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I.C.S Chapter 52: A Battle

 On the edge of the river, Tekka was constantly dodging the spitting flames under the pursuit of the Fire Qilin. His task was to gain time as much as possible, so although he really wanted to fight this beast, he still chose to obey the order!

 A ninja, whose first priority is to complete his mission!

 As he ran, he soon got away from the place where Fugaku and the vampire are, and when he looked at the monster that was chasing him, he jumped off the edge of the riverbank.

 The river below was swift, and with the heavy rain falling from the sky, he tried to use it to wash and removed the traces of flames and burns on his body and clothes caused by the Fire Qilin.

 But when he was halfway down, he suddenly felt that his body was light as if he was floating in the air, and before he could react, he felt a strong force on his back, as if being hit by a mountain, he spit out a mouthful of blood!

 Under the influence of this terrifying force, his body fell more than ten times faster, until he hit the bottom of the river in the blink of an eye.

 With a bang, the river exploded after he fell into it, and the sky-high waves were dozens of meters high.

 Fortunately, The water softened the intensity of his collision.

 Before he jumped from the cliff, he wanted to use chakra or water release to soften the impact of the collision, but when he was into the air he was surprised by the Fire Qilin’s ability to manipulate gravity when suddenly the monster used it to pull him down faster.

 This causes the speed of Tekka to be about 100 meters per second when he hits the water. Such a terrifying speed is even a little faster than a person jumping from a height of 10,000 meters. Even if it’s a fall on the sea, it should definitely be a fatal fall!

 When he was choked by the water of the river, he felt that his whole body was about to be shattered. There were scars everywhere on the skin. The blood flowed out through these wounds and mixed with water, making him feel as if death was not far away. waiting for him.

 But he was a Jōnin after all, and even in such a desperate situation, he still did not give up hope.

 With great difficulty, he made a seal in the water and then hit it down with his palm, and suddenly a buoyant force rose, a large amount of river water gathered under him and turned into a water dragon pushing him out of the river.

 Tekka turned over and jumped off the water dragon, barely standing on his feet, and at the same time instructed the water dragon to rush towards the Fire Qilin who was about to leave!

 The Fire Qilin thought that he had dealt with his opponent, and was about to go back leisurely, but was suddenly attracted by the roar from behind him, he quickly turned around and happened to find the water dragon that had just risen from the river.

 Seemingly enraged, the Fire Qilin also let out a roar, and then the flames around its body frantically coalesced towards its mouth, forming a huge fireball!

 With a single exhalation, this huge ball of fire met the water dragon, and with a boom, the sky shined with a brilliant light, the dazzling fireball now seemed to have turned into a sun-like hanging in the sky, illuminating thousands of meters in all directions!


 A large amount of water was sprinkled everywhere. Although the water dragon has expired, it still made the Fire Qilin furious. The beast rushed to the edge of the cliff again. Looking at a small human at the bottom, then the huge monster jumped, heading straight for Tekka!


 and the other side

 The place where Fugaku and the blood-sucking demon beast were confronting at this moment was devoid of any creature except them.

 “Who the hell are you ……?”

 Fugaku stared at the vampire, his attention highly concentrated, ready to deal with the next move.

 The Vampire Beast was very relaxed. He lightly patted his head with one hand and replied as if had a headache.

 “It’s only 10,000 years and the world has forgotten me already?”

 He showed a bloodthirsty smile, then spread his hands open, and said with a big laugh, “Then let me reintroduce myself, my name is Myotismon, the king of the Undead!”

 “10,000 years…? What a joke… Would a 10,000-year-old monster use today’s common language? You foolish monster!”

 “What?” He sighed with a look of disappointment

 “For us, we can parse your language the moment we hear you speak. Perhaps the only ones who can’t do that are you, humans.”

 “Then let’s see what you can do as a vampire who thinks he is higher than humans…”

 Fugaku suddenly disappeared, no, or the entire space suddenly changed. Myotismon looked around and found that it was a white world.

 “Is it an illusion? I can’t imagine that in ten thousand years, humans will still have this kind of power. But in my opinion, you are nothing more than that ” Myotismon said in a tone of contempt.

 Fugaku’s figure suddenly appeared behind Myotismon, and his eyes had turned into Mangekyō Sharingan. This illusion Space is constructed by him.

 “Then I want you to try it.” The vampire beast turned around and tilted his head curiously, “Why don’t you attack? if you had just struck, you might have really hurt me.”

 Fugaku showed a confident smile, he stretched out his right hand, dragging a transparent ball of light in his hand, and inside the ball of light, there was a small gas-like object that looked the same as Myotismon.

 He played with the light ball in his hand, “Who said I didn’t attack? I have already taken your soul.”

 (My soul?)

 Myotismon frowned, perhaps Fugaku’s attack had left him a little confused.

 “This is the ability of this eye of mine.” Fugaku covered his right eye with one hand while saying

 “And my left eye …… is what I can reflect everything with it.”

 His exposed left eye suddenly glowed, and then all that could be seen was Fugaku’s figure starting to transform as a blinding light emanated from his body.

 When the light dissipated, Myotismon looked at Fugaku, who had changed into his new form, and suddenly revealed a smile

 “I thought it would be some kind of ability, but it turns out to be making a fake replica ……”

 Yes, after the light disappeared, Uchiha Fugaku’s form actually turned into a creature with the exact same appearance as Myotismon, and even the decorations on his body were exactly the same!

 “It is a fake replica ……” The Vampire Beast that Fugaku had turned into smiled back and said coldly:

 “You’ll know right away!”