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I.C.S Chapter 60: The end of the war on one side

The huge green skeleton of Susanoo was completely dissipated after this blow, and Shisui knelt on the ground, the sweat dripping onto the ground, the short battle had drained his strength.

He is still far from reaching his peak. Whether it is Chakra, physical fitness, or mastery of ninjutsu, his Mangekyō Sharingan has just started to use his ultimate technique the Kotoamatsukami, and the strongest ability available to those who have awakened the Mangekyō Sharingan which was the Susanoo in quick succession, which was close to the limit of what his body could handle. This actually was admirable, but it came with a lot of risks.

So he could only hope that the blow he had just dealt had completely defeated the Hulk, and if that angry monster still had the strength to continue fighting, that would be a critical situation for Shisui.

The storm didn’t go as expected. A small mountain in the distance of Shisui’s line of sight seemed to be lifted up by something. For a moment, a green monster walked out of the stone pile. Every step he took caused a vibration around him, a lot of dust. He was getting closer and closer, bringing with him death and ruin.

However, just when Shisui was about to make a final resistance, forcing himself to get what was left of Chakra, which was very little.

 But the burly monster suddenly fell down.

Then the monster’s green body gradually began to become smaller and smaller, and finally became at the size of a normal human, and even the appearance became the same as a human. the new human appeared naked, wearing only a pair of shorts underneath.

He was about to stretch out a hand when he suddenly fell to his knees and then to his upper body, looking as if he had used up his last strength and collapsed.

Shisui tried to get up with difficulty, and as soon as he stood on his feet, he felt that the whole world started spinning and then he suddenly fell to the ground again

………………………… ……

“Water Release: Water Formation Wall!”

Inabi made a seal, and the river immediately surged upwards, deflecting a huge fireball.

He was about to make another ninjutsu seal when he felt another powerful suction coming from him, but how could he repeat the same mistake after having suffered from it not long ago?

Blade of Wind!

In his hand, a large amount of wind gathered to form a sharp blade. With this suction force, he was extremely fast, and he catch the body of the Fire Qilin in an instant. Next to it, he endured the scorching high temperature and stabbed it out with his sharp blade of wind!

Hiss ……

The wind blade penetrated the Fire Qilin’s scales armor, spilling blood that seemed to be burned like fire onto its cheek, which it was unable to dodge.

The blood was as hot as carbon drawn from the flames, and its skin was not indestructible steel, so it was scalded with holes!

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaah !!!!”

The pain was so intense that Inabi let out a scream, he felt a burning sensation on his body. The heat was very high next to this fiery beast, but it did not dissuade Inabi from continuing to exploit this loophole

His right hand with the wind blade in it stabbed the Fire Qilin repeatedly, causing the beast to wail as well.

Inabi was about to stab again when a powerful repulsive force struck him in the stomach as if he had been struck by a hammer. He spat out a mouthful of blood before sinking into the river with a loud bang.

Inabi was about to stab again when a powerful repulsive force struck him in the stomach as if he had been struck by a hammer. He spat out a mouthful of blood before sinking into the river with a loud yell.

The Fire Qilin, who had lost his opponent, was raging, but because of his aversion to water, he did not follow Inabi’s body into the water and only moved restlessly on the surface.

On the other hand, Inabi inhaled a large amount of water from the river. But he didn’t feel much pain, because his whole body was on fire at the moment, and his skin had turned red.

But the river was not a suitable place to survive, even if it could relieve the burning caused by the blood of the Fire Qilin, he was still in mortal danger of suffering from lack of oxygen!


And just as his oxygen was about to run out and his life was in danger, Tekka’s voice came from above the river.

Tekka was recovering his strength and chakra at the edge of the cliff, but after noticing that the Fire Qilin is still fighting, he felt a vague uneasiness in his heart and thought about his brother who was in the middle of the battle.

As a ninja who has fought with Fire Qilin, he knew too well the strange nature of this monster. When a ninja encounters such a monster, he will definitely suffer a big loss if he is caught off guard!

So he came back here with the idea of ​​providing some information for Inabi. Who would have thought that the first scene when he came here was to see Inabi himself sink to the bottom of the river.

In this situation, he didn’t care that his physical strength had not recovered much, so he could only forcefully use a Water Release to separate the river water, and then quickly jumped to the side of Inabi and took him away from the bottom of the river.

However, how could the Fire Qilin just watch him save people like this without doing anything?

Speaking of this, after being stabbed by the Blade of Wind, it was in a rage, and when it saw a human who was trying to snatch the fruit of its own victory, it directly opened its mouth and spit out flames.

“Damn it!”

Tekka’s face turned pale, he had no defense against this ball of flame at that moment!


The flames were about to hit him, and under that blazing fire, he turned his body to shield Inabi from the flames, and then closed his eyes to prepare for death.

But the flames suddenly disappeared ……

Ryo Shimazaki teleported over, he stretched out his right hand, palm open, and gently aimed it at the flame, then flicked it!

The terrifying flames were instantly repelled by some force and dissipated into nothingness in the blink of an eye ……

“What are you doing? I saved your life just now, but now you’re here to die again…”

Ryo Shimazaki sighed…

Tekka’s brows stretched out, he breathed out a long breath, and said gratefully:

“Thank you very much, you have saved my life twice, this kindness, Uchiha Tekka will definitely repay this in the future!”

“…” Ryo Shimazaki didn’t reply at first, he turned his head to look at the fierce beast with flames all over its body, and finally said:

“The Fire Qilin has lost the ability to be a divine beast after being demonized. why are you all in such a mess?”

“…Although I don’t know about divine beasts…but this thing has the power of Demonic Energy, but I don’t know how to deal with it…”

“Forget it…” Ryo Shimazaki waved his hand, then stretched his waist, and looked serious.

“Leave it to me…”