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I.C.S Chapter 46: Meeting

 Connected to Hell ……

 Konan suddenly stopped, she thought about Shimazaki Ryo’s words carefully.

 “Connecting to hell? Haven’t any of you entered the cave?”

 Ryo Shimazaki snorted and said, “Of course we did, it’s just an ordinary cave, you don’t really think there’s a hell or something like that in this world, right?”

 “Maybe.” Konan didn’t care about Shimazaki Ryo’s disdain. After all, the number of people in the ninja world who know the information about the demons is small. Most of them are high-level people in Konoha Village or people like Pain who have personally fought against demons.

 However, Ryo Shimazaki has nothing to do with those people, so it is normal for him to be skeptical about the existence of hell.

 But Konan is different. she knew that Hell existed. In that unknown world, a demon named the Holy Lord is being imprisoned. The eight demonic energy is only one of his powers, and if he came to the Shinobi world, that will surely set off a catastrophe.

  She stretched out her hand, and immediately the dense paper flew to the cave, and in a short time, she was gone.

 But before Konan could take a closer look, she noticed that the paper she had sent had suddenly been disconnected from her as if it had encountered something.

 Konan muttered:

 “…… It’s really weird…… I wonder if it has something to do with the demon beast that absorbed the power of the demonic energy.”

 For her, finding the entrance to hell or whatever was not the main purpose.

 The information about hell was unknown, what kind of strong creatures would be on that side? What kind of powers did the demons possess? The unknown was the source of fear.

 Even Nagato, with his  Rinnegan Eyes, will not want to fight the demons without knowing anything about them, let alone her.

 She had traveled here this time only for the purpose of the demonic energy from that demonic beast, nothing more.

 “What’s the matter? You didn’t really discover hell, right?” Ryo Shimazaki asked Konan with a cautious look.

 Konan glanced at him and didn’t say anything, just kept walking forward.

 Ryo Shimazaki shrugged helplessly and continued to follow Konan.

 Soon the two of them reached the village across the street, a village in a state of disrepair, with very visible scorch marks in some places.

 “Flames…” Konan touched a scorched plaque, trying to recreate the scene of the monster attacking the village.

   “In addition to being able to manipulate gravity, that monster also exudes flames and is invulnerable to bullets. It just ran back and forth in the village and destroyed 90% of the buildings.”

 Destroying the village with ease, this monster may have the strength of Jōnin, she quickly analyzed the information.

 Of course, this village is definitely incomparable with Ninja Villages. After all, A Ninja Village is where the military power of a country is concentrated.

 And this village is really that kind of small village. It can be said that destroying a small village is quite easy for a Jōnin.

 And the scattered heat from that monster was deadly to others, but to her, who was good at using long-range attacks, it wasn’t much of a problem.

 When she had finished thinking, Konan slowly stood up, raised her head, and looked to her right, recalling the location of the roar she had heard earlier and said “That roar came from over there, do you know of any places where the beasts could be housed?”

 “This is the edge of Lieduo Land. It’s inaccessible to people. It’s not surprising that there are beasts. But the direction you’re pointing in is… If I remember correctly, there is a temple that has been abandoned for a long time.”


 “It existed a long time ago. Rumour said that it was built to suppress the hell below, but after all these years, there are no monks in it for a long ago, and it was completely deserted before I was born.”

 “Let’s go there.”

 Konan instructed

 “…… I’ll say this upfront, if we do run into that monster, I can’t help you much.”

 Ryo Shimazaki muttered a few words, but after realizing that Konan didn’t even listen to him, he could only helplessly follow.


 Shisui sat by the campfire, and after a short rest, he has fully recovered his strength. For ninjas, even if they don’t eat and sleep for three days and three nights, it will not affect their combat ability. No matter how tired they are, they only need a short sleep to recover their spirits.

 Suddenly, his ears heard something, and he said alertly, “Tekka, did you hear footsteps?”


 Tekka was stunned for a moment and immediately became alert. He heard obvious footsteps and judging from the sound, there were two people.

 “I’ll go out and have a look.” Shisui


 As a member of the Uchiha clan who had awakened his Mangekyō Sharingan, Shisui was second only to the clan leader, Uchiha Fugaku, in terms of strength, which was why he had volunteered to go out and investigate.

 In this way, if something really happens, he has the power to subdue the opponent.

 “Well, be careful.”

 Tekka understands this, so he did not have any pride as a senior, but he had to agree with Shisui’s request.

 Hearing the reply, Shisui stood up, opened the door, and took two steps forward into the courtyard, waiting in silence for the sound of the approaching footsteps ahead.

 Three meters……

Two meters……

One meter……

 Just when that person was about to appear in Shisui’s sight, Shisui’s eyes widened, and the Sharingan opened!

 However, what appeared in front of Shisui was not a beast, nor a demon, but a young woman and a rather young…blind man?

 Looking at Ryo Shimazaki’s tightly closed eyes, Shisui suddenly felt weird about him…?

 He didn’t know what to say for a while. After all, the two of them didn’t seem to have anything to do with “monsters” and “troubles”.

 It was a good thing he didn’t have to be embarrassed for long because soon the blind man spoke up and he asked with some doubts.

 “Who are you?”

He was talking about all of them, but Shisui was not surprised. He had long heard that people with vision loss would be strong in other senses, like hearing.

 He relies on his ninja powers to detect that two people were approaching, so it is not an exaggeration for the blind to hear the breathing of the four of them relying on exercise.

 “We are passing travelers. We originally wanted to go to the Land of Wind, but it was late when we passed by, and we found that the temple was uninhabited, so we decided to sleep here for one night and leave tomorrow morning. What about you? Who are you?”

“I’m a villager from around here. I happened to leave the village before an accident hapened, and I come back just now.” Ryo Shimazaki rubbed the back of his head.

 “A villager from around here?” Shisui raised his brows in surprise.

 “Well, for some reason our village was destroyed, so we had to come here for one night. But there are other rooms here, and we won’t bother you guys.”

 “Huh? Oh oh, good!” Shisui nodded

 Konan turned her head at this point and said in a somewhat intimidating tone

 “It’s not very safe around here, you guys should be careful ……”

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