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I.C.S Chapter 13: 8 Great Demonic Energy

Naoto sat in the courtyard and quietly watched the moon.
He didn’t actually want to sit outside.
Others don’t know it, but Naoto knows it – the Uchiha family has been under surveillance in Konoha, although Itachi discovered that this was after the Uchiha family was collectively isolated after the nine-tailed attack, so the current Uchiha family was so upset at the village, this is something no one can tell.
Even in the unlikely event that he did, Naoto did not want to expose his entire whereabouts to the eyes of others.
He wasn’t out at the moment to poetically enjoy the moon, he was just worried about tomorrow’s task.
The war was coming to an end, that was the rumor in the village.
Naoto was not bothered by the fact that the speed of gaining reputation would be slowed down after the war. He was most troubled by the fact that tomorrow, the head Uchiha Fugaku ordered him and the other two Chunin and Hiei to form a team to go to the front again.
It seems that Uchiha Fugaku is going to let Uchiha Itachi personally experience the war. Although it is rumored that the war is coming to an end, even the end of the war is quite tragic, so three Chunin and one Jōnin were dispatched for this purpose, just to protect a child he wants him to experience war?
What a …… luxury ……
Naoto thought so.
But at the same time, this decision was extremely stupid, because, from this step, the wheels of Uchiha’s genocide began to roll.
Uchiha Itachi, who has seen the cruelty of war, will fight to stop the war, even if the price requires him to exterminate his family.
Speaking of which, Naoto has a big credit for this war being stopped so quickly. And from the reputation points of the high-level ninja villages constantly coming from the system, Shichibukai should have already made a name for themselves in the ninja world.
In particular, the forest in the Land of Water, whose terrain has been changed, makes the five countries extremely nervous.
After all, it would be better to have fewer people like Hanzo, and fewer Villages like Konoha in the world.
And the existence of an organization requires a program, and he is also thinking about this, and it depends on who he will draw next.
Because of the fight in the Land of Water not long ago, the reputation points is still being recorded until now. Naoto is going to see how much the reputation points will stop rising. If the difference is not big, he’ll have to hold back his big move.
“It’s time to improve your strength…”
Naoto returned to the room and looked at the card floating in the system space, the D-rank character card – the Fire Demon Dragon.
As a boss in Jackie Chan’s Adventures, Drago is really strong, but in the Naruto world, he is within the level of Chunin. This is a world where a shinobi can shatter giant rocks. The Demon Drago have to gather all the eight Demonic energy, otherwise, Naoto was afraid that he would use his appearance to earn reputation points.
He had wanted to use this little Demon Dragon character card on Pakura, but the sudden mission made him decide to use it on himself.
Moreover, the demon dragon has the means to confer his own abilities on others, speed, power, and fire-breathing can all be shared among his men. When the time came, he will distribute the power to Pakura
by himself.
However, before the experiment, he wants to see if the person who has been given demonic energy will be turned into a green lizardman…
With the example of Shinta at the beginning, this time Naoto made fast work of fusing the power of the demonic dragon in his own body.
A mysterious force continued to strengthen his body. He felt that his strength was at least twice as strong as before. He ran around the room casually, his speed was roughly doubled.
Also, there is the ability to breathe fire. The power is estimated to be similar to C-level ninjutsu, but it can be augmented with chakra, and the most important thing is that there is no need for seals, and it can be done instantly when fighting. Maybe he’ll use this as a secret power.
And the most important point is that his system has actually changed after he completely integrated the Drago card.
In addition to the original card draw interface, a new panel has been added to the blank space.
——Advanced Demon Dragon
——The demonic energy of fire, the required reputation points is 3000
——The demonic energy of the sky, the required reputation points is 3000
——The demonic energy of water, the required reputation points is 3000
——The demonic energy of the moon, the required reputation points is 3000
—— The demonic energy of Earth, the required reputation points is 3000
——The demonic energy of the mountain, the required reputation points is 3000
——The demonic energy of lightning, the required reputation points is 3000
——The demonic energy of wind, the required reputation points is 3000
This is the demonic energy that the demon Drago collected with great effort in the original plot. In the end, he fully integrated the eight demonic energy, which is enough to tear the ground easily, unaffected by missile attacks, even in Naruto World, it can be said he become a very powerful monster.
It seems that the system distinguishes the power possessed by itself from the power possessed by external forces for other character cards, so the characters can still reach their peak through the power of the system.
Otherwise, how can the demon dragon in the Naruto world look for demonic energy?
This looks pretty good, the price required by the eight demonic energy is not expensive, and it requires more than 20,000 reputation points in total.
However, Naoto remembers that the Demon Drago, the son of the Demon Lord of Fire, has the demonic energy of fire. Why is there an option for the demonic energy of fire in the panel given by the system?
In this way, there is no need to turn Pakura into a lizardman.”
Naoto hadn’t thought of collecting the great eight demonic energy auras himself like the original Drago in the original book, he just needed to increase his strength to a level where he could defend himself, and the rest was just a matter of thinking about how to earn reputation.
And because of this, the Shichibukai organization’s program has become more prominent.
The original thought was that a card that had reached its limit had a new use, so this made Naoto very excited.
So he didn’t sleep all night.
When he rushed to meet the team the next day, he had thick dark circles under his eyes, which surprised Hiei: “Naoto, are you having insomnia?”
“Ah…” Naoto sneered, “Because I think I’m going back to the battlefield today, I’m a little excited…”
“Not long after graduating from Shinobi school, you’re participating in the Third Shinobi War, it’s hard for you kid.”
“Well, the ninja have stepped on the battlefield sooner or later. This war can be regarded as a lesson for me.”
This time the lineup is composed of three Chunin members, including Naoto Uchiha, and the elite of the Uchiha Fugaku team.
“All right, let’s go.”
Seeing that all the men were present, Fugaku ordered with a wave of his hand
The formation was a triangle, with Itachi surrounded by three chunin, and Uchiha Fugaku walking in the front.
All of the people present except Itachi could open their Sharingan, so for warning purposes, the three ninjas took turns opening their Sharingan and looked around.
In fact, Naoto wasn’t nervous at all, because there was a large army of Konoha next to them.
This time, although it was Fugaku’s intention to show the brutality of war to Itachi, it was, in fact, another attempt by Konoha to exert pressure on other countries, but not a few troops were sent this time, and although the Uchiha clan was a bit out of there place if something did happen, the Konoha’s ninja will quickly come to support.

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