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I.C.S Chapter 39: Red Stone of Aja

 Jiraiya sped along, he was about to enter the core base when he suddenly felt a burning sensation through the doorway, and his body subconsciously took two steps back, which were just in time to avoid the flames coming towards him…

 “Nice use of fire ……”

 The door of the room was slammed open by flames, and Jiraiya was surprised to see the scene inside. At this time, Dio was emitting flames all over his body, as if the god of fire had come to the world.

 He remembered what Suzuki said. It seemed that what he said was true. Dio indeed got the power of demonic energy.

 (Manipulating the flames…It should be the same demonic energy that the boy Itachi from the Uchiha clan had once possessed before.)

 “Tsunade was taken care of so quickly? impressive!” Seeing Jiraiya come in, Dio wasn’t as surprised as his words suggested.  When he stretched out his hand, two fireballs shot straight at Jojo and Jiraiya.

 “Even with that, you are still no match for me, give up Dio!” With a relaxed look on his face, Jiraiya used his Water Release directly when the fireballs were released, easily extinguishing the flames.

 Jojo also avoid the fireball and warned, “Be careful, this guy Dio is the most cunning person I’ve ever seen. If he wanted to escape, I couldn’t stop him, but he still chose to stay here, there must be something, maybe a conspiracy!”

 “Yes, I know,” Jiraiya replied in a deep voice

 He had the confidence of being a Sannin ninja, yet he had the same attitude of taking every opponent seriously. In the battle of the shinobi, it is not just because you are strong that you can win.

 Strength, wisdom, resilience, and luck are all important factors that decide the victory or defeat in the battle.

 “Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique!”

 A huge ball of water spurted out from Jiraiya’s mouth. Water was a suitable element to defeat fire, and Jiraiya believed that Dio’s strength would not be able to counteract it.

 The huge ball of water hit Dio squarely, splashing the liquid, but it didn’t get very far before a surprising sight appeared.

 The ball of water that was about to disperse suddenly turned to ice, and the temperature in the room seemed to drop considerably. Dio stood tall in the ice, one hand gently touching the ball of water that had turned into ice, and soon the frozen ice was melted by the heat and fell to the ground like drops of rain with no impact.

 He laughed wildly and said “I told you it was useless! I am now a creature beyond human! I can now recover even from the worst injuries!”

 “Beyond human?” Jojo took the advantage of the curtain of water to suddenly appear behind him, the power of the ripples coalescing in his fist, revealing a dazzling golden light like the sunlight ripples along with his hand.

 Ripple Beat!

 Jojo punched Dio hard in the back, the punch containing the power of the sun went straight through Dio’s chest, and the ripple power was still spreading, at the rate, it was spreading, it wouldn’t take long to melt Dio’s whole body ………?

 Jojo’s eyes widened, looking at the scene in front of him in disbelief. The ripples that symbolized the power of the sun should have continued to spread, but the power that was supposed to be a vampire’s nemesis seemed to have lost its effectiveness at this moment, spreading only a little distance around Dio and then stopped.

” Well done Jojo…” Dio looked impassively at Jojo’s fist running through his body as if the fatal injury did not happen to him, and suddenly the water vaporized a lot because of the heat from his body, his right hand held Jojo’s fist, and at the same time kicked Jojo away with a reflexive kick and jumped up to avoid Jiraiya’s attack to stand upside down on the ceiling.

 He put one hand on his chest and showed a bloodthirsty smile.

 “How about this, Jojo? This is only one-eighth of the Ultimate Form power. If I gather all the eight demonic energy, bro…

 Then I will never have to fear the sun again! “

 Jiraiya used a fire jutsu to melt the ice on Jojo’s hands, and at the same time, he said, “Did you know that demonic energy can turn you into a demon? Just like the corpses you reanimated, even their minds are changed!”

 However, Dio sneered disdainfully, “Don’t compare me with you low-level creatures.”

He took out a stone mask from behind his body and pointed to a hole exposed above, “Do you see this gap? This is where the Red Stone of Aja is stored.”

 “Red Stone of Aja?!”

 Jiraiya quickly recalled in his mind whether he had information on this item, but soon he found to his dismay that it was another item that he didn’t know exactly like the Eight Demonic Energy and the Stone Mask.

 “What is that thing?!”

 “No doubt about your ignorance.” Dio explained, “It’s a gem that can safely hold the power of the eight demonic energy, by storing the demonic energy in the gem and using the stone ghost mask to act on your body, you can then freely use the power of the demonic energy without turning into a demon, I call this gained ability the flow method.”

“And that’s not all, the Demonic Energy, The Red Stone of Aja, and The Mask Stone will work together to produce super energy, enough to evolve the host even further and the sun will no longer be my weakness! Then I will be a real immortal creature with the ultimate form, Jojo!”

 “And that’s not all, the Demonic Energy, The Red Stone of Aja, and The Mask Stone will work together to produce super energy, enough to evolve the host even further and the sun will no longer be my weakness! Then I will be an immortal creature with the ultimate form, Jojo!”

 In fact, as Kars’s doppelganger, he is no longer afraid of the sunlight. But Dio clearly doesn’t need to be a creature with no weaknesses yet.

 A too perfect creature would invoke fear, and then this may provoke the full force of the Five Great Shinobi Countries and push them to a union in response.

 Now Dio’s ability is so strong but has a huge weakness in sunlight, which is conducive him to developing this clone more and more.

 “Although it’s amazing, it’s a pity that you don’t have the opportunity to collect the demonic energy.” Jiraiya looked serious. From Dio’s words, he learned that if Dio collected all the demonic energy, it would pose a huge threat, so he will not give Dio another chance!

 “Summoning Technique – Gamabunta!”

  A giant red toad with a giant pipe in his mouth and a bandage around his waist, with a short sword inside the bandage, directly burst into the entire room.

 He glanced at Jiraiya and said, “What’s the matter this time?”

 “Keep an eye on this boy called Dio, his powers are weird and I’m worried he’ll split his body and escape when he fights me!”

 At this time, he was thinking of the image of the corpse who attacked Suzuki not long ago when it had only its head.

 It was hard to tell how strong Dio is, a vampire, with his powerful self-healing ability, he definitely has abilities that surpass his own corpses

 When he saw Jiraiya summoning his beast, Dio stroked the flesh of his newborn chest, there was still a remnant of the ripple that had been penetrated him by Jojo, but it was quickly healed because of Dio’s new abilities.

“Hahaha…You think I’ve only collected one Demonic energy?”

 He showed a confident smile, and a whirlwind appeared around his body.

 “This is how the wind flows…”

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