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I.C.S Chapter 29: Separation

 “So that’s the case… In such a short period, that guy Hanzo got killed, and the Rain Village was destroyed…”

 Tsunade took a sip of wine and frowned.

 She is not unfamiliar with Hanzo.

 During the Second Ninja World War, Konoha had fought Hanzō of the Salamander and his men many times, and the three who persisted until the end were called Sannin by Hanzo, that is, she, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru.

 That encounter was one of the rare fierce battles in her life.

 But the world is unpredictable. It was ironic that the legendary shinobi Hanzo who fought against Konoha’s ninja at the beginning would be killed at the end of the war, and even the opponent was not clear to her.

 She had been living an independent life after leaving Konoha and had no idea of what was happening in the outside world, and at the moment she had a feeling that things were different from what they were when she heard from Jiraiya.

 “According to the information, Hanzo used the power of the Seven Demonic energy to fight that mysterious person, that Seven Demonic energy gavest Hanzo a terrifying power, but he couldn’t stand it and control it very well so he got killed.” Jiraiya shook his head and sighed “You know, those old men couldn’t let a dangerous force like demonic energy flow into the ninja world, so we were sent over as soon as the news arrives.”

 “Hmph, that old man is really a boring man,” Tsunade said indifferently

 “You can’t say that. Just like the first Hokage who captured eight of the nine free-roaming tailed beasts, if you don’t take care of such powers as demonic energy, it may cause some kind of disaster.”

 “Anyway, that’s your business, and it has nothing to do with me.” Tsunade pouted, took the wine in her hand, and drank it.

 “Anyway, that’s your business, and it has nothing to do with me.” Tsunade pouted, took the wine in her hand, and drank it.

 Hearing her words, Jiraiya became anxious, “Hey, hey, Tsunade, you are missing the point. You must know that besides us, there is a mysterious organization called Shichibukai which also collects that demonic energy. That guy Suzuki is an opponent who makes Minato suffer while fighting. I’m not confident that I can stop him by myself, but with the two of us, we can definitely do it!”

 Tsunade looked at Jiraiya suspiciously and said with some disbelief: “Really? That guy Minato is capable of using the Flying Thunder God Technique.”

 “Why would I lie to you, Minato fought him not long ago and he claimed that he have used only fifty percent of his strength.”

 “If that’s the case…” Tsunade weighed it, and refused coldly in front of Jiraiya’s expectant eyes, “This is your mission, Don’t drag me with you just because you want to be a lazy, fool!”

 “Don’t be like this, after all, we were in the same group, and ……” Jiraiya stopped mid-sentence when he noticed a slight change in Tsunade’s expression.

 After seeing that there were no suspicious people around he asked in a small voice

 “What’s happened?”

Tsunade didn’t say anything, just took another drink and stood up, “Anyway, I’ll leave it to you to sort out your business. I’ve got things to do too, so I’ll be off.”

 She packed up and then shouted to Shizune who was on the other side of the room “Come on, Shizune!”

 Shizune on the other side still didn’t know what was going on, but after hearing Tsunade’s words she responded quickly.

 “Listen ……” said Jiraiya, looking at Tsunade seriously.”You still haven’t told me why you’re here?”

 “None of your business, just do your own thing, “Tsunade said back faintly

She walked straight out and Shizune followed closely behind her wondering “Tsunade, why are you leaving so suddenly? Did Jiraiya-sama did something rude again? Can ……”

 But even if he flirted a bit, I never saw you leave this fast before…

 The thoughts in her mind naturally did not dare to say it, and then Shizune changed her words “You have not seen each other for a while after all, there is no need to leave so soon.”

 Tsunade glanced around and walked back and said, “That guy is here for a mission, we better not interfere with him.”

 Shizune wondered, “Tsunade-sama, are you looking for something?”

“No …… nothing.” Tsunade glanced up and said, “It’s getting dark, let’s find a place to stay.”

 Her mind wandered, but Shizune didn’t say anything in the end.

 She glanced back at the izakaya she had just walked out of, just in time to meet Jiraiya’s thoughtful eyes, she was shocked and quickly turned back to follow Tsunade.

 “This guy …… is a bit suspicious ……” said Jiraiya to himself as he looked at the four people who came over to the izakaya.

 “I never thought I would meet Tsunade-sama here.” Kakashi also turned his head to look in the direction Tsunade had left “It’s quite disturbing that Tsunade-sama left so quickly.”


“Forget her. She’s old enough to know about what she has to do. And she’s right, we’ve got a mission to do.”

 “The latest news from the village is that Suzuki has recently arrived in a town about thirty kilometers from here, so hurry up while there is still some time today. .”


 “So that’s it, is this the ripple Jutsu ……?”

 On the way he came from before, Jonathan demonstrated the ripples to Chiriku. Even Chiriku was a little surprised when he heard there was this kind of Jutsu in this world.

 “We all refer to it as chakra or senjutsu, but this is the first time the term Ninjutsu has been called a ripple Jutsu .”

 “Speaking of which, I don’t know about your relationship with Dio, Jonathan? Your names…” Chiriku thought about the words but was interrupted by Jonathan when he wanted to continue.

 “Dio and I ……” he said with an expression caught in memory “Dio was my father’s adopted son and was my rival from a young age when Dio was… …was still a human.”

 “This guy really did turn from a human into this monster ……”

 “This guy really turned into this monster from a human…” Chiriku said and astonishment on his face.

 “That guy has evil in his heart, He used something forbidden on himself belonging to the Joestar family who has been guarding it for generations, the Stone Ghost Mask.”

 “The Stone Mask?! Is this the tool that made Dio what he is today?”

“Yes, it is a rather evil tool, which has been kept by the Joestar family for thousands of years. But in the long history, even the Joestar family has lost information about it. All I know is this mask has magical powers, enough to make people… immortal!”

 “Immortality?!” He said incredulously, “How is that possible? Even the Sage of Six Paths, the one who once created the Shinobi world, could not achieve immortality!”

 “That’s because humans have limitations.”

 “There is a limit to what humans can do, and the more you study ninjutsu, the more you realize that there is a limit to what humans can do… Unless one becomes a being beyond human ……”

 Hearing that Chiriku’s eyes widened, and he said “Could it be that ……?!”

 “Yes, the stone mask can transform humans into vampires. To pursue power and power, Dio constantly used this poison to consume my father’s power. Unfortunately, I found out later, when he completely tore off his disguise, and at the moment of exhaustion, he put on the stone mask.”

 “I see… but to do it to his righteous father who adopted him, this Dio guy ……!”…!”

 Chiriku’s head was flushed with blue veins from anger

 But Jonathan was not too angry. He could control his emotions perfectly after mastering the ripples.

 And at this time he also noticed a hint of weirdness after looking around, he said with some uneasiness

 “Isn’t this town …… a little too quiet?”

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