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I.C.S Chapter 43: Demon’s Camp

Naoto enter his consciousness into the system, and decided to draw the cards!

 First up, the D-rank character cards

 —— Ryo Shimazaki

 A character from the manga “Mob Psycho 100” and its derivative works.

 He is blind but has the powers of “Extrasensory Perception ” (Far superior to any normal esper. While he, like other espers, can see spirits and the aura of other espers, Ryo can use ESP to gain omnidirectional vision and greatly enhanced senses), “Analytical Prediction”(Can read the movements of his opponents to predict their next move), and “Superhuman Physical Characteristics”, which are the teleportation, although he can also transfer other people besides himself.

 It is worth mentioning that Ryo Shimazaki was following Toichiro Suzuki in the real story. He didn’t expect they will meet again in this world. Is this a kind of fate?

 But as far as Naoto remembers, Ryo Shimazaki was quite powerful in his own right, just like the original Hiei, so he felt that he was really lucky with this D-rank card.

 Then the second one…


 The character from the” Chūka Ichiban” series, commonly called “steel shell” is a super dim sum chef who challenges those worthy and decoratively marks his victories on his steel bar.


The corners of Naoto’s mouth twitched, just now he thought he was extremely lucky, But now it looks like his luck has turned in the opposite direction.

 But not necessarily ……

 It’s not over yet ……

 The third one ……

 —— Fire Qilin

 Seeing this, Naoto opened his mouth wide. Although there was an example of the little devil dragon that he had drawn before, and he act and talk like humans, this one was completely a monster.

 The Fire Qilin in “Wind and Cloud” manga is one of the four great beasts, and it can be said that he is a demon monster, so he will not be considered strange…

 The three cards were in line with Naoto’s expectations. Ryo Shimazaki was undoubtedly a top-ranked character, Shell is weak but still could make good food, and the Fire Qilin he wasn’t sure about his strength, but judging from the TV series, he should be at the level of a Chūnin or maybe even a Jōnin!

 Rubbing his hands together, he began to prepare to start two C-level character cards.

 ——The Hulk!

 Hulk from The Avengers, whose real name is Bruce Banner, is a world-renowned physicist who turned into a green monster after being exposed to large amounts of gamma rays by a laboratory accident, and as soon as he became angry, he turned into that monster.


 Why Hulk?

 Naoto was a little confused. In his impression, the MCU’s Hulk didn’t seem to have any high-profile performances. The only one who has beaten the Iceberg Rocket. And the other performances, what…smashed the Leviathan?

 Or is this the Hulk from the comics? But the Hulk in the comics is too strong, he can even lift a mountain range, but after all, it is still not the C-level character card that he was expected…


 But anyway, he doesn’t have that much demand for high combat power right now.

 He starts to draw the second C-rank character card


 A creature that appears in the  Digimon Adventure series, he is a Ghost Digimon that he weakened by half during the day and can only use his full strength at night and become very powerful.

 Well ……

 Does the system know that he wants to build a demon army? These cards are all monster types…


 Rain Village.

 This place was turned into a huge crater in the battle not long ago, but with the superb productivity of the ninja world and the concerted efforts of various ninjas, a brand new rain village was soon built.

 A drizzling rain fell over the village, blanketing their busy faces and seemingly merging with the sweat of the people, which is a badge of honor for hard work in a village that has now been rebuilt from the ashes.

 And to make up for the loss of those villagers who had gone because of the fear of another disaster, the village had allowed people from outside to settle in the village for the first time in a long time.

 From time to time, the movement of people could be seen, carrying bags and luggage and being guided to the settlements by the officials.

 Konan wasn’t surprised that a large number of people came to settle down.

 No matter what, the Rain Village is one of the best big villages. Except for the Five Great Shinobi Countries, there is no Ninja Village in any country that dares to claim to be stronger than Rain Village.

 Although it was from the days of Hanzo.

 But with some of the ninjas left and a systematic program for ninja training, with time, the village will grow to its previous heyday and beyond.

 Although the Rain Ninja Village, which was secretly controlled by the Akatsuki organization, has long since surpassed the Hanzo era, but not many people in this village know Nagato’s identity yet. Even Konan’s identity was known only to very few people.

 And in the midst of this thriving scene, Konan watched the new arrivals as they made their way to the settlement territory planned for them.

 In the most prosperous part of the territory, there was a new izakaya!

 It was called an izakaya, but there were only two tables inside, so it raises the question if the master who opened it wanted really to make money.

 As soon as Konan came to it, she found that there was already a long queue at the door, and the rough estimate is that there are dozens of people in front of her.

 She frowned. She only discovered this store yesterday, it should have just opened at that time, so she wanted to have a quick meal.

 But she didn’t expect that in just one day, the izakaya’s business would be that busy.

 And with such a long queue in front of her, there was no telling how long it would take to get to her.

 And just when she was a little distressed, the ninja in charge who guarding the outsider area had just recognized her identity, and Suddenly hurry up to her and whispered.

 “The God’s Angel!”

 He knew that this God’s Angel didn’t want too many people to know her identity, so he saluted in a low voice, especially when he saw that God’s Angel seemed to be lining up in front of this izakaya, he was eager to find a way to remove those people in front of her.

 Konan glanced at the ninja and said plainly, “Since this store is so popular, why they do not expand it?”

 “This is an order from Lord Pain. The size of the house and the scope of action for the new villagers are fixed. Only after a long period of assessment can they expand and move around.”

 Konan thought about it for a moment and then said, “Let’s put this family’s assessment as number one on the list. If there is no problem, let them settle down in the village.”


 “By the way, what are their names?”

 “Um…” The ninja replied after thinking for a while

 “It’s Shell and Ryo Shimazaki!”

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