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I.C.S Chapter 47: The Temple Mural

 “You are too careless, Shisui.”

 Returning back from the courtyard, Shisui heard the sound of Tekka Uchiha.

 “Well…” However, Shisui didn’t retort, and now, he also felt more and more suspicious of the previous two.

 It was dark and there were many fierce beasts in the vicinity, so why would anyone go out at this time of day ……

 And it was a woman and a blind man. ……

 Indeed, two people like them wouldn’t attract the attention of anyone in normal times, but in this environment, they look suspicious ……

 “But there are no strong people in the Shinobi world who match their appearance, so I guess it doesn’t matter if there’s anything unusual, maybe they’re really just passing through.”

 “Let’s hope so ……”

 Tekka didn’t think too much about them. After all, their lineup is indeed very powerful. Two Mangekyō Sharingan, two Sharingan, such two people will not be a problem whatever they are.

 “Anyway, it’s still necessary to stay alert.”

   “I know.”


 “Is that the legendary Sharingan? It looks dangerous.”

 Ryo Shimazaki and Konan walked into a room opposite Shisui’s room. The place was also full of dust with a heavy feeling of history.

 “Your eyes don’t look much worse than Sharingan.”

    Konan squinted with wonder when Shimazaki opened his eyes for the first time in front of her.

 It’s really hard to imagine that the eyes of a blind man, who usually looks cynical, turn out to be like a ferocious beast.

 In those pitch-black eyes, his pupils were red like blood ….. just by looking at them, there was a shuddering feeling.

 Ryo Shimazaki smiled and said: “Oh, my eyes are nothing worth mentioning, they can’t be compared with the famous Sharingan eyes.”

 Konan looked at Ryo Shimazaki, then lit the torch with a fire release jutsu, and walked towards the depths of the room, saying, “Have any of you come to this temple before?”

 “I think so. …… I’m not interested in these mysterious things, but that guy Shell has something to do with this temple.”

 “chef Shell?!” Konan frowned, she didn’t expect that the chef who is making good meals would have anything to do with such a mysterious place.

 “Yeah, but that was a long time ago. I heard that in the past their ancestors brought meals to the monks in the temple, but they stopped going there after the temple was broken down.”

 “I heard Shell say that this is because the temple has a legendary cooking utensil, and the rumor says that the meals made with that legendary cooking utensil can make people live forever.”

 (Eternal life …… immortality?)

 Konan made a contemplative gesture. Since coming to this place, shocking things started to appear one after another.

 Immortality …… it’s  something that even the Sage of Six Paths has not been able to do.

 That celestial being who could even create planets also slowly aged under the river of time and finally fell into an eternal long sleep in an unknown location.

 “I’m not sure about the details, but it’s all the same as the cave that connects to hell, it’s a legend, probably only a fool would believe it’s true.”

 “And what’s more, there have been no divine cooking utensils found in this temple until now.”

 Not angry at being called a fool, Konan just pointed at the wall and said, “No …… look at the mural on the wall.”

 “A mural ……?”

 Shimazaki Ryo showed a curious look, he walked to Konan’s side and said with an angry look “Where? is there any mural here? It’s just an ordinary temple wall?”

 When Konan heard the words, she was disappointed.

 She sighed and said, “Haven’t you studied sealing?”

 “Sealing? It’s ninjutsu, but unfortunately, I’m not the ninja you think I am, and I can’t use seals.”

 He touched the dirty wall and asked curiously, “Is there a sealing technique on this wall?”

 Konan hesitated for a while, thinking about whether to tell Ryo Shimazaki, but after a while, she decided to tell him the truth. After all, as a native villager, Ryo Shimazaki must know more than herself.

 “Although it’s a very low-level sealing technique, it’s enough to deceive ordinary people who don’t know how to use ninjutsu.”

 She pressed one hand on the wall, and suddenly the wall gave off a soft light. With Konan’s gentle force, the wall shattered like glass and then revealed what was behind.

 It was a fresco with many figures, and from left to right, it told the story of an old man who had stored what looked like a coiled dragon sculpture in the ground and built a temple on top of it, with monks coming to look after the sculpture for the rest of time, and then leaving a cabinet-like object in the temple before leaving.

 “Reputation point from Konan +515.”

Konan mentally memorized all the contents of the mural in her mind, then looked at a somewhat confused Ryo Shimazaki and said “It seems that your myths and legends are not without basis, this place could indeed be close to where hell is.”

Ryo Shimazaki was a little confused, perhaps because he couldn’t accept that the village he was in was such a dangerous place, so he was suspicious. He hurriedly shook his head and said, “No… ‘No way… it’s just a mural…I can build a structure of this magnitude…It’s just legends”

 “If you want to see if it’s true or not, just hollow out the ground below to see if there is a dragon-shaped sculpture?”

 With that said, Konan put one hand on the ground and quickly mobilized Chakra.

 Fortunately, Ryo Shimazaki stopped her. He looked at Konan nervously and whispered.

 “Have you forgotten that there are Konoha ninjas around?  It would be a problem if we accidentally draw them in and cause a misunderstanding.”

 Konan shook her head and said, “Don’t worry, I have a way to not cause a big disturbance.”

 But Ryo Shimazaki did not listen to Konan’s words. He stood in front of her and gritted his teeth, and finally said, “Forget it, let me do it. Compared with your ability, I believe that the movement of my telepathy will be less noise. “

(Teleportation? !)

 Another ability that she had never seen before, but Konan was already prepared to see such things that will not be foreign to this world.

 However, she soon realized that she had underestimated this ability called Teleportation, as well as the mystery of Ryo Shimazaki and this mysterious land.

 She saw Ryo Shimazaki look as if he was searching for something, then a few seconds later he suddenly reached out and took Konan’s right hand, and before she could even ask what he was doing she felt sky and earth change and suddenly she found herself in a very different place from the previous temple room.

(Time and Space …… Ninjutsu?)

 Konan was stunned, she had no idea that this man actually possessed the same, no, higher-level ability as Konoha’s yellow flash!

 At the very least, the technique of Flying Thunder God requires special kunai as a mark and coordinates, but the ninjutsu used by Ryo Shimazaki didn’t have any introductions!

 And this ability alone… has already made him invincible!

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