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I.C.S Chapter 31: The Seven Ninja Swordsmen

 “Why are you surprised?? I thought that you guys knew about the stone mask. Did you know about it?”

 Kushimaru shook his head, and then said with a look of excitement as if he had remembered something, “But that’s right!

Immortality, reverse yin and yang, this is simply the power possessed by gods, how could you mortals have guessed that?”

 Jonathan roared angrily, “That guy Dio actually played with the soul of the dead!”

 “You are the ones who are cruel, he was merciful to bring us back to life when we were in death. I will not have mercy on those who dare to defy Dio!”

 Kushimaru Kuriarare was obviously dissatisfied with Joe’s attitude towards Dio and confronted him with the same anger.

 “You were not rescued, but turned into a corpse by him. In the future, you going to be controlled by him for the rest of your life. Even your soul and mind will be distorted. Is this what you want to survive for?”

 “Lord Dio has given me a new life. My body will never age, and I will continue to survive like this. This is something that even the Kage of the Shinobu world can’t do. I would rather enjoy eternal life under the control of Lord Dio than being just nothing!”

 “Sure enough… the mind has been distorted…” Big Joe took two steps back, but the corpses who were chasing from behind had already arrived. At this moment, there are hundreds of corpses on one side, a wind user ninja who is close to the strength of a Jonin, and Kushimaru Kuriarare, a former member of the  Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. They pushed to a dead end.

 “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you for now. Lord Dio wants me to take you back, but that little one next to you …… He’s dead!” Said it when he looked coldly at Chiriku.

Hearing this, Chiriku’s face became red, and said in anger, “Bastard! You’ll see who is going to die! I want to see the abilities of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen, who don’t even have a knife, Show me what you have!”

 “Really?” Kushimaru laughed, then pointed at a short distance with his half-burnt finger, and said:

 “Hey, Jinpachi, someone wants to see our strength? Do you want to hide behind and not come out?”

 After those words, a figure jumped out from the crowd of corpses, looking like an older man with vertical braids and a long beard, a black eyepatch covering his left eye, and white bandages wrapped around his head and neck.

 This was another familiar ninja, and one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist

 “Jinpachi Munashi!”

 “I didn’t think my first fight after resurrection would be with such a weak guy, really, I just can’t have fun killing him.”

 He ordered to the corpses behind him, “You all stay back and watch, I will personally capture Jonathan Josta and present him to Lord Dio!”

 “Haha ……” Kushimaru Kuriarare laughed when he said: “This guy will use a very powerful ninjutsu against you, you don’t want to die under his hands.”

 Taking advantage of the conversation opposite, Joe approached Chiriku and asked in a low voice, “Chiriku, are you sure?”

 “No matter what ……,” Chiriku swallowed and said with difficulty

 “They are the famous Seven Ninja Swordsmen. Even if they don’t have swords, they are still in the level of Jōnin at least…”

 ” It may be the case in theory, but after returning from hell they have a weakness of the sunlight, and if we use that, we might still have a chance.”

 Big Joe nodded gravely and said “I never thought that Dio would actually set his sights on the dead to achieve his evil purpose. If he continues to use this ability then the world is doomed!”

 “That’s right, we must break through, report to the Daimyō what happened here, and expose Dio’s conspiracy!”

 However, it was obvious that Kushimaru Kuriarare and Jinpachi Munashi didn’t want them to continue their conversation.

 They shouted when they pulled out two kunai: “What are you negotiating here? just Die!”

 “Even this weapon is enough to deal with weaklings like you!”

 Facing Jinpachi who was rushing towards him, big Joe held his breath and punched him when the Kunai was less than one meter away from his body!

 In theory, this punch would not have hit Jinpachi Munashi because the Kunai in his hand would have pierced through Jojo’s chest before that, but just as the Kunai was about to touch Jojo’s body, Jinpachi Munashi suddenly stalled.

 In an instant, Jonathan’s arm was inexplicably long, and his fist with ripples directly pierced Jinpachi’s shoulder. Jinpachi endured the pain and forced the Kunai to stab, but the momentary pause was met by Jonathan’s other hand.  Jojo’s hand was bleeding, but there was no sign of backing down on his face. Instead, he became stronger because of the pain!

 “Metal Silver Overdrive!”

 Resisting the pain, Jojo released the ripples again. Although Jinpachi, was ready to throw the Kuwu at him, he was still attacked by the attached ripples, causing half of his arm to melt directly.

 “The …… damn ……!”

 I thought it would be a cat-and-mouse game, but I didn’t expect that the battle would be that easy, I was even more shocked by the anger! What a shame.

 “What happened, Kushimaru? You got it done so quickly?” Kushimaru on the other side looked like he already easily defeated Chiriku, and at this moment, he looked at the embarrassed Jinpachi and laughed at him.

“…… This guy’s ninjutsu is weird and unprecedented, I’ve never seen something like this before. But I won’t give him another chance next time!”

 “…… really?” Jojo pretended to be relaxed “You’ve lost a hand, that’s a fatal wound for a ninja.

 “It is common knowledge that a ninja can’t make a seal with both hands if he has one hand missing.”

 “Is that so? Haven’t you ever heard of ninjas who can even do things like one-handed seals after they’ve mastered the Jutsu completely?”

 “One-handed seals?!”

 Jonathan was shocked. It’s not that no one can do this kind of thing with one hand, but most of these people are geniuses among geniuses. Although Jinpachi is powerful, he is not enough to do such a thing!

 “We, the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, have been deliberately training jutsu even though we use swords, and although we only have a few Jutsu, we can definitely defeat you!”

 Before Jinpachi finished speaking, Jojo had already formed a seal and released ninjutsu. For the corpse who have no pain, it is obviously beneficial for them to delay the battle.

 “Fireball Ripple!”

 Seeing the big fireball coming at him, Jinpachi used his full strength to respond, and in an instant, a Jutsu was constructed

 “Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique!”

 Raging waves of water coalesced behind him to form a huge water dragon, swallowing the fireball just when it was about to explode.

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