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I.C.S Chapter 55: Dio and Hulk appear

 Ryo Shimazaki gently placed Tekka in an area away from the river and whispered:

 “Your mission has been completed. Next, those two people will deal with the Fire Qilin. You should rest here for a while.”

 (Fire… Qilin?)

 Tikka’s eyes were filled with big doubts, but he also knew that now was not the time to ask questions, so he nodded his head to show his understanding.

 Then Ryo Shimazaki teleported to Konan in instant.

 He took a big breath and said:

 “It’s really troublesome. I didn’t expect those legends to be true.”

 The teleportation was activated so frequently in a short period of time, and he was also moving people for long distances, which made him feel a little tired.

 Konan didn’t care whether he was tired or not, just looked at Ryo Shimazaki silently, and then said:

 “I’ve been waiting for you to explain the situation for a long time now.”

 As if feeling embarrassed, Ryo Shimazaki rubbed his head

 “Where do I begin?”

 “I don’t know exactly how many years ago, my ancestors participated in a battle that is said to be a union of various races against demons.”

 “Although I don’t know the specific details, it is certain that the demon forces were defeated. According to legend, the ancestors of various races with the help of gods are unite forces to seal the demons in hell, and the Holy Lord of Demons was not only turned into a sculpture by the archmage with his magic, but they also separated the eight abilities he possessed, which were later called the Demonic Energy, and in this way, even if someone obtained the sculpture and summoned the soul of the Holly Lord from hell, the Holy Lord without the eight demonic energy would not be able to have the most dangerous power in the world.”

 “To prevent the demon from breaking the seal and reappearing in the world, the archmage at that time built a temple here and suppressed him with an instrument made of meteorites. He made a decision to suppress the statue of the Holy Lord forever at the entrance of hell.”

 “I thought this was a fairy tale made up by the old people…but now it seems… maybe it’s true!”

 Konan retracted her gaze and was about to speak when she suddenly felt the energy of someone close to her. She looked up and saw a blond man walking into the temple.

 The blond man was extremely handsome, a demonic handsomeness, but unfortunately, Konan happened to see the two fangs exposed in the man’s mouth. Those features seemed to indicate the true identity of this man.

A vampire!

 And she is also familiar with the appearance of this vampire!

 In the report handed in by the Black Zetsu, Konan had seen a portrait of this man, a vampire called Dio Brando, who had fought Jiraiya, one of the Three Sannin of Konoha, a few days before, and had been killed by a person named Jonathan Josta, using strange ninjutsu.

 Humans cannot be resurrected from the dead, but that is used to describe human beings. For the strange creatures like vampires, who knows if they can return from hell.

 “Reputation point from Konan +339.”

 “I was going to bring that old thing to the base, but I didn’t expect to face some little rats in my way.”

 Dio laughed in a slightly relaxed tone.

 “And that guy Banner actually still didn’t wake up …… What the hell is he up to?  if he didn’t wake up, maybe I’ll find some difficulties in confronting you two, but that’s fine, let’s have some fun together.”

 Ryo Shimazaki frowned, he turned to look at Dio, tilted his head, and said:

 “Although it’s rude, I still want to ask, who is this Golden Retriever who has been talking to himself since the beginning?”

 “Gold…Golden Retriever!?” Dio frowned, then sneered, “I’m going to turn you into my slave next, and then dig out your closed eyes, and stuff them into your dirty mouth!”

 “If you have the ability to do it, then you can try!” Ryo Shimazaki looked at him defiantly.

 It was getting colder in the temple.

 A fight was about to break out, but Konan stopped Ryo Shimazaki, glancing at him and saying:

“You’re already tired, leave this to me while you try to regain your strength so that even in the worst case scenario, we can take the initiative in the fight.”

 Ryo Shimazaki was standing for a moment, looking at Dio, then nodded in agreement after thinking about it.

 “Then I’ll leave him to you, don’t worry, I’ll be watching from behind.”

 Seeing that the other party changed a fighter after a few words, Dio laughed loudly.

 “Hahahahahahahahaha …… I thought you had something to offer? Turns out all you do is hide behind women.”

 He made a cold smile and then made a wiping motion of his neck, his body radiating an increasingly chilly aura

 “Well… I’ll take care of this woman first, and then let you experience the pain.”

 “Let’s see who will experience the pain first: ” Konan replied lightly.

 “The vampire who made Konoha’s ninja suffer, let me see how much strength you have.”


 “Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique!”

        “Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique!”

 Above the river, Shisui and Inabi looked at each other, and then used their Water Release ninjutsu in unison.

 At this moment, the already surging water surface undulated and fluctuated even more violently, and under the effect of chakra, waves tens of meters high were raised behind them!

     Such a terrifying tsunami cannot be summoned under normal conditions.

 But now they were on the surface of the water, and with the rain pouring down from the sky, the water element was in abundance, and with their combined strength, they were able to use such a terrifying water release ninjutsu!

 The water is soft but firm. Don’t look at people who are usually afraid of fire, lightning, and storms, but they have no reverence for water, but if there is a tsunami that is dozens of meters high, then it will be definitely one of the most terrifying disasters in nature.

 Especially after the Mangekyō Sharingan has opened, the waves under Shisui’s full force are even more terrifying. If the turbulent waves are controlled, even a modern aircraft carrier team will be drowned against it.

 This Fire Qilin is indeed incomparably powerful, but the huge size of the tsunami was unavoidable, it weighs more than a thousand tons. If it really hits the Fire Qilin, then it may not be able to escape death or serious injury!

 Under such a terrifying natural disaster, the Fire Qilin did its best to resist. It first tried to release the flames to the maximum, and then used the power of the demonic energy of the sky to make the weather scorching hot, and then used the repulsive force of the demonic energy of the moon to delay the waves as long as possible.

 At the same time, its body was also floating under the dual power of the demonic energy of the sky and the demonic energy of the moon, trying to escape from the tsunami while resisting.

 But the reach of the tsunami was indeed extremely large, even though the Fire Qilin flew as hard as it could, it still couldn’t break through the tsunami’s reach ……

 Seeing the tsunami getting closer and closer, the Fire Qilin let out a desperate cry, but just when Shisui and Inabi thought they were victorious, something appeared in the sky…

 A green figure jumped down from the high cliff, like a falling meteorite. A green monster threw a punch in the front of the terrifying tsunami without fear!


 A huge hole suddenly appeared on the surface of the huge wave, such a terrifying wave was directly punched through by the green monster!

 “Reputation point from Uchiha Shisui +601.”

“Reputation point from Uchiha Inabi +287.”