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I.C.S Chapter 30: The Dead

 The eerie moonlight quietly spreads through the empty streets, and the stars in the sky shimmer with tiny dots of light

 At this time, Jonathan and Chiriku stopped in the street not far from the town border.

 “It hasn’t been dark for long, the villagers shouldn’t have gone to bed this early yet.”

 The two were in doubt, and at that moment, they noticed the abnormality of the town, so they naturally would not cross without taking their precautions.

 Under the darkness of the night, a stormy atmosphere filled the air. The two of them were back to back and their bodies were tensed. As long as there was a slight abnormality, they would immediately react and fight back against any suspicious movement.

 “Okay, let’s leave the village.” Jojo looked at both sides and said before the creepy atmosphere overwhelmed them.

 Chiriku nodded slowly in agreement. The two were vigilant about their surroundings and slowly retreated in the direction that they came from.

 But what happened next made them horrified. Under their ground, on the ground they had just stepped on, suddenly stretched out countless arms, which looked eerie under the dark night.

 The body of the arm quickly climbed up from the ground, and each of them showed bloodthirsty smiles as if the people in front of them were not humans, but a feast.

 Even the two of them, who were well-prepared for such a horrific scene, were shocked.

 “It’s the corpses! Run!”

 These monsters were roughly estimated to be in hundreds, and even Chiriku and Jonathan, who have the means to restrain them, don’t want to be besieged by so many corpses.

 “There’s no escape!”

 A corpse who jumped from a house stretched out his tongue and licked his lips, and said with both hands.

 “Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld.”

 The two of them felt that their legs were submerged in the swamp, and they couldn’t move for a while. At this time, a large number of corpses rushed over.

 Chiriku stood in front of Jonathan whose face was sinking and directly used the ultimate technique of the Fire Temple.

 The spirit of the Thousand-Armed Kannon appeared behind him, and countless arms stretched out, smashing all the corpses that rushed over.

 Taking the opportunity to get his way out of the Swamp of the Underworld, Jonathan formed a seal and roared at the corpse who released the ninjutsu.

 “The Fireball Ripple Overdrive!”

 He took a deep breath, and the huge fireball was spitting out. With a closer look, it can be seen that the outer layer of the flame is rippling like ripples on the water’s surface.

 “Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall!”

 The ninja corpse also hastily defended himself by raising a wall of earth in the path of the fireball, but the jutsu that had made him so confident was pierced by the fireball in an instant, and he was caught off guard when the fireball passed through his entire body, eroding his flesh with a power he had never seen before.

 After all, this pain didn’t last long, his body was dissipating in the wind because of the ripple.

 “Although you have received the power, Dio, you have also been given an additional weakness as a result. What a foolish decision to be weak against the sunlight for the sake of vain immortality!”

 Jonathan roared

 But the corpse people wouldn’t care about him, even if they were knocked out by the Thousand-Armed Murder, they still can fight without fear of death. If this goes on, they both will be dragged to death here sooner or later.

 “Let’s go!”

 With a punch, Jojo knocked over the corpse living being who had managed to get through the fist of Kannon, the power of the ripples melted half of his head straight away, and then with another seal, the Phoenix Sage Fire Technique, and with the ripples attached, the corpse exploded directly in front of him.

 Taking advantage of the cover of the fire, he pulled Chiriku and ran outside.

 If he had to fight these corpses, he would have preferred a more open place.

 They had fought with Dio not once or twice before, and they had seen many of these corpses, but they had never thought that Dio would be crazy enough to turn a whole village into corpses.

 Their faces were sullen and they seemed to be holding back their anger.

 “Dio ……!”

 Jonathan yelled in a low voice

 Chiriku’s face was ashen, and his black eyes were burning with anger.

 “Dio must be arrested as soon as possible, such an ability like this is too dangerous!”

 “More importantly, according to what you said, he was looking for something in the Temple of Fire, and it seems that he has successfully found it. The previous Dior is already very difficult to deal with! If he becomes stronger, the entire ninja world will be a mess!”

 “And you’re in the mood to discuss Dio? You should be concerned about yourselves first!”

 A shrill voice came from the sky and a tall ninja leaped from mid-air in front of them

 He said in a mocking tone, “Are you trying to escape? what a loser!”

 “This is the power of the ripples, how can you resist the sunlight?”

Jo watched him cautiously while noting that the corpse-beings in the rear were rapidly approaching. He bit his lip, knowing full well that he would have to use his strongest power to break through this man at this point, otherwise it would be difficult to escape once it surround the place again.

 He gestured to Chiriku with his eyes, and the two of them formed seals at the same time.

 “Dragon Fire Ripple!”

 “Thousand-Armed Murder!”

 The ninja’s face changed dramatically, and realizing that he had been careless, so he hastily formed a seal

 “Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere!”


 The wind collided with the flame and the fist, and the overflowing power caused a hole in the ground, and with a boom, the spinning wind cut finally dissipated after destroying the fist and dissipating the flame’s power.

 It could be said that the flames with the ripples are the absolute nemesis of the corpses, as soon as this fire dragon could touch them then it will be the end of them!

“Damn it!” The ninja’s face was full of fear, and his mouth was praying loudly.

“Lord, help!”


 Jonathan stared at the front, where it was supposed to be the ninja who was suffering from being burned by the flames, but at this time another ninja was standing there.

 He was thin, with a white mask covering his face, and his hair was like the shape of the needles of a hedgehog, he was a strange-looking man.

 He raised his right hand, which he used to block the flames.

 But at this moment, the area from the thumb to the middle finger of his hand was burned, revealing flesh and blood.

 In such a terrifying scene, someone else would have been screaming and screaming in pain, but this person didn’t even blink an eye.

 He looked at the nervous Jonathan and suddenly laughed

 “Is this the Jonathan Josta hat Lord Dio was talking about? less than I expected.”

 “This is the first meeting, my name…”

 “You are ……” at the same time, Chiriku looked at him incredulously, the image of a man quickly came to his mind and he shouted in shock “How can that be? You should have died in the previous war! How did you end up here?”

“One of the seven ninja swordsmen of the Mist, Kushimaru Kuriarare!”

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