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I.C.S Chapter 37: Kakashi

 “Tsunade, you don’t really believe him, right?!”


 Tsunade bit her lips and didn’t say anything, which made Jiraiya even angrier.

 “If you dare betray Konoha ……” Jiraiya closed his eyes and took a deep breath, and when he opened them again his eyes were incomparably determined

 His face was as cold as frost, an expression he had never shown before, and he glared at Tsunade, saying one word at a time

“I will take your life!”

 “What’s all this talk about betraying Konoha …… I just want my brother and my lover to come back to life, isn’t that my right as a woman who has lost everything? And I don’t believe Dio will attack Konoha” Unlike Jiraiya, Tsunade’s face had some relaxation on it.

 “Don’t even think about it ……”Jiraiya replied and the determination and anger were still on his face.

 They both looked at each other with defiance.

 Dio interjected carelessly “Although it’s rude, please go out and fight, after all, a fight between two sannin here would probably destroy this base.”

 “The battle here…it should be between me and Jojo, don’t get in our way.” He looked at Jojo and said

 “Jojo, how long can you hold him?” Jiraiya kept his eyes on her but still said

“I’ll deal with Tsunade as soon as possible, just hold Dio here for a while.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve fought Dio not once or twice, let’s settle the conflict between you two first.”


 “Kid, I never thought we’d meet again. Seeing your covered left eye makes me feel good.”

 Kakashi took a defensive stance, cautiously on guard

 “It is because I want to fight you again, that’s why I came here.”

The mask on his face made it difficult for others to see his expression, but Kakashi’s mood was in a state of anger, accompanied by painful memories.

 In a densely built area on the left half of the base, Kakashi stood alone at the fork in the street.

 His opponent was Taiseki, who had fought him at the Battle of Kannabi Bridge in the Third Ninja World War when Kakashi lost by him one of his eyes.

 He is good at the Hiding With Camouflage Technique, which is a kind of Technique that can make the user almost invisible, which is why Kakashi is so careful in the empty street when he was standing in the middle of it.

 “You look confident …… but let me be clear, you were able to kill me in the first place purely because I was careless. I didn’t think that little kid would have the legendary Sharingan, otherwise, the scar on your body wouldn’t be just one left eye.”

 “Are you bluffing? If you’re so sure about yourself, why don’t you attack?”

 Kakashi struggled to distinguish the source of the voice, but the noise of the constant fighting around him seriously affected his ability to hear the sound.

Although he couldn’t see the attack from behind, Kakashi didn’t panic at all. The thunder in his hand was flaming, and he transformed into the form of a tiger.

“Lightning Release: Lightning Beast Tracking Fang!”

 As we all know, Lightning restrains Earth. Under the action of the lightning, the mud Dragon was quickly shot down and fell to the ground.

 “You are quick at responding… But how long can you hold on? Concentrating at such a high power is very exhausting.”

 The invisible Taiseki laughed cheekily, he was like a ghost, eating away the opponent’s energy little by little…

 He was constantly hovering around Kakashi, ready to release his jutsu, so that if Kakashi ever slacked off, he would have a fatal chance to take him down!

 ” Earth Release: Earth and Stone Bamboo Shoot!”

 Kakashi felt a sudden movement in the ground.

 Immediately afterward, a series of stone spikes appeared on the ground, locking all of Kakashi’s dodging positions.

 “Earth Release: Earth Flow River”

 followed up the first attack jutsu with a second one


 However, just after the mudflow river rushed over, Kakashi, who was about to be pierced by the stone spike, suddenly turned into a wooden stake. Taiseki didn’t expect that Kakashi already used the Body Replacement Technique.

 “Do you think I can’t see your location clearly?”

Kakashi’s cold, death-like voice came from not far away from Taiseki.

 Taiseki was shocked.

Kakashi’s forehead protector that had been used to block his left eye was raised, revealing his Sharingan eye that glowed with an eerie murderous aura ……

 “Sharingan? How?!” He thought of how he had been killed by a kid who had just awakened his Sharingan. Suddenly fear seized his heart.

 With this eye, his invisibility was a joke, and all of his techniques are predictable now by his Sharingan eye!

 “This is a ninjutsu that Obito and I can use together. You will die under this move because I have seen through your future!”


 The lightning in Kakashi’s hand was so strong, that his body rushed towards Taiseki as fast as lightning, a speed that was completely impossible to react to, let alone dodge, and in the blink of an eye, Kakashi’s right hand penetrated Taiseki’s heart.

 If he had known from the beginning that Kakashi has Sharingan eye, then he would never be so reckless to the point of killing him.

 Unfortunately ……

 “Do you think I will die this fast?!”

 The wound through his heart should have killed him, but it didn’t kill the corpse. He wrapped his arms around Kakashi so that he could not move, and opened his mouth wide, and with the vampire blood in his body, he could exchange bodily fluids with Kakashi and turn him into a corpse too, he wants to make Kakashi live in darkness for the rest of his life!

   “Lightning Cutter!”

 However, just when he moved a little he suddenly felt that his body was split into two parts. He looked hard at the middle and found that a lightning blade cutting him all the way from his heart upwards…

 “You bastard!”

 Kakashi looked at Taiseki, who was breathing his last, with pity-like eyes. At the same time, a seal was formed in his hand, and soon it was a Dragon Fire Technique.

 The flames quickly burned all of Taiseki’s body, and then Kakashi slumped on the ground after everything was over.

 In a short time, he used 70% of his Chakra. Although there were still companions fighting the corpses not far away, he really didn’t have much energy.

 He put the forehead protector back over his left eye and tried to recover his strength as quickly as possible.

 He had to get his chakra back to 50% at least before engaging again in any battle, otherwise, he would only become a drag.

 “Hold on…”

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