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I.C.S Chapter 35: Intelligence

 “Speaking about that, what a strange name you have, I’ve never heard anything like it before.”

 To take care of Jojo and Chiriku who had just experienced a big battle, and to get as much information as possible from them, everyone returned to a house in the village.

 The house was in the village where the corpses had lived, but at the moment they had all been killed by Suzuki, so there is nothing to be afraid of.

 Jojo took a sip of water then raised his head and said “Because I am not from the Ninja world.”

 “For generations we, the Joestar family, lived on a small island overseas, living away from the world, not only for refuge but also to permanently seal the stone mask outside the world of Shinobi. But in the end… “

 “Dio? ……” Jiraiya scratched his head “This guy is troublesome, but a powerful thing as the Stone Mask would logically have been famous in the old Shinobi world, and even if the news was muted, it is unlikely that the information will not leak out somehow, even in a form of a popular legend.”

 “I’m not quite sure either. Dio stole the stone mask before many things about the Joestar family were passed on to me. That’s why I don’t have enough information…”

 “No…I probably know…” It was Suzuki who answered, leaning back on the chair with a thoughtful look

 “…? You said you knew about the stone mask?!” Jiraiya was also shocked

 Jojo looked at Suzuki with disbelief and said, “The news of the stone mask should be kept by the Jostar family only…”

 However, Suzuki said with a natural expression and said:

 “There must be a source, no matter what.”

 “In the history of our Shichibukai, there has been a disaster similar to those caused by the ability of the stone mask.”

 Suzuki didn’t hide their secrets and continued.

 “In an age that is so far away that it cannot be investigated, when humans have not yet established their dominance, it was there a kind of creature.”

 “They are born with power and speed that surpasses human beings. Even creatures like tigers and elephants are not their opponents. Humans also worship them because of their power, and even revere them as gods.”

 “But this kind has a weakness against the sun, and they can only act at night. To overcome this shortcoming and become the ultimate creature, a genius of this kind has embarked on a path against nature.”

 “The records after that disappeared, but in my opinion, he should have failed, and even destroyed the entire race.”

 This is also a very normal thing. For those who believe in fate and Nature’s rules, it is always impossible to fight against fate.

 Everyone is rowing and paddling in the lake of fate. If you lose your way, then fate will guide you forward by raising waves for you. But if you want to escape from this lake, then it is not allowed by fate, and the final result will be counterattacked by fate.

 Then he followed saying after thinking for a while, “They can only live at night, which is really in line with the characteristics of vampires.”

 “You mean that although the genius failed, he created the stone mask before he died? To continue the existence of his ethnic?”

 “I don’t know the specific circumstances, but it may be too reckless to judge a genius as a failure just because of this information.” Suzuki disagreed.

 “From what Jojo said earlier, Dio obviously has discovered something new. Maybe there is some information left in the stone Mask that enables him to perfect what that genius failed to do thousands of years ago.”

 “That’s right, Dio is not the type that does things that don’t make sense.” Jojo nodded his head in agreement

 Silence fell over the room, knowing that Dio should be stopped in the cradle as soon as possible, otherwise a big war was inevitable.

 Strike while the iron is hot, Naoto also brought the matter of demonic energy to the table at the right time.

 At his gesture

 Suzuki said, “And I suspect that it is related to the demonic energy we are trying to collect.”

 This sentence immediately attracted Jiraiya.

 After all, demonic energy was originally his mission. If he could gather the demonic energy by dealing with Dio, it’s like killing two birds with one stone!

 But…he gave Suzuki a vague look.

 After all, as far as he knew, the Eight Demonic Energy was originally what the Shichibukai were collecting, and they even had followed Suzuki and thus arrived here for that thing in the first place.

 If he was said that the Shichibukai organization would so obediently give the demonic energy, he wouldn’t believe him ever.

 They were able to sit here and talk calmly because they believed that the things they were dealing with had nothing to do with demonic energy and that Dio had the ability to pose a threat to them.

 But he put the demonic energy on the table so openly…

 However, he still didn’t speak in the end. Shichibukai’s understanding of demonic energy far exceeds any force, and he could not ask for some information from them so that his plan wouldn’t be revealed.

 Suzuki didn’t care about what Jiraiya was thinking, he looked at Chiriku and asked

 “You said that Dio suddenly became stronger not long ago, and his strength and speed doubled, right?”

 “Yes… yes.” Chiriku said nervously

 Besides Chiriku was still young and he didn’t know Suzuki’s identity, but after seeing how even the legendary sannin Lord Jiraiya has his worries about him, as well as seeing how Suzuki had wiped out all of the corpses in seconds, so he understood that Suzuki was definitely a powerful man that shouldn’t mess with.

 “As far as I know, demonic energy will strengthen the individual’s physical qualities in addition to giving the user the appropriate special abilities.” He pointed to the duo of Naoto and Shisui

 “Itachi from the Uchiha clan was once possessed by the demonic energy of fire for a short time, so you should have understood this as well.”

 “Well…” Naoto replied indifferently, “It was for a short time, even Itachi is not very sure about the changes in his body.”

 The corner of Suzuki’s mouth rose slightly, and he stretched out a finger.

 “The increase of a single demonic energy is double, which means that Dio, who was previously similar in strength to Chiriku, is only at the level of Chūnin ninja, but after the demonic energy gain he may now have the strength of a Jonin at least, and it is not surprising that he can easily defeat Chiriku.”

 Jiraiya couldn’t help but say “I didn’t think you’d just reveal all of this.”

 “As I said, the Shichibukai are not some terrorist organization.”

 “Now our common enemy is Dio, how about we wait until we defeat him first before we talk about the demonic energy?”

 Jiraiya gave Suzuki a deep look and laughed.

  “I couldn’t agree more!”

 He used a Summoning Jutsu and a small toad appeared in his hand and spat out a letter from its mouth

 ” I got some info from Konoha.”

 Early when Suzuki had just dealt with the corpses, Jiraiya passed some information to Myōboku Mount by Distance Teleportation Portal and handed it over to Minato by the same toad. Under the special portal that links Mount Myōboku and Konohagakure, the Distant Body Water, it can be said that there is no secret, and soon he got some information about Dio.

 “Dio is located thirty miles east of here, and he occupies an abandoned war base. There are at least a hundred ninjas inside, and two more of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen have been spotted, it is unclear if there are any other powerful ninjas.”

 “We must destroy him as quickly as possible, otherwise Dio will get stronger over time!”

 “Agreed, with our speed we still can get there before dawn and try to eliminate Dio today!”

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