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I.C.S Chapter 56: The Hulk Battle

 Hulk saved the Fire Qilin after falling like a thunderbolt from the sky, and after a massive punch that split the horrific wave in half. 

 Shisui and Inabi retreated to avoid the water blocks that fell from the sky because of the punch, and with their speed, the slow river water could not hit them at all.

 Only after Shisui had a spare moment from this chaos, was he able to take a closer look at the image of this new strange thing that had appeared.

 His short black hair was slightly curly, his skin green in color, his muscles are swollen, as if they are about to explode, the pulsating visible veins like a dragon attached to his arms, his huge pectoral muscles reflecting his mighty power to the fullest in the firelight emanating from the Fire Qilin’s surroundings to the eyes of the two Uchiha.

 “Damn, who are you too?”

 Inabi said it when his patience was running out

 “Sir Inabi!”

 Under the terrifying speed of the Hulk, Inabi was in the line of the punch and his injury was about to be confirmed. Fortunately, Shisui was close to him. He hurriedly pushed Inabi aside, and then quickly the seal of The Body Flicker Technique was formed, and in an instant, he moved him away just before the Hulk’s fist arrived.


 But after dodging the fist, he couldn’t dodge the subsequent impact. The Hulk’s punch struck the ground with a terrifying force that directly expelled the air around the area, and the air that was forced out turned into a terrifyingly powerful air cannon that struck Shisui and Inabi right on their bodies.

 Shisui is okay, he can still react to  Hulk’s attack. But Inabi can’t do it. Although he has opened the Sharingan, and his insight can completely see the Hulk’s movements, his body can’t react at all when he’s in the air. His body flew upside down for 20 to 30 meters, and then he spits out a large mouthful of blood.

 “Shisui, I’m going to deal with the Fire Qilin, this guy is yours!”

 Inabi quickly analyzed the situation on the battlefield and knew that he would only be a burden to Shisui here. After all, he couldn’t even respond to the enemy’s attack.

 He was a little less powerful than the Fire Qilin, but the beast had already been fighting with Tekka for a while, and it has just done its best to counteract the attack of Inabi and Shisui, so even a normal Jonin would have reached his limit after using all this power.

 “Okay, but the Leader’s side…”

 “Trust the leader, he is the head of the Uchiha clan who opened the Mangekyō Sharingan just like you!”


 Shisui nodded heavily, but he was also worried in his heart. He doesn’t like the fighting style of Hulk.

 A duel between ninjas is nothing more than a competition of chakra and ninjutsu. As long as the ninjutsu is stronger than the opponent’s and has more chakra than him, then victory is already within reach.

 But there are some people in the ninja world, maybe because they can’t practice ninjutsu normally, or maybe because they don’t want to go with the usual way, or perhaps because of their unique ninjutsu requires it, so they are trying their best to train their bodies.

 And such ninjas happen to be the type that the Uchiha clan are least able to deal with.

 Firstly, while the superb insight of this Dōjutsu can see the opponent’s movements, the own body cannot keep up with the reactions, unless this Uchiha ninja is also the type that specializes in Taijutsu.

This pair of eyes that can replicate ninjutsu is useless in the face of ninjas who only rely on their own bodies…

 Another important thing is also the Genjutsu, the consciousness of a normal physical ninja can be affected, but this Hulk’s body has a violent chakra, and has the intuition of a beast, even the Illusionary Techniques of the Sharingan can’t influence him easily.

 Only a Mangekyō Sharingan level Genjutsu would work on such a monster!


 Hulk didn’t give Shisui too much time to think. After seeing Shisui blocking his face, he just let out a roar, and then headed again towards Shisui.

   Shisui hurriedly used the Fist Rock Technique, The entire right arm was completely wrapped in rocks, then he directed it towards Hulk in the same imposing manner!

 The moment the two fists collided, the air burst suddenly, and the water surface under the two of them stirred up a diagonal circle of water about fifteen meters high because of the transmitted power.

 With a bang, the rock on Shisui’s right arm began to shatter, but his expression remained the same, and the remaining left hand began to form a one-handed seal—

 “Water Release: Water Severing Slash!”

 quickly condensed into a dagger-like water tool in his left hand and with a gesture from his hand, the dagger began to spiral forward.

 The Hulk wanted to block the blow with his left hand, but he failed this time, and then the dagger scraped Hulk’s skin after crossing his left hand and continued to move forward.

 In the end, the water dagger directly stabbed Hulk’s left shoulder, and he felt a real sensation of piercing into the flesh. Before Shisui was excited about the blow, he felt that the wound tightened, and the dagger was squeezed by the flesh. Suddenly, the tricked punch of the Hulk just hit Shisui’s elbow.

 The terrifying force directly knocked him 15 or 16 meters away, and when Shisui reappeared on the surface, he only felt that his internal organs were about to crash, and the pain was all over his body.

 On the contrary, the Hulk, although he was stabbed by a dagger, only shed a little blood, and was still well.

 For a strong vitality monster like him, this injury is nothing at all!

 “This is bad…”

 Shisui pressure on his molars

 “Reputation point from Uchiha Shisui +598.”


 In the middle of a forest, Hiei and Tachibana Raizo were walking on a path.

 There were all sorts of beasts and poisonous insects and plants that were deadly enough and could be found everywhere, but the two walked leisurely along the path with no worry at all.

 Tachibana Raizo walked ahead with a bored look on his face, then picked a flower and said, “How strange, didn’t you say that the demonic energy was around here? Why have we been searching for so long now and still haven’t found it?”

 “Once the demonic energy is possessed by anything, then even I can no longer sense it. But the location I perceived at the last time was indeed right here.”

 “According to what you said, the demonic energy can blend into any place, so doesn’t that mean that every single thing could be possessed by the demonic energy? There are so many things here, do we have to search everything all the hundreds of miles around here?”

 Raizo put the flower in his mouth, chewed it twice then spat it out,  but he noticed that Hiei who had been walking behind him suddenly stopped.

 “What happened?”

 He asked curiously

 “Did you feel a sudden vibration around here?”

 “Vibration?” Tachibana Raizo froze for a moment, then his face began to look serious

 “There does seem to be a movement around here, should we go and check it out?”

 Hiei replied in a deep voice “Well, maybe it has something to do with the demonic energy.”