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I.C.S Chapter 58: Dio’s Purpose

 This technique allows the user to enter the mind of any individual within their field of view, and manipulate them by giving them false experiences, making it seem as if they were doing things of their own free will. It is regarded as a genjutsu of the highest caliber, due to the victim being entirely unaware that they are being manipulated.

 It is a jutsu that can inflict immense mental damage on the enemy, and can only be released by a genius Uchiha who has opened his Mangekyō Sharingan, like Shisui.

 Although he could use the Kotoamatsukami on such a monster, it would be difficult to control him, it’s like the same way as trying to control a ninja has opened all Eight Gates.

 Although Kotoamatsukami is far from any other illusion technique, the amount of Chakra it takes to control the Hulk is unimaginable.

 In addition to the Hulk, there are also Fire Qilin and enemies who can fight against the leader. It is not a wise move to overdraw one’s own strength in such a situation.

 Looking at the Hulk bound on a huge cross, Shisui’s Tantō caught fire, then he pointed it at the Hulk.

 “This is only the first blow, there are still two hundred and fifty-nine thousand one hundred and ninety-nine to come.”

 “Perhaps you don’t understand my words …… but this is the end ……”

Shisui said without any emotional fluctuation


 “What exactly is your purpose?!”

 Konan floated in the air, two angel wings made of paper unfolded behind her, her hand reached out in front of her and flicked a little, and the numerous pieces of paper on those wings suddenly turned and transformed into sharp weapons.

 At a single order, these sharp papers would be launched in unison, enough to tear to pieces any creature in her way.

 But Dio was an exception. He looked at the sharp weapons floating in the sky and just felt amused.


 He shrugged, then sneered.

 “Is there any need to ask this kind of question? Of course it is to become a perfect ultimate creature.”

 “So you want to let the Holy Lord out?”

 “Ah? Did you misunderstand something?” Dio showed a dissatisfied look, he touched his golden hair and said:

 “For me, as an immortal, and always strong, I am destined to become the ruler of the world, and the existence of the Holy Lord is just an obstacle on my way to the immortal king.”

 Konan was puzzled and asked, “Since you are an enemy, why do you still help the demons?”

 “It’s not help, it’s just a promise to travel to an ally,” Dio said indifferently


 “You don’t need to worry about this, beauty!”

 “Really…'” Konan shook her head, then suddenly stretched out a finger, and the countless papers behind her burst into flames.

 Dio took a deep breath, his cheeks bulging like a frog on both sides, and then with a gentle exhalation, a gale of wind suddenly gusted out, deflecting the countless paper three feet away.

 The papers were divided into two parts and gathered together, the front into a huge spear and the back into a shield that blocked her.

 The defensive part wasn’t solid enough, the wind easily broke through the defense line, but the same could not be said for the paper spear, which had a smaller surface area and a greater force, so both attacks broke through the defense line at the same time, rushing towards the two of them.

 The gust of wind that hit Konan was blocked by another paper shield she made quickly, and the rest of the wind that didn’t hit her crashed into a wall behind her and made it fall

 The old and disrepair building could not resist this violent force of nature.

 Dio, on the other hand, manipulated the flames to coalesce into a ball of fire in his hand, then reached forward and tries to block the paper spear.

 Normally, paper loses against fire, but this spear made by Konan contains enough chakra, so even the power of fire cannot destroy it.

 However, if it cannot be destroyed, it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t affected by the fire. After being weakened, the paper spear that was enough to penetrate Dio’s whole body only scratched Dio’s cheek and created a slight bloodstain.

 And with the recovery ability of a vampire, this kind of injury can be recovered in the blink of an eye.

 “As expected from Akatsuki’s angel, you really have some skills.”

 Dio gently stroked his scratched cheek, his eyes full of coldness.

 “That’s all you’ve got, you shouldn’t go out and rule the world, you’ll be only a big joke.”

 Konan wasn’t surprised that Dio recognized her identity.

 Akatsuki is not such a secretive organization, it was like this before. But now, the Akatsuki organization was joined by many ninjas, and its power even aroused the jealousy of Hanzō and Konoha’s Danzō.

 It’s just that after Yahiko’s death, Akatsuki’s organization suffered a devastating blow, so it had to hide in secret.

 But Konan was a genin who had existed since the very beginning of the Akatsuki Organisation, and it was not surprising that some people knew her face.

 “Domination is not a fleeting goal, but no matter how long it takes, it can eventually be reached for me with my infinite lifespan.”

 “Even if it takes a thousand years, ten thousand years, as long as it can be reached at the cost of time, it is not so difficult.”

 But he suddenly paused, and then he waved his hand.

 “Okay, your partners are fighting right there, right?”

 “We’re not partners with Konoha ……,” Konan said sarcastically

 She only had hatred for Konoha.

 Although her teacher, Jiraiya, from Konoha, the man behind the killing of Yahiko,  Shimura Danzō, also from Konoha.

 “Whatever you say ……” Dio didn’t much care for such details and continued:

 “Do whatever you want to do next, go help Konoha to kill the Demons or help the Demons to kill them, you can simply leave. In short, I’ll leave you guys alone.”


 Konan was obviously taken aback, especially after sensing that Dio’s killing intent was put away, she also put away the paper wings on both sides and asked in disbelief:

 “How could you just forget your promise for them?”

 “Ha …… they just let me in to take away a sculpture. This visit was also to see how the Pillar Men vampires are different from me, and by analyzing maybe I can find another path to the ultimate Creature.”

 “They about to get into the heat of the battle now, right? You’ll miss a good chance to watch it if you don’t go.”

 After saying that, he actually turned his body directly and walked straight towards the door, as if he was not worried at all that Konan might attack him from behind ……


 Konan hesitated again and again, but she put down her hand at the end.

 If Dio was an ordinary ninja and dared to turn his back to the enemy in battle, Konan would definitely let him know what pain is.

 But Dio is a vampire, a creature with top recovery ability, a monster that can return from hell after being turned to ashes by Jiraiya and Jojo.

 And against such a monster, anyone would feel overwhelmed ……