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I.C.S Chapter 44: Demon beast

 Although the ninja did not reveal Konan’s identity, the villagers probably understood that Konan has a prestigious position after seeing the normally unattainable ninja being respectful to her, so some of them directly chose to give Konan their place in the queue.

 So soon Konan arrived at the table. Because of the small size of the room, most people took their food with them, so there were only two tables in the room, but there were still empty seats, so Konan sat at the table closest to the counter.

 She saw that the man behind the counter was keeping his eyes closed even when he was getting money and doing other things.

 In the ninja world, it’s not always that you can’t see things if you are blind. After all, there are so many ninjutsus, maybe there are ninjutsus that make him can see without his eyes’ help.

 So this one was probably a ninja?

 She wouldn’t be surprised just because the one in front of her was a ninja, because it is very common for ninjas to choose to give up their status in favor of making a living like civilians.

 If this man was a problem, the ninja of the Rain Village would find out.

 “Next guest, this is your yakitori dish.”

 Soon, chef Shell, whom she met yesterday, brought the food that she ordered. Just when he was about to turn around and leave to take care of the food ordered by the next guest, Konan stopped him.

 “Chef Shell, you are a ninja, right?”

 Shell was stunned, then turned his head somewhat stiffly and sighed, “Just some basics, barely enough to protect me in a chaotic world, lest I be kidnapped by bandits and robbers.”

 Konan nodded gently, she could see that Shell had some ninja training, but he should not be very strong.

 “So, why did Chef Shell come to the Rain Village?”

 “Well…” He seemed that he was in a dilemma about what he should say.

 Konan was about to speak again when she heard Shimazaki Ryo’s voice coming from the counter “Hey! What are you doing? The customers are waiting!”

 “Yes, I’m coming!” As if his life was saved by this voice, Shell quickly ran to the kitchen, leaving Konan behind in the midst of her questions.

 Tasting the yakitori, Konan marveled at the deliciousness of the food while she began to think about what she should do with this izakaya.

 The yakitori was quickly eaten up, but Konan did not leave, she stayed in the store until nearly two o’clock.

 At this time, Shell handed over the last dish to the customer. When he was about to sit down to rest, he found that Konan was still sitting in the restaurant.

 “This customer …… do you need any more food?”

 Konan gently tapped her fingers on the table twice and then a piece of paper appeared in front of her out of thin air.

 She looked at the words on this piece of paper and read

 “Shimazaki Ryo, Shell, come from a small country in the mountains called Lieduo Land.”

 “Yes …… yes.”

 “You said in your definition that your hometown was destroyed by a demonic creature, and that’s why you came all the way to the Rain Village, right?”

 Although it was a question, Konan’s question wasn’t a trap, but she got curious “It’s a coincidence that the Demon beast appeared at the same time as the destruction of our Rain village. ……”

 Ryo Shimazaki stepped out from behind the counter and said indifferently “Believe it or not, that’s the truth. The monster who can manipulate gravity did appear, and our village was all destroyed because of him.”

 “You said manipulate gravity?!” Konan’s attention became more focused. Gravity, the most basic force in the world, is difficult to be manipulated, and she becomes more surprised because it’s similar to the power of the Six Paths of Pain.

 Besides Nagato, who has the eye of Rinnegan, and can use the Banshō Ten’in and Shinra Tensei, which can control gravitational repulsion, she has only seen the power of gravitational control once.

 The Seven Demonic energy of Hanzo!

 In the battle between Pain and Hanzo, although she was taking care of Nagato on the main body, she also used her clone to see the battle closer. She knew that Hanzo used an ability to manipulate gravity in the battle that was no less than Nagato’s. This should be related. It is one of the abilities of Demonic Energy.

 At the end of the battle, the eight demonic energy gathered and dispersed in the Ninja world again. Perhaps it was the demonic energy that symbolized gravitational power that fell to the Lieduo Land and attached to an animal, causing the mutation, and what happened after that was the destruction of the village of Ryo Shimazaki by that demon beast.

 Konan’s eyes got serious as she roughly figured out the specific process, she stood up and was about to leave but stopped as if she remembered something.

 She turned and said, “Chef Shell, one more yakitori…”


 In a mountain range, Shisui looked into the distance, the winding mountain road like a circling and twisted dragon, the ground was rugged and uneven, and no one had walked through it for many years. And the sky was covered with dark clouds, as if it was about to rain, Fugaku in front of him suddenly stopped and said:

 “We are still three days away from Lieduo Land, so let’s spend the night in that old temple ahead.”

 The four of them, each of them was an elite of the Uchiha clan, including the Uchiha clan leader, Uchiha Fugaku, the super genius, Uchiha Shisui, and the two Jonin ninjas of the clan, Uchiha Inabi, and Uchiha Tekka.

 It can be said that these four people are one of the best fighting forces in the entire ninja world. If they join an organization, no matter how weak the organization was before, they can become at the top of the ninja world after having them.

 But even these four powerful people are only part of Konoha’s strength. Another part of the strength of Konoha was Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Minato, who left shortly after them.

 And the strength of these three people is even stronger than the four of them! This is the background of Konoha which has been the strongest ninja village since decades ago!

   “It is good!”

 The temple had not been inhabited for a long time, the walls and floors were pockmarked, the rooms had cobwebs woven into it for who knows how long, and when the door opened the dust flew up, causing the four of them to cough.

 “It’s a bit rundown, but it’s good enough for resting for a while.” Fugaku used a Wind Release to blow out all the dust and then used a simple Water Release to clean up a little before sitting in front of a Buddha statue, leaning his back on a pillar.

 The other three also found a place to sit down and try to regain their strength, especially Shisui, who had just returned to Konoha and had been given a mission to collect demonic energy from a small country and had only been given half a day’s rest.

 However, just as he was about to fall asleep, he suddenly felt a vibration. A strong man like him is sensitive to the slightest change in his surroundings, so he could sense that this sudden vibration was unusual ……

 What is ……

 Fugaku’s eyes were changed, and the Sharingan appeared ……

 “All on alert…”

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