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I.C.S Chapter 59: Susanoo

 “Why did you just let him go like that?”Ryo Shimazaki teleported to Konan and asked

 He shook his head, and Konan seemed she was thinking about it until Dio disappeared from sight, then she said “Let him go, vampires are very strong creatures, there’s no reason now to stop him if he wants to go.”

 “This guy is not weak, if he interferes with one side of the battle, then I’m afraid it will skew the outcome of the battle.”


 When she looked back at the temple, which was already half ruined, Konan finally made up her decision and said “Go help, the threat of the demons is too big, we can’t let them expand any further.”

Although she didn’t yet understand the power of the Holy Lord, she could deduce from some traces of it…

The ninjas sent by Konoha are not unknown people. Fugaku with his fierce eyes and the genius Shishui are all famous in the ninja world. The rest of them, Tekka and Inabi, were both famous Jonin ninjas with their amazing Sharingan eyes.

These four men have the power to take over a small village.

But it was some demons left in the ninja world who entangled these four people, despite their strength, they still suffering, which was really incredible.

She believed in Nagato’s power, and also believes that Nagato will be stronger in the future, and when the moment that Nagato grew to his peak come, there would be no enemy in the entire Shinobi world that can stand against it.

But what if the enemy came from another world?

The demons that have been buried in history are too mysterious, and even if they want to join forces with Konoha, they will not be sure if they can defeat them.

“I don’t really have a problem with that ……” Ryo Shimazaki looked deeply at Konan and after some thought said:

“Logically, we should take care of that Fire Qilin first, so let’s go over there.”


Shisui let out a light breath, and the Hulk’s body fell in front of him, that burly body contained astonishing power.

But no matter how powerful the body is, it cannot break free from this spiritual prison, and Kotoamatsukami is an illusion that can turn the enemy’s spirit into dust. At this moment, the Hulk’s body is full of green bloodstains, and the pain in the spiritual space has also crossed into reality.  It’s destroying the Hulk’s body.

“As much as I’d like to ask you for information, you don’t look like the type to be able to communicate.”

Sighing, he was about to leave when he suddenly sensed furious energy coming over him, an astonishing fury that was almost about to blow up the whole place!

The green body that had fallen to the ground seemed to suddenly swell, and then there was a furious roar, that terrifying body has much power that could shatter a mountain.

(Damn …… this is bad!)

      Shisui suddenly stopped, his muscles involuntarily tensed because of the strong murderous energy. If the terrifying blow of this monster hit, he wouldn’t definitely be survived.

Body Flicker technique?

No, at this distance, at this speed, he would not be able to use his ninjutsu!

At this moment of crisis, the Mangekyō Sharingan in his eyes flashed, and a dark green aura appeared in front of him, blocking the Hulk’s angry strike!


The ultimate power of the Mangekyō Sharingan is not only guardian ninjutsu that protects ninjas from attack, but also a self-ruling technique that devours the user’s vitality.

This is a technique that Shishui has not fully mastered until now. After all, the time he had opened the Mangekyō Sharingan was too short, and there was no way to practice this technique in the village, so Shisui always regarded it as the ultimate power of the Mangekyō Sharingan illusion. Extreme trump card.

With Susanoo turned on, it can be said it’s immune to most of the attacks, which is why he said it was fortunate that he was against the Hulk, not anyone else!


The ground under the Hulk’s feet cracks by his strong force, but he didn’t rush, as if he was afraid of Shisui.

He was indeed on the verge of death under the effect of the Kotoamatsukami just now, and that was due to the fact that an illusion technique like Kotoamatsukami would mostly cause serious injuries, not death ……

But he is different from real ninjas!

Due to the fact that he is closer to a clone controlled by an extracorporeal consciousness which is Naoto, so the effect of this dōjutsu didn’t work on him as Shisui was expected, but he was even more afraid of this enormous physical strength that suddenly appeared and he couldn’t break through its defense

But the illusionary attack just now has partially affected his physical body, even with his strength.

In the end, it was Shisui who broke the tranquility, as if he had finally made up his mind, he roared loudly:


His body was suddenly wrapped in green chakra, a huge skeleton body was slowly filled with energy, and at the same time, a huge spiral-shaped weapon appeared in the green giant’s right hand.

Looking from above at this moment, the place turned out to be a duel between two green monsters. Although the Hulk on the other side is small in size, his momentum is not under Susanoo at all!


The Hulk moved forward rapidly, reaching the front of Shisui at a speed that surpassed the sound. First, he punched with a full strike from the front and punched Susanoo’s chest shield. The huge punch actually caused such a behemoth to pull back more than ten steps.

       Despite all these massive blows, he still can’t defeat Susanoo’s defense, and in the midst of the consecutive hits Shisui swung the spiral sword in his right hand and swept across with unmatched might.

The Hulk did not dare to take it, so he leaped rearward Immediately.

Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique!

With Shisui’s seal that was protected inside the Susanoo, a huge fire dragon suddenly condensed on Susanoo’s green exterior, and with Susanoo, it added a third power.

The huge fire dragon swallowed the Hulk in one bite but was shattered by a backhand punch from Hulk. But the broken fire dragon did not disappear but was attached to the spiral sword. Shisui sensitively controlled the huge weapon, and hit the Hulk’s body, with a bang, the air behind the Hulk Spreading out in a circular shape, he turned into a supersonic cannonball and was sent flying to an unknown distance…