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I.C.S Chapter 49: Out of the Way

 “He’s wandering around this cave, we have to get out of here immediately!”


 Konan thought about the information brought by the man who had joined the Akatsuki not long ago and called himself Zetsu.

 Within the Land of Fire, Dio, who had a stone mask, had not only become a legendary vampire but also possessed the ability to manipulate demonic energy.

  (Is there a vampire here?)

  (And what about the Pillar men clan?)

 More and more mysteries made Konan feel that this world was gradually becoming strange to people ……

 “I will tell you the details when we return to the Rain Village, now is obviously not the time to be able to chat idly, we must reseal the vampire!”

 “Otherwise this dark creature will surely find a way to open the gates of hell and bring all the sealed demons down to the human realm!”

 “I may not be strong enough alone ……”

 Konan thought about the information given by Zetsu that the vampire named Dio had a power close to that of the Kage, that level would be really difficult for her to deal with right now.

 “We have to go back and explain to Pain what happened here first!”

 She quickly made a decision, she believed that there was no problem in this world that Nagato couldn’t solve because he had the strongest Rinnegan eyes, he was the son of destiny, and even Hanzo with the seven demonic energy couldn’t defeat him, a mere vampire will not be a problem to him

 As if reading Konan’s mind, Ryo Shimazaki said:

 “No …… the Pillar Men are not the same as ordinary vampires, or perhaps the two are not even comparable …… the Pillar Men are vampires that feed on humans turned into vampires! “

   (Feeding on human-turned-vampires?)

 (I heard that Jiraiya-sensei didn’t have an easy time against that vampire, so if all of the Pillar Men vampires feed on such monsters, then they might have the power to rival or even surpass Jiraiya-sensei!)

 And she wasn’t very sure about Jiraiya’s strength.

 It has been more than ten years had passed since the Three Sannin fought Hanzo, and in the past ten years, he has been improving, and Hanzo’s strength is also regressing due to age, and under the circumstances, Jiraiya’s strength may have surpassed the original Hanzo!.

 An evil creature that may have surpassed Jiraiya…

 Konan frowned, she did believe in Nagato’s power, but right now Nagato was far from his peak and hadn’t uncovered all the wonders of the Rinnegan yet, so if he faces such a vicious creature now, perhaps something bad will happen.

 “I am thinking about a way…” Konan raised her head and looked. “The Konoha’s Uchiha clan are in the temple above. The one who came out before was the genius ninja Uchiha Shisui, look. His eyes have already opened the three tomoe of Sharingan, if the number of us is a little larger, then it is possible to destroy that vampire.”

 Generally speaking, the ninjas in the Uchiha clan who have opened the three tomoe of Sharingan are usually superior, or even close to the Kage level. If there are four such ninjas, plus herself, It will be possible to deal with the Pillar Men.

 Of course, she didn’t know that Shisui had opened the Mangekyō Sharingan, nor did she know that Uchiha Fugaku also had opened the Mangekyō Sharingan, so the four of them have power even more than what she was expecting…

 “Vampires are immortals. They absorb power from darkness. For them, death is not on their list, but just a long sleep. When they wake up again, their power will be doubled!” Roy Shimazaki shook his head and said, “So, our best way is to seal them, and the name of the pillar men is also derived from this. In ancient times, if they encountered such a powerful vampire, everyone would seal them in stone pillars.”

 Konan nodded in understanding, then said “Just leave it to me …………”

 Before she could finish her sentence she saw Shimazaki Ryo’s face change, this time she didn’t need to ask to know what had happened again, because the temperature of the whole cave suddenly began to rise, as if it was a furnace.

 At the same time, a loud sound echoed from the cave as if something huge was coming.

 “It should be the Fire Qilin has back, we can’t let him find us, let’s go back!”


  This time, Konan took the initiative so she put her hand on Ryo Shimazaki’s back and they quickly moved to the room where the two were before.

 However, when they returned to the room in the temple, the burning sensation still did not dissipate, and the entire temple began to shake constantly, and a lot of dust fell from the beams, choking the two of them. They pushed the door open and ran out.

 This time, they happened to meet the four Uchiha who also ran out of the temple, but they didn’t look as horrified as the two of them. After all, they cleaned the temple before falling asleep.

 The four of Uchiha acted on guard. After seeing that the other two seemed to be fine, Shisui hurriedly asked:

 “You guys?! What’s happened?!”

 Konan and Ryo Shimazaki looked at each other before Shimazaki said: “It’s a monster like the tailed beast, he’s the one who destroyed our village earlier. I thought it had left, but it looks like it hasn’t gone far before it came back!”

 Fugaku was attentive. According to his information, Lieduo Land is not a world where monsters live.

 “When did this monster appear?!”

 He suspected that the monster probably was caused by the demonic energy that scattered not long ago. He thought that it would take some time to catch up with the Shichibukai in the race for the demonic energy, but now it seems that destiny is with the Uchiha, and the demonic energy actually took the initiative to come to their place!

 He gestured at Tekka and Inabi with his eyes, and the two immediately understood what he want and said, “Shisui, you stay here to protect these two people. The leader and we will go to see what kind of monster it is.”

 He said it was a protection, but in reality, Shisui was watching them.

 They are convinced that these two are not ordinary villagers, but ninjas with certain fighting abilities. If they are left alone, something bad may happen.

 But if Shisui, who had opened his Mangekyō Sharingan, stayed behind to watch them, it would be safer for the team who were about to engage with that beast.

 After all, for them, it was just dealing with a monster. Just the sending of two of them who had opened the Sharingan is already an exaggeration in respecting the opponent. If it wasn’t for the unknown Shichibukai who can appear at any moment, then the clan leader didn’t even need to participate!

 “Okay!” Shisui understood the meaning too and agreed to the battle plan.

After the three left, he slowly said to Konan and Ryo Shimazaki:

“The temple is old and in disrepair. Maybe it will collapse in the shock. Let’s wait here for the leader to come back.”

“The source of the vibration is not far from here, why don’t we go and take a look?”

 “No, I believe with the strength of that team, the monster issue will definitely be solved. You don’t have to worry about staying here until their return.”



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