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I.C.S Chapter 53: Uchiha’s Mistake

 “Speaking of which, who are you guys?” Shisui leaned against a pillar, and because it suddenly rained heavily outside, they all went to the room where the quartet Uchiha lived temporarily.

 Ryo Shimazaki groped for the wall and said, “The villagers of this land, didn’t I say that before?”

 “No… Anyway, the Land of Lieduo is just a small country without ninjas. How can there be ninjas like the two of you in such a country?”

 “This is the arrogance of the big countries.” Konan suddenly said.

 “Because the information you collected says that the land of Lieduo is a country without ninjas, then it won’t have ninjas?”

 “Paper reports are only reported by ninjas, so why can your ninjas discover our ninjas? you guys only believe the words on paper and don’t believe in confirming things with your own eyes, this is the so-called the pride of the great nation, isn’t it?.”

 “Uh …… I didn’t mean that ……” Hearing Minami’s words weren’t kind, Shizu shook his head awkwardly

 “I’m just a little curious, you two shouldn’t be weak, right, how did you let your village be destroyed by that monster?”

 In Shisui’s impression, the only monsters that can make ninjas helpless are the kind of the nine-tailed beast. And Konan and Ryo Shimazaki made him a bit confused because they didn’t look like they would be driven out by an unknown monster.

 “It’s a Fire Qilin!”

 It was Ryo Shimazaki who replied. He stopped in front of a broken Buddha statue and gently tapped on the statue’s head.

 “He is the Guardian God State who sealed the Demon Lord at the beginning. He originally belonged to the god of light, but after his death, he was infected by the power of hell and turned into a monster with the power of darkness.”

 “The Holy Lord!” Shisui exclaimed in surprise

 “Reputation point from Uchiha Shisui +599.”

 The name of the Holy Lord has turned the Ninja world upside down recently, and the demonic energy that caused the five great countries to covet is the power of the Holy Lord.

 He thought that the news of the Holy Lord was only in the hands of the Shichibukai, but he didn’t expect that a blind man he met in Lieduo Country actually said something about the Holy Lord.

 “You…you said Holy Lord!” Shisui ran to Ryo Shimazaki’s side excitedly.

 Konan was also a little surprised. As early as Shimazaki Ryo read out the ancient text in the cave, she had doubts about his identity. Combined with the murals she saw not long ago, plus the word Holy Lord that just came out of Shimazaki Ryo’s mouth. This reinforced Konan’s suspicions!

 (Ryo Shimazaki might be the descendant of the monk who had used the statue to suppress the seal, but after a long time, even they had forgotten their mission, and although some of their legacies had survived, it was probably used as a mythical storybook-like it’s just folk tales.) This is what Conan had in mind at the moment.

 And after seeing all this at this moment, she finally realized that what she had learned was not an illusion, but a history that actually happened!

 “If my guess is correct, the race of demons must have revived again, they arrived here not long ago to kill the Fire Qilin and take away the sculpture that the Holy Lord had turned into. And now all they need to do is gather the eight demonic energies again, then the Holy Lord can once again break through the world and return, bringing evil and disaster to this world!”

 “Who the hell are you?!” Shisui stared at Ryo Shimazaki with wide eyes

 Facing Shisui’s interrogative tone, Ryo Shimazaki just turned his head to Shisui, and his narrowed eyes seemed to carry some kind of magical power that made Shisui involuntarily slow down his excitement.

 And when he saw that the two of them were calm, Ryo Shimazaki said softly.


 “The tomb guard…”

 “Reputation point from Konan +378.”

 “Reputation point from Uchiha Shisui +621.”

………………………… …………

 “Grisly Wing: Night Raid!”

 The two Myotismon, the original and the copy shouted at the same time.

 Then the same effect was produced, and countless bats were created, rushing towards each other!

Myotismon frowned, because he found that the Grisly Wing attacks used by the two sides had the same power, and disappeared at the same time when they collided.

 In theory, Myotismon’s abilities were stronger than Fugaku’s, but now it seemed that Mangekyō Sharingan’s abilities create identical abilities.

 But Mangekyō Sharingan must also have its own limitations. Whether it is Amaterasu, Susanoo, or Blaze Release, Mangekyō Sharingan’s techniques has its own limitations, and it is definitely not invincible abilities.

 It can be said that these abilities of Mangekyō Sharingan seem to be quite incomprehensible, but as long as you grasp the weakness, it is not invincible.

 After awakening Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu, Itachi claimed to be below Jiraiya’s level!

 Crimson Lightning!

 With one movement, a blood-red long whip appeared in his hand. He swung it hard, and the blood whip made a whistling sound and slashed towards Fugaku.

Fugaku once again reproduced the same attack and directed a bloody whip in the same direction as the other whip, then the two whips collided with each other, the collision caused a ripple of kilometers in diameter, the whip was extraordinary and its power was enormous

 “No need to try again, Myotismon.”

 Fugaku made a grim smile and said “This is the first time I’ve tested my Mangekyō Sharingan power, so it’s probably your misfortune to have met me now and not before.”

 “It’s a pity that after being sealed for 10,000 years, you’ve just come out and you’ll go back to hell again in a very short time!”

 “Back to hell?”

 However, in the face of Fugaku’s declaration, the vampire beast just showed a disdainful look. One of his hands was gently raised, and a massive amount of energy suddenly gathered, and a purple energy ball quickly formed in front of his palm.

 Without seeing him making any movements, the purple ball turned into a beam of light and then rushed straight toward Fugaku’s direction.

 “I told you, what you can use I can too! We are both the same!”

 Fugaku raised his hand in the same way, also the same purple ball of energy, the same beam of light, and seemingly the same power.


 The surrounding area became so white that hardly anything could be seen, and as the light gradually faded, the features and traces of the battle began to appear.

 Fugaku looked at his right shoulder in shock, which had been shot through by the purple light from the explosion, but the vampire beast that should have suffered the same injury was actually intact!

 “Reputation point from Uchiha Fugaku +611.”