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I.C.S Chapter 51: The Demons Appear

 Fugaku stood on the edge of the cliff, he could feel the powerful chakra erupting from the inside of the cave, but he still chose to believe in Inabi and Tekka.

 He could not leave the outside unguarded, or else they might be caught in a trap, and judging from the chakra exchange inside, the Uchiha side, with its two Jonin ninjas, clearly had the upper hand.

 Suddenly, Fugaku felt a cool liquid fell on his face, and he looked up to see that the sky was already drizzling rain, and becoming denser and more rapid, turning from a drizzle to a mammoth rain in a few blinks of an eye.

 Occasionally the river lapped up like a raging storm.

The sky was completely devoid of starlight, and it was completely covered by a thick fog so that even the moonlight could not penetrate.

 Suddenly there was a dazzling flash of light, followed by a huge thunderclap, accompanied by a violent wind and rain as if a fierce beast was about to devour the world!

 Fugaku clenched his hands on the ground tightly, and a strong unease suddenly appeared in his heart as if a storm was about to come.

 Suddenly the earth began to vibrate, and the bridge connecting the two banks broke with a bang, and then a large amount of concrete and steel fell into the river water.

 Fugaku observed the flow of chakra around him with his Sharingan, but before he could find anything, he had a feeling of being burned, and a large amount of chakra suddenly accumulated under his feet.

 He was startled and jumped away quickly, and with his jump, the ground suddenly blasted away by a powerful energy, and a radius of tens of meters turned into a big hole.

 Fugaku jumped to the edge of the big hole, watching what happened in the smoke with both eyes——

 The monster looked like it was screaming in the sky, and a large amount of flames spread out from its body. Even the walls that sandwiched it were melted by the terrifyingly high temperature. The fierce beast’s rage was perfectly integrated into the flames, sweeping in all directions.

 In fact, a single Fire Qilin naturally cannot reach this level, but Naoto not only gave it the demonic energy of the sky and the demonic energy of the moon but also used Suzuki’s psychic energy to increase its strength by several times, making the Fire Qilin strong enough to face even two Jōnin!

 Under such strengthening, this Fire Qilin

really has the appearance of a terrifying beast, but it is not a monster that makes Fugaku feel helpless.

 His scarlet Sharingan eyes stared at the hole behind the Fire Qilin. Because there was no light, he couldn’t see what monster was inside, but judging from the Chakra’s reaction, it was definitely a majestic monster!

 At this moment, a creature was slowly emerging from the darkness, a cloak like a lord’s cloak, black boots carved with white skulls, and long, slender hands like sharp blades.

 But what surprised Fugaku most was the two sharp teeth that showed from the creature’s mouth!

 He had seen the report submitted by Jiraiya on his arrival and had heard about the corpse creature from Shisui, so he was familiar with this creature. But why would such a creature exist in a small town on the edge of the Land of Lieduo, hundreds of miles away from the Land of Fire?!

 In particular, the dark aura that constantly emanated from around this vampire made Fugaku’s heart jump. According to Jiraiya, the strength of that vampire Dio was only at the level of a Jonin ninja on the whole, but this one in front of him was more than a Jonin ninja.

 Kage …… and not just any Kage level!

 There is also a difference in strength between Kage and Kage.

 Fugaku estimates that even if he uses the Mangekyō Sharingan, he may not be able to be the opponent of that vampire in front of him who gave him exactly the same impression of power as the third Hokage!

“I never thought that the world would turn out like this once I woke up.”

       The vampire looked up at the sky when it was raining, but when it approached his body, it was evaporated by the flames emanating from him.

             However, as if he was ignoring the high temperature, the vampire gently pats the monster’s head, and the ferocious flame monster actually lets its sharp claws retreat inward like a pet.

 The vampire gave a smile and said softly: “A Fire Qilin from thousands of years ago, I didn’t expect to preview the power of hell and turn into a creature of darkness after death, but this is just what I wanted.”

 Yet such a light-hearted remark brought massive pressure to the three!

 Thousands of years, Fire Qilin, power of hell, darkness creature, four words that reveal a very frightening piece of information!

 (This vampire …… Is this the demon that is sealed in hell?)

 The vampire did not care about the shock of the three, he was still immersed in his own world and feeling the new him.

“It’s the demonic energy of the Holy Lord. ……”

 He pointed his finger and the Fire Qilin instantly let out a hiss, a powerful repulsive force was released, Causing the two thrown, Inabi and Tekka, away. Luckily, Fugaku was quick and hurriedly caught the two who were flying backward with a Body Flicker Technique, or else they would have fallen into the fast-flowing river.

 The vampire looked up at the gloomier sky and muttered:

 “The power of the demonic energy of the moon and the demonic energy of the sky? It’s enough to deal with these two humans.”

 He ignored the high temperature that easily melted the rocks, patted the Fire Qilin lightly, and said coldly:

 “Come on, let them experience the power of the Demons.”

 Hearing the vampire’s instructions, the Fire Qilin glowed more and then attacked the Uchiha Trio!

 Fugaku was about to fight but found that the vampire summoned countless bats with a wave of his hand. In a hurry, he decided to use the Great Fireball Technique to resist and then used the Body Flicker Technique again to drag Inabi and Tekka to the top of a hill.

 However, the vampire was already waiting for him. Looking at Fugaku’s nervous face, the vampire turned his head and said:

 “I consider this as entertainment after waking up from sleep, I hope you’ll give me some fun, human with strange eyes…”

 Fugaku turned back to Tekka and Inabi and ordered:

 “Tekka, you deal with that beast.”

 “Inabi, you go and notify Shisui, let him hurry up and get here now!”

 Hearing what Fugaku said, the vampire let out a disdainful laugh saying:

 “Are you going to call someone? It doesn’t matter, it won’t help you!”

 “You humans have always been like this, you can only rely on the number of people…”