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I.C.S Chapter 42: Discussion

 “As the name suggests, it should be a race of demons, perhaps the race of the Holy Lord that related to the Demonic Energy.” Minato made an inference.

 The Third Hokage agreed and said, “Minato is right. Although I have never heard of the existence of demons in the past, I think it is not just a meaningless word that came from Dio.”

 Jiraiya ignored Orochimaru, turned his head to the Third Hokage, and said, “Later I will ask the Great Toad Sage Gamamaru from Mount Myōboku if he knows any information about them. He has existed for thousands of years, and he should know something.”

 “The race of demons is related to the demonic energy for sure. If the scattered demonic energy is gathered, the situation in the ninja world may change. Dio collected two demonic energy, and he was able to hold out against Jiraiya for a while. If he continues to collect it like this ……”

 “Speaking of this, I have to mention this idiot Jiraiya again.” Orochimaru seemed to be quite enthusiastic about the matter of scolding Jiraiya, “Not only did he fail to get back the stone mask, but he failed to even recover the demonic energy which was his primary mission in the first place!”

 “I told you there was no demonic energy that appeared after Dio’s death! Maybe it was just destroyed along with Dio!”

 Orochimaru laughed coldly “Think about it, if the demonic energy could be destroyed so easily, then why the ones who sealed the Holy Lord didn’t just destroy the demonic energy and close this door once and forever?”

 Jiraiya argued loudly “Perhaps it is the same as the Tailed Beasts, even if it’s destroyed it will be reborn in the future when the beast is freed from the seal.”

 “Well, now we know that the two demonic energy, Fire and Wind, were in Dio’s hands and have disappeared with his death, so there are six demonic energy left.”

 The Third Hokage pushed out the three documents on the table and said, “This is the whereabouts of a Shichibukai members others than Suzuki, let’s take a look.”

 Minato was the first who take it and read every word on it and then said

 “The Shichibukai member named Ace is still in the Land of Fire, it seems there should still be a demonic energy in the east.”

 “Two other members of the Shichibukai have entered a small country between the Land of Fire and the Land of Wind, which I remember it’s where the Land of Rivers is, right?”

 “Well, it’s a small country, and the country  barely has ninjas.”

 “According to the information, the people who went to the Land of Rivers were Hiei, who had an unclear attitude towards the Uchiha clan, and the ninja Tachibana Raizo, who was taken away from the Land of Iron by them. The other one is Ace, who can freely control the flames, but one thing worth noting is whether Suzuki Yuichiro, who disappeared inexplicably during the fight with Dio, will go to support the rest of the Shichibukai members or not.”

 When he heard Suzuki being mentioned, Jiraiya, who had experienced Suzuki’s ability up close, said, “That Suzuki guy …… is very strong, even stronger than what Mizore described, and if I were to face him, I’m afraid it might be very difficult to defeat him even if I use my Sage mode.”

 “That’s why you guys were called in for this operation.”

 The third Hokage took a drag from his pipe, the dense smoke spreading outwards “I want the three of you to go where Ace is and do your best to bring the demonic energy to Konoha!”

 ? ? ? ! ! !

 They were surprised.

 Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and the yellow flash Minato, the three of them can be said to be Konoha’s highest combat power, and now they are all sent to collect demonic energy?

 When was the last time Konoha sent out a team of this caliber?

 The Sannin vs Hanzo?

 Not really. At that time, they were still young and their strength was far from what it is now, so naturally, the lineup was far inferior to what they are now, where they are close to reaching their peak.

 Third Hokage nodded and said, “The punch is not really strong unless all the fingers are clenched together. I do trust that any of you can fight Ace alone, but with Hiei, and Suzuki who may appear at any time, it will be more dangerous. But if the three of you are together on this, then it will be safer.”

 “I don’t think it’s necessary, Minato Namikaze should be fine by himself.” Orochimaru glanced at Minato and continued, “He has the technique of Flying Thunder God, and even if he loses, he can easily with his speed leave the battlefield. And me and Jirai we can go and bring that demonic energy to Konoha.”

 Unexpectedly, the Third Hokage waved his hand and said, “I will give the demonic energy from the Land of Rivers to the Uchiha clan, it is up to them to get it or not, so you guys just take care of your side.”

 (Old man… Did you really compromise again… Really weak…)

 But In the end, he and Jiraiya, and Minato nodded in agreement with the strategy.

 “Reputation from Sarutobi Hiruzen +779.”

“Reputation from Orochimaru is +625.”

“Reputation from Namikaze Minato +663.”


 “I’m going to die, I’m going to die, I’m going to die!”

 Naoto lay down on his bed as soon as he got home.

 He wanted to sleep when he returned to Konoha after his busy day, but just now he knew that he and Shisui were called over by Uchiha Fugaku as soon as they returned to Konoha.

 He was asked to tell him what had happened on the way, but also Fokagu let Shizui go home alone and rest.

 (But it looks like the village is finally paid attention.)

 He didn’t know exactly what the village was doing, but he could guess that the village must have promised something to the Uchiha clan just by looking at the excitement that Fugaku couldn’t hide when he spoke.

 Especially after receiving the reputation of the Third Hokage, Orochimaru and Minato, he guessed that they had heard the news from Jiraiya and that perhaps the next team would be chosen from the three of them.

 (It’s time to make this world more interesting than it already is…I have to create some balance, there can’t only be good people, bad people are the salt of the world and without them, the world would be like without darkness and without cold and without knowing the value of morals, say welcome to the Demon Race)

 With the Shichibukai, the positive group that harbors demonic energy, how can we be without the bad group that tries to collect demonic energy to release the Holy Lord?

 “Reputation value: 73698”

 More than 70,000 reputation points, this is his current balance, if all of them are used to draw C-rank character cards, then he can have seven characters at the level of Kage.

 Seven Kage-level, that’s one of the most powerful forces in the Shinobi world! With the power of the Shichibukai, he would be able to stand at the top of the Shinobi world.

 Unfortunately, his plan was not to be the king of the Shinobi world, but he knew that there was still the group of Akatsuki outside, and they sooner or later will start the moves to bring the fourth world ninja war.

 In that level of battle, the Kage level is nothing but cannon fodder…

 Not to mention that in the ninja world, there is also Black Zetsu and  Uchiha Madara the one who treats the Kage level ninjas as if they were his puppies…

 “I need twenty-three thousand points ……” he quickly made up his mind

 “Two C-rank character cards and three D-rank character cards, let’s see who I can draw!”

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