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I.C.S Chapter 50: Smart Moves

 “Inabi, Tekka, you two go down and take a look.”

 When they reached the source of the shaking, they found a big hole by the bridge from before, and after some consideration, Fugaku ordered:


 The two Uchiha clan ninjas nodded in agreement, then jumped straight down the bridge to the hole.

 It seemed that their jump had angered something in the river, and the moonlight reflecting on the river was strangely moving, like flowing mercury, and the flow became faster and faster, violently crashing into the rocks on the side.

 The two who had just stepped into the cave were taken aback by the sudden change. Fortunately for them, they were experienced masters, and they quickly concentrated their minds in the cave, but not forgetting what had just happened so they were very focused.

 “It’s so hot in here ……”

 Tekka squinted his eyes, the air in the road ahead seemed to be distorted by the heat, causing the vision to look a little bit blurred, but it was clear that there was a fast-flowing river below, so the heat was abnormal.

 Was it the power of the demonic energy that was causing such an anomaly here?

 But according to Shisui, the owner of the Demonic Energy of Fire is a vampire named Dio!

 “Don’t panic, the opponent may be a creature possessing demonic energy. At present, there is too little information about demonic energy to infer from what happened here, but, certainly, single demonic energy will not make people shake the whole ground unless it’s become much stronger than before.”

 “Anyway, let’s lower the temperature now, otherwise it will be very painful to walk in such a high temperature.”

 Tekka was about to make a seal when he finished speaking, but Inabi stopped him:

 “This place is weird, it’s better not to act rashly.”

 “……… You’re right, it’s better to find the monster first.”

 The duo slowly walked forward and soon reached a corner

 “Should we split up?” Tekka asked

 “No…… I always feel that this place is a bit weird, let’s go back and inform the clan leader first.”

 It was a shame for the proud Uchiha clan to have to go back to resume their orders when the mission had not been completed. But Inabi was a very cautious man, and he had a vague feeling that this place was not as simple as he thought.

 “What?!” Naturally that Tekka disagreed, he felt that his opponent was just a monster who by chance had been lucky enough to get a demonic energy, it was ridiculous for him that Inabi had been so cautious!

 “Do as I say, Tekka.” However, Inabi was unmoved and continued to say:

 “Listen, there’s a sound coming!”

 Tekka looked nervously at the gap as he keenly heard the sound of the buzzing of the air currents as if it were a sharp arrow rushing towards where they were.

 “Damn, it’s not the same vibrating sensation as before, does that mean there’s more than one monster?!”

 After hearing the coming sound, Tekka formed a seal with both hands, gauging the time, and used a jutsu when the cracking sound was less than ten meters away from him!

 Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation!

 A large amount of flames spewed out of his mouth, and the flames rose in the wind, and soon covered the two holes.

 With the sound of burning fire, one tiny creature after another crashed down from the flames.

 The creatures that kept falling to the ground were none other than bats.

 But it was surprising that these bats did not turn to ashes under the fire that extinguished them, so it seemed that they were not simply ordinary creatures.

 And as if to confirm this suspicion, the bats suddenly disappeared, and at once the sound of being burnt by the flames was gone, and the same for the sound of the strong air currents.

 Yet before he could breathe a sigh of relief, he heard again a strong sound of footsteps from before, like a thousand horses running across the ground, and even the ground shook.

 At the same time, the temperature was getting hotter and hotter.

 The air on the right side was becoming more and more distorted, and amid this terrifying distortion, it was as if some terrifying creature was about to emerge!

 Before Inabi could even think about what to do, he saw that Tekka had already made a seal, and with a loud cry of Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique, he used a water release.

 Although this place was unusually hot, it was a river below, so with the power of the support of the surrounding, the jutsu used by Tekka was exceptionally powerful.

 A huge amount of water came in from the hole at the back and attacked ferociously into the hole on the right after bypassing the two of them.

 The thousands of tons of water from the river not only brought a terrifying impact, but also swept away the heat, and the water element that was originally decreasing because of the scorching heat began to rise again.

 Inabi stared at the entrance of the cave, his Sharingan could clearly see all the chakra fluctuations inside.

 With his eyes, he can see the unknown creature with powerful chakra retreating under the impact of the huge amount of river water. After all, the dissonance between water and fire is very strong, not to mention the fact that Tekka had taken advantage of the presence of the river.

 But for some reason, there was an uneasiness in his heart, not from the roaring behemoth, but from an indefinable dark force.


 The monster seemed to be completely enraged by the impact of the river, and all that could be heard was a roar like thunder, followed by a powerful force, which was not a flame or even a jutsu, but a pure sense of blow.

 Under the action of this force, the stone wall separating the two cave entrances shattered, and even the river water weighing several thousand tons also turned back violently towards the Uchiha duo.

 Tekka’s expression changed. He didn’t expect that the water release that he used with all his strength would be cracked so easily, and Inabi, who had been prepared, immediately used his ninjutsu.

 Inabi was expecting that the monster would use flames to attack, so he was prepared to use the water release but in a hurry, he immediately changed the shape of his fingers to form a dungeon.

 Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall!

 The earth wall blocked the bounced back water of the river, and the river impacted the earth wall with a loud rumbling sound, but after all, it still failed to break through the earth wall’s defense.

 Earth restrains water, especially in defending against water release!

 While defending, Inabi also formed offensive ninjutsu——

 Earth Release: Sandwich Technique!

 This is a ninjutsu that can create a hemisphere to capture the target. In theory, it can trap even a tailed beast for a while, especially if he’s a good ninja like Inabi Uchiha, then the power of capturing will be even more increased.

 And like Tekka, Inabi made clever use of his surroundings, which were full of rocks, so he simply used his earth release to alter the walls on either side of the creature, causing it to squeeze right into the monster!


 The body was squeezed by the walls and the monster let out a mournful cry from the immense pain, but instead of feeling any pity for the creature, Inabi manipulated the walls to squeeze with even more force!