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I.C.S Chapter 12: Reunion

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The birds in the sky kept flapping their wings to fly away from this dense forest, and all the creatures felt a chill surge up as if something terrible would happen next.
Looking down from high above, two opposing black energies suddenly appeared in a corner of the dense forest, one formed a sphere and the other a circle.
The sphere is condensed with hatred and destruction, and the huge chakra has been compressed to the extreme to produce endless power of destruction.
As the chakra form changed to the extreme, Utakata unleashed the final blow.
Tailed Beast Ball!
Staring at the moment the Tailed Beast Jade was released, Uesugi Koshi once again powered up the Black Sun. Flowing in a circle, the atmosphere for hundreds of meters around was sucked in, eventually forming a huge vortex with the Black Sun at its center, the surrounding trees were uprooted and sucked into the Black Sun, which could be completely carbonized right at the edge of the field.
Uesugi Koshi controlled the Black Sun’s field
right in front of the Tailed Beast Ball, and in an instant the two destructive forces collided!
Even the earth was unsettled by such destructive power!
The atmosphere was shrouded in a layer of hot dust and everything was distorted, making it hard to tell the difference between reality and illusion.
Can it be stopped?
Uesugi Koshi, who tried his best to resist, is getting more and more struggling, the black sun has reached its limit, and he’s afraid that the last black sun will be launched at the cost of his own life to make it completely collapse.
So tired ……
“If you guys don’t come I’m really going to die!”
He was clearly able to communicate mentally, but Uesugi Koshi couldn’t help but shout loudly.
” Old man, don’t be noisy, we’re already here!”
He leaped out of the dense forest behind him at once, and could not help but be secretly astonished at the scene of disrepair before him.
It was Ace’s voice!
He suddenly jumped out of the dense forest behind him, looked at the dilapidated scene in front of him, he couldn’t hide his astonishment.
However, his hands weren’t slow, the flames spiraled on his arms, and a large amount of flames had already been collected while he was still in the air.
And because of the hot field formed by the Black Sun, these flames were even more powerful than usual.
“Fire Pillar”
Like a tiger falling to the ground, the huge pillar of flame was falling from top to bottom.
And the moment Uesugi Koshi saw the Pillar of Inferno take shape, the effect of the Black Sun completely disappeared. He took Pakura and hurriedly retreated to the side, but without the Black Sun to stop him, the Tailed Beast Ball was even faster than Uesugi Koshi. Just at the moment when the two sides were less than five meters apart, Hiei brought the two of them out of range of the hedge with unimaginable speed. The bandages on his right hand had disappeared, and he had swallowed the huge energy of the Black Dragon Wave to increase his chakra, which allowed him to take the two out at an unbelievable speed. But the after-effects of this move were also quite serious, as an A-rank demon would still have to fall asleep for quite a while after using this move.
But at least at this time, he still retains a fair amount of combat power!
Another huge explosion roared, and the Tailed Beast Ball faced the flame pillar. However, since most of the energy had been consumed by the black sun before, the remaining energy of the Tailed Beast Ball could not resist Ace’s flame pillar, so the offensive and defensive trend reversed, but in the end, it was Ace’s flame Pillar had the upper hand.
Ace shouted, but he didn’t need to tell all of them to back away, because the chakra that had built up at the center of that collision had simply reached mind-blowing proportions, and if it’ll explode then that would completely rewrite the terrain of this area.
A huge explosion suddenly occurred in that corner, and a fireball that shone brighter than the sun appeared there, and then an unbelievably violent wind poured out in all directions, toppling a quarter of the trees in the forest.
When the light fades away
A large pit with a radius of several kilometers and an abysmal depth has replaced the original land…
The bottomless crater showed the full horror of the Six-Tailed monster, but Utakata
didn’t feel the slightest bit of joy
“Bastard ……!”
He clenched his teeth.
” Sir, what do we …… do next?”
An Anbu tried to ask to know what to do.
“Chase …… no …… forget it, let’s go back to the village first.”
It was clear to Utakata that with the few people on his side there was no longer the strength to threaten the other side.
“Since when did the Shinobi world have such strong ninjas who were good at using fire?”
“No matter how you face it, it’s too much, it’s a Tailed Beast Ball……”
The Anbu next to him also breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly responded, “Yes!”
“Reputation points from Utakata +882.”
“Reputation points from Yu Asakura +342.”
“Reputation points from Jingzi Nishihira +312.”
” Reputation points from……..”
” Reputation points from……..”
The Naoto clone team, who had already left, led Tachibana Raizo and Pakura all the way to the east of the Land of Water.
Hearing the constant system alerts, Naoto was relieved.
Koshi Uesugi was in a state of physical exhaustion, making it difficult to use his battle power. Hiei was already drowsy after using the highest Aura of the Killing Black Dragon Wave and was being carried by Uesugi Koshi. In other words, the only one who still has fighting power is Ace, and Ace is also responsible for protecting the team, so if Utakata
continues to pursue them at this time, they will probably be in a very bad situation.
“The strength is still not enough…”
Naoto sighed. Ace, Hiei, and Uesugi are really very strong. Even if they are placed in the Five Great Shinobi Countries, they can be ranked in the forefront, but on this vast and boundless ninja continent, it is the same as all the ninjas in the world. It’s still a weak position…
Not to mention anything else, the biggest problem facing Naoto right now is the Uchiha genocide incident, knowing that there are still survivors.
Uchiha Itachi, Uchiha Obito…
Naoto recited these two names silently in his heart, one day in a few years, they will join forces to slaughter the Uchiha clan. He was sure that by then he would have the strength and power to not be afraid of them, but what happened next?
Madara Uchiha, Zetsu, these two are the guys who brought Naoto the most pressure.
To face these two people, there is no room for resistance without the strength of the Kage level.
“It hasn’t been long since Rin Nohara died, which means Madara Uchiha is probably still in his old age… How much power can he still have with his old age and weak eyes?”
This is something Naoto has been thinking about all the time. If necessary, he will let a clone test the current Madara Uchiha. If he could influence Madara and Zetsu’s plan from here, he would be very happy.
“I still need strength…”
He looked up at the sky
Once again, the 10,000-strong reputation panel appeared in front of him…
——Draw a card!
C-rank character card – Toichiro Suzuki!
Anime——The big BOSS in “Mob Psycho 100” can fight against the liberated Shigeo Kageyama. He is quite powerful, he can use various abilities and capture or give energy, so he can be considered as an energy monster.
“It’s almost there…”

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