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I.C.S Chapter 40: Dio vs Jiraiya

“Second demonic energy?!”

Jiraiya was surprised. Single demonic energy would increase the power by about double, but the power of Hanzo with seven demonic energy has been increased by more than ten times!

So how much more power would double demonic energy give Dio at this moment?

“Jojo, prepare for the final blow!”

“Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique!”

Fire beats wind, Jiraiya used his Fire Technique the moment he saw Dio using the power of the wind.

However, it wasn’t only the wind that Dio used, but also the fire that swirled around him.

The wind and fire that swirled around him slowly spun like a stream of clouds, suddenly twisting together and condensing into a giant dragon of flame when the fireball spewed out from Jiraiya were about to come, the wind helping the fire to gain momentum, making the dragon look even more fierce and swift.

Seeing that his attack was ineffective, Jiraiya frowned and made a seal

“Water Release: Water Formation Wall!”

“Water Release: Wild Water Wave!”

The fire dragon roared and collided with the rising wall of water, the heat evaporating the water, the water canceling out the flames, and the two performing a rapid transfer of heat, eventually disappearing simultaneously with a hiss noise, leaving only the floating water vapor in the room.

And the release of two ninjutsu in one breath, especially the use of water release in this waterless area, aggravated the consumption of chakra, plus the chakra consumed in the battle with Tsunade not long ago, so now Jiraiya start to feel overwhelmed.

The fire and wind vanishings caused Dio very little damage because he absorbed the Demonic Energy, but with the vampire’s terrifying self-healing ability, it was as if he was unaffected by Jiraiya’s attacks.

However, the water release has a strong restraint on Dio’s attacks, but it still cannot cause Dio fatal damage, especially with his use of the Vaporization Freezing Technique.

So for now, the only effective attacks against Dio are the Lightning Release and Earth Release ……

Or ……

(Should I use it?)

Jiraiya knew that vampires have a weakness against the sunlight, and Since the sunlight is a natural energy, so if he used his Senjutsu, then the equation may turn in his favor.

His strength in the sage mode will be made him more powerful than Dio, and killing him with that technique could be said it will be certain.

But at that time he hadn’t mastered that technique yet, and the successive wars had left him with no energy to practice it. He had wanted to practice it as soon as the war was over, but before he could, these problems appeared.

After carefully weighing his options, he decided to give up using his Sage Mode, after all, this kind of power is powerful but also carries great risks.

Dio’s response to the water attacks contributed to the accumulation of ice around him. His hands flamed again, the heat melted the ice into liquid instantly, then in a dense mist, Dio flung the fireballs forward and back.

At the same time he opened his mouth, revealing two sharp teeth, and then he released the flames and winds together again, spiraling and intertwining with each other to form a second attack.

“Water Release: Water Formation Pillar!”

“Lightning Release: False Darkness!”

As the pillar of water and the flames crashed again, a thunderbolt passed through the pillar of water and the flames and struck Dio at super speed.

Luckily for Dio, he had been prepared for this, and with his wind demonic energy, he was so fast that he almost dodged the lightning.

However, before he could breathe a sigh of relief, he felt a tingling sensation throughout his body which made him paralyzed as if he had not dodged the terrifying thunderbolt!

It was the water!

  He had been struck several times before by water, and although he had frozen it into ice, it had been melted by the heat generated by the flames in the subsequent encounter, and at that moment his entire body was covered in water stains.

“You were too careless Dio! You know there’s water everywhere here! And you need to know something, if I paralyzed you, I’ll seal you!”

“You were too careless Dio! You know there’s water everywhere here! And you need to know something, if I paralyzed you, I’ll seal you!”

Jiraiya darted forward, but Dio was grim because the water on his body quickly condensed into ice, dispersing the electricity to relieve paralysis.

“Ice conducts electricity poorly, you miscalculated, my freezing method does not require a seal or chakra, but it is a unique ability like the human ability to speak, and it also doesn’t require much movement!”

But it was what happened next that caught him off guard, as black dense inscriptions suddenly appeared on the ice that covered his body.

He felt that he was in real trouble and wanted to use the flame to melt the ice, but the flame that was enough to melt steel seemed to be useless at this moment, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get through the ice.

My seal has imprisoned you in your own ice!

This is ninjutsu that is enough to seal the opponent’s power. It is even more powerful when used by Sannin Jiraiya. Dio has no power to break the seal at all.

“Haha, you can’t escape Dio, I’m going to take you to Konoha and put you in the sun of our great village!”

Jiraiya smiled proudly.

"Watch out!"

However, just when he thought he was about to be done, he heard Jojo’s warning and saw Dio shouting angrily, his body suddenly deformed, and the sturdy body quickly became slender and tried to take the opportunity to escape.

The vampire’s powers are no less than the ninja’s ninjutsu!

Dio became like a thin piece of paper and slipped out from between the ice blocks, but noticed that the black inscription like a tadpole had changed its direction under the control of Jiraiya, and in desperation, Dio used the power of fire energy again.

This time, it seems that the main body of the target was lost, and the ice blocks with the inscriptions were quickly melted.

“You bastard……!”

Dio’s voice was very weak. Although he broke free from the sealing technique just now, a lot of that sealing power still invaded his body, making him feel extremely powerless.

But fortunately, as a vampire, his self-healing ability is far superior to that of human beings, and even his resistance to sealing is farther exceeds than ordinary people, and just when he wanted to take the opportunity to recover his strength, there was a sound like death behind him. roar!

“Dio! Don’t you forget I’m still here!”

Jojo gathered a massive amount of ripples in his hands and then he slammed it into the water!!

“Ripple Overdrive!”

Water was a good conductor of ripples, and in a short distance like this, it wouldn’t take even a second for the ripples to reach Dio!


Dio wailed. At this time, he had completely lost the calmness he had before, and there was only anger on his handsome face.

At this moment, the power of the ripples is continuously transmitted to his body along the water surface. The power similar to the sun is the absolute nemesis of vampires!

“Bastard… I won’t let you go this time!”

“It’s not just me…I left the demons behind to make sure that you won’t win!”

He kept humming, but then smiled when the ripples were about to destroy his head.

“Jojo, and Konoha’s ninja! I’m looking forward to seeing you again!”

“And I believe that day will not be far away!”

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