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I.C.S Chapter 41: The Return

 “Reputation from Jiraiya +621 point.”

 Demons ……?

 For some reason, Jiraiya cared about the last words that Dio said.

 Dio was dead.

 It wasn’t an illusion, it was an objective fact that actually happened under his own eyes.

 What was the point of caring about the last thing a dead man said?

 But Dio was different, he was a vampire.

 As for the abilities of vampires, even the Joestar family doesn’t know much. Who knows if they can climb out of hell?

 No. ……

 Maybe someone knows ……

 Toichiro Suzuki!

 The man who had disappeared from sight since they had arrived at the base!

 It would have been easy for him to take out two Shinobi with his strength, but even the battle between Kakashi and the others was over and he hadn’t been seen yet, not even his shadow ……

 This made Jiraiya feel uneasy.

 Perhaps his target wasn’t the Demonic Energy in the first place?

     After all, it was a good thing for the ninja world that Dio was eliminated, but because of this series of things, a new mystery was added.

           However, people still have to look forward. He looked at Jojo who walked up to Dio and picked up the stone mask and said with some emotion.

 “Jojo, what’s your plan next?”

Jojo was stunned for a moment, then sighed with emotion “Yeah …… Dio is wiped out, I might have to go back …… this mask …… I’m going to take it back to the Joestar family, even if it was just me left, I’m going to carry out the Joestar mission to the end!”

 “And risk the possibility of repeating what happened today in the future?!”

 “No …… I will bury the stone mask once and for all, hidden in a place where no one can find it.”

 “Well ……” Jiraiya sighed “If you have trouble in the future, you are welcome to come to Konoha for help, the Land of Fire will always be your friend.”

 In fact, in Jiraiya’s heart, he hoped that Jojo joined Konoha, although Jojo’s overall strength was only at the level of a Chōnin ninja, the ripple jutsu and the weird stone mask were both very attractive.

 Rather than leaving them in the outside world, such talents should be brought to Konoha to carry on this legacy.

 He also believed that the power of a single family was far less than that of the village, and something dangerous as the Stone Mask should be kept in the village because that will be more safer.

 But that was up to Jojo, and the Stone Mask was a family legacy, so he didn’t dare to ask him what was on his mind, especially since Jojo didn’t appear interested in joining the village.

 “Well, it was a short time, but everyone was pretty good. For this experience, the Joestar family will remember you always.”

 Jojo nodded with a smile

 Jiraiya scratched his head “Haha, so that’s it! I have to hurry up and report back to the old man after such big things happened here. And the demon thing has not been solved, so I might be scolded again. .”

 “Well, let’s rejoin everyone first, and if anyone gets hurt I can use the ripples to ease the pain a bit.”

            “Hahaha, when it comes to healing, we have the best medical ninja in the ninja world! I almost forgot about her…”

 Jiraiya made a gesture, and then his shadow clone not far away suddenly disappeared. Without the supply of chakra, the dungeon could not stop Tsunade’s blows.

 At the moment when the shadow clone disappeared, Tsunade felt that the barrier lacked the energy source that was keeping it impenetrable. She knew that the battle there should be over. As for who wins, this is simply a question that doesn’t need to be thought about for her.

 Even Tsunade was a little surprised that the battle had dragged on for so long.

         But then she thought about that demonic energy and the possibility that it could actually give amazing power to the possessor

 During the previous time she had been trapped in the earth dungeon, she had gotten a clear picture of what had happened from Jiraiya’s shadow clone, and she knew that Dio might possess the power of demonic energy. If there was a mistake that made her fail in her prediction, then it would have to be in the underestimation of the power of the demonic energy.

   “This power……”

 Looking at the base for a moment, Tsunade showed a relieved smile and then walked towards the distance without looking back.

 Shizune was still sleeping in the hotel, and as her master, how could Tsunade disappear all night without she noticing that.


 “So, this is what happened.”

 The sun had just risen at this time, and Jiraiya and his group had galloped all the way back to Konoha without even taking a break.

 Not long ago, it rained in Konoha, making the weather covered with a layer of transparent mist.

 Sitting in the Hokage’s office, Jiraiya recounted all that happened earlier. Including the abnormal behavior of the Shichibukai member Suzuki that he had noticed and the last words of Dio, he informed about everything he saw on his last mission, except for the matter of Tsunade’s appearance there, which he concealed it.

 He, Jojo, and Dio were the only ones who knew about Tsunade’s presence in the base, and since the other two were not there at the moment, so he could say whatever he wanted.

 In the office where his teacher, the Third Hokage, his fellow the third sannin, Orochimaru, and his apprentice, Minato Namikaze, so it can be said that the current top fighting force of Konoha are gathered together.

 After that he leaned back on the sofa behind him, after a long hard day followed by a battle and then a non-stop journey back to Konoha, even the legendary sannin was feeling very tired.

 His face was half pressed against the window, looking out at the drizzling rain that was falling outside, a faint mist of flowing water covering the buildings.

 And Orochimaru also noticed Jiraiya’s exhaustion, he licked his lips and said, “But a mere jonin-level vampire makes you so tired, It seems that you lack exercise.”

(You know nothing!)

(If you were there, you might have been beaten to death by that violent woman Tsunade!)

 Jiraiya complained wildly in his mind, but he couldn’t say it, so he pretended not to hear and continued to look at the scenery outside the window.

 But Orochimaru didn’t leave him alone, and continued to ask, “Although seeing you miserable makes me a little happy, but the other thing is what caught my attention the most…”

 “The stone mask you mentioned… Really has the ability to keep people young and immortal?”

 There was a trace of excitement in his eyes

 For him, nothing will excite him more than hearing the power that can make people eternal.

 “Ah, yes, that’s what they said.” Jiraiya said reluctantly, “It’s not like anyone has experimented on it anyway, the vampires of ancient times and the current Dio are dead, and they didn’t show me the ability to live forever, so maybe it’s just an exaggeration.”

 “Hmph …… that’s very concerning …… and it’s useless that you didn’t bring something so important like that back to the village.”

 “Hey! What do you mean by that! That’s Jojo’s family legacy! Do you want me to take it from him by force?!” Jiraiya raised an eyebrow and disliked Orochimaru’s talk

 “What’s wrong with that?” Orochimaru looked unconcerned

 Minato didn’t dare to intervene when the two of them were at loggerheads, so it was Sarutobi who finally said, “All right, all right, you two don’t have to fight every time you meet. You’ve been fighting since you were kids.”

 “Anyway, let’s talk about important things like demonic energy, the demons, and the Shichibukai ……”

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