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I.C.S Chapter 45: The Cave that connects to Hell

 The people present were all battle-experienced and had been ready to fight since they heard the unusual vibration.

 However, after a long time of anticipation, they still could not detect anything unusual around them, as if the previous roar was an illusion.

 After a quarter of an hour, the four of them gradually lowered their guard when they realized that the source of the unusual movement did not seem to be approaching.

 “Let’s take turns keeping watch, Tekka, and Shisui for the first half of the night, me and Inabi for the second half.”

 It was impossible for them to drop the guard completely, anything could happen in the middle of nowhere, and in such a huge world, there were many different kinds of dangers, maybe there was a monster like the Tailed Beast there.

 Therefore, he deliberately separated Shisui, who had also awakened the Mangekyō Sharingan, from himself, so that there were two owners of the Mangekyō Sharingan in the tow part of the night, who also can subdue the tailed beast.


 “It should be here, right?”

 Konan stood on the side of the bridge. Under the bridge was a huge lake. After crossing a large area of ​​desert and wasteland, it was really exciting to see such an oasis.

 The water was foggy and white, and in the distance a village emerged vaguely through the mist, a towering structure standing hazily in the moonlight, cloaked in a veil of starlight, looking mysterious and magnificent.

 Ryo Shimazaki stood beside Konan, his closed eyes unable to see the misty landscape, but the other vision brought to him by his super-senses could make him feel the same amazed.

 “After the attack of that Demon beast not long ago, only I and Ryo are still alive.”

 “And judging from that roar just now, it should still be around here.”

 Ryo Shimazaki shrugged as he leaned against the pillar of the bridge and asked, “Are you sure you want to fight that beast? The woman shouldn’t be a hero.”

“Don’t underestimate anyone,” Konan said coldly, then her body suddenly turned into paper and dissipated, and then condensed and formed on the right side of Shimazaki Ryo. At this time, She pressed his neck with her hand that was made of paper and said coldly

“…especially women.”

 Raising his hands up, in a gesture of surrender, Ryo Shimazaki shrank back

 “Just kidding, in fact, I have great respect for women.”

 Fortunately, Konan didn’t care too much, she just loosened her hand from his neck and then said

 “Come on …… let’s go to the village.”

 After she finished speaking, she stepped onto the bridge, and after walking halfway on the bridge, Konan noticed that there was a big hole about five meters wide on the other side of the cliff.

 “That place.” Shimazaki leaned over and said with a sad tone after seeing the cave, “I heard that a thousand years ago, this place was a desert, and the Sage of Six Paths turned this place into an oasis.”

 “Sage of Six Paths!” Konan was shocked. The existence of Sage of Six Paths has always been a mystery in the ninja world. No one knows whether this legendary character exists, but she was an exception.

 Nagato’s eyes are called the Rinnegan, which are the eyes of the Sage of Six Paths from thousands of years ago. Those eyes possessed all kinds of abilities that any ninja will dream about, and the Six Paths of Pain that Nagato discovered were only part of the ability of the Rinnegan eye.

 But it was remarkable that Nagato had made it this far without guidance, it’s amazing, but if she wants to change the ninja world, these strengths are not enough, she needs to discover more power of that Rinnegan eye.

 But in the final analysis, because there is no trace of this Sage of Six Paths, she can only speculate that the existence of this person came from some legends.

 Of course, the Akatsuki organization spent a lot of energy and time searching, but it all ended in failure. But now someone suddenly told her that the reason why this land turned from a desert into an oasis was related to the Sage of Six Paths?

 Although she won’t know if it’s true or not, or if it’s a legend that has been handed down, this has undoubtedly aroused Konan’s interest.

 “‘Yeah…” he didn’t expect such a big reaction from Konan, Shimazaki Ryo suddenly froze for a moment, swallowed his saliva slowly while looking at Konan’s fiery eyes, and then explained

 “That was a long time ago… According to the legends, the Sage of Six Paths once took his nine pets to live in seclusion in the Land of Lieduo for a long time, and people’s life was miserable. The Sage at that time give the Shuigu tool that contained the power of water to the king of Lieduo Land, and the king’s lineage used that tool to summon rainwater.”

 (A tool containing the power of the water from the Sage of Six Paths?)

 Konan knew that the Sage of Six Paths had some ninja tools that have been passed, such as the Shichiseiken, the Kōkinjō, the Sword, the Kohaku no Jōhei, the Benihisago, the Shakujō, and the Bashōsen are the six ninja tools with the most powerful power.

 Unexpectedly, in such an unknown small country, there are ninja tools that can make people control the power of water…

 She stared at Ryo Shimazaki, and the doubts back again.

 As for the Land of Lieduo, she inquired about it when she came before. It’s a pity that most of the information in Rain Village was destroyed in the battle between Pain and Hanzo, so she couldn’t find much.

 But she still knows the most basic information.

 And that is, the Land of Lieduo it’s not the kind of country that have ninjas. Most of the citizens, who moved to such a secret place to avoid war, are ordinary people, and even if some ninjas exist in a thousand years, they have gone a long time ago.

 At least in the impression of today’s ninja world, the Land of Lieduo is a country without ninjas and no resources.

 But neither Ryo Shimazaki nor Shell looks like ordinary people.

 About Shell is normal to say that ordinary people can reach that level even if they have no knowledge of ninjas. But Ryo Shimazaki is different. Konan can feel the powerful chakra contained in this weak body. Although she cannot perceive his specific situation, he is not comparable to ordinary ninjas.

 (Ninjas like this…will they really come from a small country like Lieduo? But this guy has such a deep understanding of the secrets of the Lieduo Land… It doesn’t seem like a lie…)

 And just when Konan was very worried, Ryo Shimazaki continued to explain as if he didn’t notice.

 “But before that the climate here was hot, the land was dry and cracked, and the people lived in deep water, and at that time it was said that this was a land close to hell, so sometimes the flames of hell reach to the human world, and that’s how the drought came.”

 “And this cave was rumored at that time ……”

 His tone suddenly turned grim and cold as he said, word by word


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