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I.C.S Chapter 57: Kotoamatsukami

 “He’s really difficult…”

 Shisui sighed, and with the Body Flicker Technique, he left the battlefield to stay away from the Hulk, then took out a scroll, and formed a seal.


  With a bang, a short sword appeared out of the smoke, he took his weapon and threw himself into battle again, and said:

 “It’s a good thing I was the one who met you, if it was any other Uchiha clan member, it will be a big loss even for the clan leader I think.”

 In addition to Ninjutsu, Shisui was also proficient in Taijutsu, although he is not as good as those ninjas who have been immersed in Taijutsu for many years, he is still much stronger than most ninjas.

 People’s energy is limited. If a person exercises everything, the result usually can only be that nothing can be perfect, but this kind of words only applies to ordinary people.

 Shisui, as an Uchiha member, mastered all kinds of ninjutsu and illusions techniques, so from his school days, he never slackened his training in taijutsu.

But he can’t fight the Hulk with pure physical skills.

 Ninjas have to fight reasonably according to their specific environment and their own advantages, and in the face of a hight violently fighter like the Hulk, the best way is to diversify the attacks!

 And he is very confident with his speed!

 He stared at Hulk who was galloping all the way. When he stepped close to twenty meters away from him, he used a seal!

 “Lightning Release: Thunderbolt!”

Before he used his Body Flicker Technique, he had actually used another technique, but the time between the two was too short, his afterimage Clone was still in the same place when he was before the teleporting, so the Hulk didn’t notice the afterimage Clone who was accumulating lightning in the ground!

 At this moment, a large amount of lightning was introduced into the ground, and together with the sharp thunder spear spit, it swept all the way from the front of Shisui to the side of Hulk, and suddenly detonated the ground with a radius of five kilometers!

  Shisui’s own improved instantaneous technique allowed him to reach a speed that would have been impossible for any normal ninja to reach.

 The 5,000 square meters of ground was suddenly lit up with thunder hundreds of meters high, lighting up the deep darkness of the night and startling the other ninjas on the battlefield.

 After taking a few breaths, Shisui was about to see the results, but he heard a roar that shook the sky, and Hulk’s body was still covered in electricity. Even under such a terrifying offensive, this monster is still unbreakable.

 He crossed a distance of 100 meters running like a raging bull, then he delivered a massive punch with his bloated green fist filled with veins. If the green fist hit, even a tailed beast would be sent flying. At the moment of hitting, Shisui’s trail disappeared.

 The body of Shisui, who was been hit originally, suddenly turned into a crow and scattered, and the Hulk, who realized that he had been tricked, turned his head sharply, just to find Shisui who was about to use his Tantō.

 “Wind Release: Vacuum Blade!”

 Although it is a small sword originally, the Vacuum Blade Technique increased the sharpness, range, and lethality of his Tantō. The sharp short Tantō pierced directly through the Hulk’s body. Even Shisui could hear the blood splattered and then being vaporized by the heat of the sword!

 But before he had time to rejoice, the Hulk’s muscles suddenly bulged even more, and with them his strength and defense.

 But before he had time to rejoice, the muscles of the Hulk that had been cut with the sword suddenly swelled even more, and his strength and defense were also strengthened, he grabbed Shisui with one hand, and then he hit him on the ground hard!


 This time Shishui was completely unable to escape, because in his judgment, he will have time to use the Body Flicker technique to escape, but the Hulk’s inexplicably increased strength, speed, and reaction just surprised him and left him no room to evade.

 The back of Shisui was in real contact with the earth, and the terrifying force destroyed the surrounding earth along his body, and the ground cracked, and a radius of more than ten meters and a depth of five or six meters appeared under him!

 The Hulk felt the victory and was about to trample Shisui like a weak little ant to death, but Shisui reluctantly formed the Body Flicker technique at the last moment and escaped from the fatal foot that almost stepped on his body. miraculously survived.

 He hid behind a rock, breathing heavily. The blow just now cost him like half of his life, thanks to the exercise he had been doing.

 “I have to use the Mangekyō Sharingan ……”

 Shisui covered his eye with one hand, he was going to use what noted as Shisui Uchiha’s ultimate technique. Before that, he had never wanted to use this technique, because using this kind of dōjutsu would consume a lot of Chakra and even some of his eyesight, but now if he stays helpless, he will not only lose his Chaka and some of his eyesight but his life itself.

 Although Shisui is an incomparable genius, he is still young. The indecision is still there, and if he continues like this, it will cost him a big loss sooner or later!

 He clutched his chest and slowly walked out from behind the rock, quietly waiting for the arrival of the Hulk.

 Waiting for that ferocious monster like a demon to attack…

 Sure enough, after discovering that Shisui, which had suddenly disappeared, reappeared, the Hulk roared again, jumped up, and rushed directly towards Shisui.

 However, Shisui just raised his head slightly, and his Sharingan suddenly seemed to emit an inexplicable light.

 The next thing Hulk heard is Shisui’s cold voice ……

 ” Kotoamatsukami…!”

 Suddenly, the world changed, and the Hulk found himself in a strange space, where there was no upper, lower, left, or right, there was a vast expanse of white everywhere.

 Shisui’s body emerged from the space like a phantom. He opened his hands as if welcoming the arrival of the Hulk.

   “Welcome to my world.”

 And at once a tall cross suddenly appeared behind the Hulk, who really wanted to jump away, but suddenly found countless chains wrapping themselves around him, and then his whole body was tied to the cross ……

 “It’s useless, I can control everything within the illusionary space.”

 A short sword suddenly appeared in his hand as he stared at the Hulk and issued a cold declaration

 “As far as I know, there is no power that can compete with this illusion.”

 “Don’t worry, it won’t make you suffer for a long time, because no matter how long you’ve been here, it’s only a moment to the outside world there…”