Body Replacement Jutsu!
And since there was a Jutsu released, that meant there were other shinobi nearby!
“Show yourself,” Fugaku asked as he looked around
It took a long time before a man in a black suit with a red haircut appeared.
“Just call me Suzuki.” The newly appeared mysterious man said
“Suzuki? What is your purpose? Why are you secretly eavesdropping on us?” Uchiha Fugaku had already opened his Sharingan at that time, three blood-red hooks in his eyes, magnificent and mysterious.
“You all should be familiar with this organization by now, right? The Shichibukai, I am a member of this organization.”
“Shichibukai?!” Naoto looked surprised. In fact, although the name of the Shichibukai wore spread all over the Shinobi world, it was only limited to the top brass as well as some Jonin ninjas, but Chunin ninjas like Naoto did not have a source of information to get news about the Shichibukai organization.
This also reduces the reputation point income.
After all, the strongest people in this world, the high-ranking ones, always made up the overall minority of people, and although the points they contributed was higher compared to others, the quantity was simply not enough.
“It’s this organization again ……” Fugaku’s face was grim, he had not forgotten that this organization had Hiei who had an unknown attitude towards the Uchiha clan.
Seeing what Fugaku was thinking, Suzuki spread his hands and shrugged, “Don’t think too much, that guy Hiei has nothing to do with me. I’m here just for my own mission.”
“A mission? Another mission to take someone away? Like taking Tachibana Raizo and Pakura to the Cloud village”
“…… No……” Suzuki denied decisively “I’m here to find something.
From the information I have received, he’s in this area where you are, perhaps in the hands of one of your people, so I would like you to give him to me.”
“You kidding right ?……” sneered Fuguku “You looking for something? Not to mention that we don’t know what it is, and even if we did have it in our hands, why should we give it to you?”
“Ah…” Suzuki sighed. “So that means there’s no negotiation?”
“At the very least we need to know what it is.”
” Demonic energy ……” Suzuki held out a finger, flames floating on his fingers like leaping spirits.
” Demonic energy of fire, one of the eight great demonic powers.”
“I’m sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
” Demonic energy is not a ‘thing’, it is a ‘power’, the host of this Demonic energy will possess a part of the demon’s ability, the possessor of Demonic energy of fire is also able to possess the ability to manipulate flames. That energy is invisible and massless, but can attach itself to any creature’s body.”
Fugaku frowned at that “Sounds like a new thing.”
From what Suzuki had said, it was like a strange blood limit. And being able to manipulate flames reminded Fugaku to Ace, who was also a Shichibukai, and he heard that he could manipulate flames without having to form a seal, and even unleash an attack no less than the Six-Tailed Beast ball.
“No, nothing is free in this world.” Suzuki sneered “To gain something you have to lose something, this is the most basic principle of equivalence in the world. Breathing The Demonic energy of fire can bring power to the host, but it will also cause the host’s spirit to gradually lose control, which means that it will slowly ‘demonize’, at that time it is not you who controls the Demon energy but the Demon energy that controls you.”
“…………” Fugaku shook his head after a short silence “I’ve never heard of such a thing, you must be looking in the wrong place. “
“That guy may be secretive, but he’s never been wrong about what he says. If he says it’s here then it must be here.” Suzuki said with a bemused expression
“I have no need to deceive you.”
“It’s not that you’re lying to me. The Demonic energy has a certain incubation period, and no one can find it at this time. It’s reasonable that you can’t find it.”
“…What do you want to do? Don’t forget that this is Konoha’s territory.” There was a hint of anger in Fugaku’s mouth, he was almost fed up with this chattering man.
“It seems you have limited patience ……” Suzuki chuckled “You may have misunderstood me, I am not in a hurry, I will come back when you are not troubled with the demonic energy.”
He turned his body towards the distance. But Fugaku kept a close eye on his back as he pondered whether he should strike next or not, a mysterious Shichibukai member had appeared in front of him and in his area, It would be dangerous to let him roam around.
The decision was made!
With a heartbeat, Fugaku was just about to use a seal but he noticed that the man had suddenly turned his head.
He shook his wrist and then said,, “You just said, ‘What gives you the right to give it to me, didn’t you?”
His tone gradually became cold and murderous. Although he was alone, he was as chilling as a mighty army. “I’ll tell you why, it’s because of that.”
His right hand suddenly changed from a fist to a palm and he thrust it forward with a swift ……
The power of this palm made Fugaku stunned. He swallowed hard, turned his head, and looked back. There was a loud bang from a big mountain behind, and the stone fell off. The most terrifying thing was that the main part of the mountain was smashed. Thoroughly penetrated, leaving a giant mark, as if it was pierced by a giant’s palm ……
The man who caused all this, Suzuki, turn his head back, with his hands in his trouser pockets, and left straight away

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