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I.C.S Chapter 38: Civil War

 It was a dark night, the whole base was shrouded in darkness, and the frequent hissing of monsters was terrifying.

 Suddenly, a fire burst into the sky, directly illuminating the sky for thousands of meters, and the blazing flames flew everywhere, burning the area where Jiraiya and Tsunade were.

 Suddenly, a fire burst into the sky, directly illuminating the sky for thousands of meters, and the blazing flames flew everywhere, burning the area where Jiraiya and Tsunade were located.

 The aftermath of the battle alone killed and injured many of the corpses around the base, even with their ability to avoid death from severe wounds. It seems they can’t handle the terrifying destructive power of the two that many of the corpses were turned into fly ash.

 Wind, Fire, Earth, Lightning, and Water, the five types of techniques are just a matter of hand for them, and they are after all this still in a constant rotation of restraint with each other.

 But the most deadly thing is not this gorgeous-looking ninjutsu, Tsunade’s terrifying power is what gives Jiraiya his biggest apprehension.

Jiraiya knew that the two of them were just trying to make it look like they were fighting for life and death, but in fact, they didn’t even use half of their power.

 Neither of them had used the Summoning Technique they were famous for, let alone Jiraiya and Tsunade’s Sage Mode.

 Although he said he wanted to solve Tsunade’s issue as soon as possible to help Jojo, he still wanted to persuade Tsunade.

 “What about Shizune? Does she know what you’re going to do?”

 “”She’s sleeping well at the hotel, you don’t need to worry about her.”

Tsunade dissipated the water dragon released by Jiraiya with one punch, and with another punch, the turbulent air become like a cannonball.

 With such a powerful blow, she can destroy walls and even kill people

However, on the other side, Jiraiya’s figure had already disappeared. Tsunade was shocked and guessed where Jiraiya was. She understood that he had hidden underground using the Hiding Like a Mole Technique, so she stomped her foot heavily.


 In an instant, the ground under Tsunade’s feet shattered, the soil flew up, and the terrifying force turned the land with a radius of tens of meters into a pit with a depth of more than 10 meters.

 As he dived, Jiraiya was hit by the impact, and the brutal force rushed through his body as if it was going to destroy his internal organs.

 Naturally, he knew that Tsunade had a fear of blood, so it come to his mind that he have to use this weakness as an advantage to defeat her ……

       (I can’t)

 But he’s a Sannin too, he couldn’t do such a thing like this!

       Jiraiya jumped into the air from the ground that had been shattered

 “Jiraiya, say to Sarutobi-sensei when you return to Konoha that I am sorry.”

 Her fist was packed with power again

 This punch was so powerful that even a Tailed Beast would be in pain if it hit him, let alone Jiraiya’s body!

 Ninjutsu – Needle Jizō!

 Jiraiya’s long white hair suddenly turned into needles and wrapped all around his body, making him like a hedgehog so that Tsunade couldn’t attack.

 Seeing this, Tsunade couldn’t help but forcibly withdrew his strength, but Jiraiya cleverly seized the opportunity, and the long needle-like hair became longer and wrapped around Tsunade tightly.

 It wasn’t just a hair, but if it is entangled with the victim, even hard steel will be twisted.

 As a companion for many years

 Tsunade was aware of how difficult this move from Jiraiya is, so she would not be easily entangled in his hair, otherwise, it would take some time to heal her injuries even with the Creation Rebirth jutsu.

 A large amount of chakra quickly covered her from the Yin seal and Tsunade only felt her body become faster, so she escaped in another direction before the long hair could even touch her.

 Then speeding up again, she charged straight at Jiraiya this time, and with this speed and such a short distance, she was confident she could beat him before he could organize his next attack!


 The terrifying force sent ripples through the air, the terrifying shockwave dispersing in a circular pattern, and the ground collapsed, a force that a normal person would never be able to withstand in the face of a monstrous force strong enough to cause a mountain to crumble.

 However, Tsunade only felt bad for a while. She didn’t really feel like she did hit his body. He must have used the Body Replacement Technique to get out of her attack range…

 She glanced at the destroyed ground, and then made a judgment——


 She hurriedly turned back

 However, it was too late

Earth Release Barrier: Earth Prison Dome of Magnificent Nothingness!

The visual became darker, and a huge earthen dungeon rose up, trapping Tsunade inside.

With a heavy punch, a big hole appeared on the wall. However, the terrifying power failed to break through the barrier of the dungeon. Instead, it ate away a lot of chakra.

 “Tsunade, since you’ve lost, don’t bother me again. I’m going to help Jojo to deal with Dio.”

 Jiraiya’s voice came from the outside, leaving Tsunade speechless

 Perhaps she finally has been persuaded.

 If Nawaki and Dan Katō are really resurrected, will they forgive themselves for helping Dio against Konoha?

 They, who love the village more than anything, will definitely blame her a lot…

 Tsunade breathed a sigh of relief and said “You win, I trust your decisions, do well.”

 Jiraiya also said with emotion, “I didn’t expect the two of us will have a fight here but don’t worry, I won’t tell the old man about this.”

 “…” She smiled


“It’s useless! I can see every move you do, Jojo!”

 In the core area of ​​the base, Dio laughed loudly and said

 ” What happened, aren’t you ready to fight me at close range?”

 As the clone also split from Kars, the two of them didn’t need to fight to the death, because there is no audience other than the two of them nowhere, and even if they worked harder they wouldn’t receive the reputation value. We must not forget that in the end, they are Naoto’s pawns

 However, soon they felt that the earth-shaking has stopped, and the confrontation between the violent chakras stopped too.

 Through Suzuki, who was secretly watching the battle, they knew that Jiraiya won.

 Dio pretended to be relaxed and said, “It seems that our time has come.”

 “Let’s be serious. With Jiraiya’s speed, he’ll be here soon.”

 “As you wish, Jojo.”

 Dio smiled and said, “I’ll show you my new abilities!”

 “The Ultimate Life Form !!!!!”

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