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I.C.S Chapter 61: Collecting 4 Demonic Energy

 “Reputation from Uchiha Tekka +121 point.”

 (To… him?)

Tekka was stunned for a moment, he knew that this person in front of him was hiding actually, and he also had a very special time and space ninjutsu.

 But suddenly, someone who had never heard of stood in front of a Konoha Jōnin and said, “Leave it to me,” there was a sense of unreality.

 He felt that since the end of the Third Shinobi War, more and more new masters had emerged and that the upper ninjas, who used to be considered masters, were actually only useful on the battlefield, and today they see new competitors crowding them on the same battlefield……

 But how much energy did Ryo Shimazaki have still after using time-space ninjutsu so many times?

 This question was soon solved when Ryo Shimazaki attacked first, coming to the left side of the Fire Qilin in a flash, and before it could react he punched the Fire Qilin in the face as if the devouring flames did not exist, letting the flames burning parts of his body without reaction.

 With a boom, the Fire Qilin’s huge body was sent flying.

 Clearly this human with a thin body, and not looking like a physical ninja with prominent muscles, was able to easily repel a monster many times bigger than him, making one wonder if his body was actually built like a normal human.

 Being sent flying out of nowhere was something even the Fire Qilin hadn’t expected, so it let out a roar of rage and was about to use the power of its Demonic energy when it realized that the human who had sent it flying was already in front of it again and had thrown the same punch as before!




 Three times in a row, making the monster unable to react, and it was even knocked to the ground, unable to rise again!

 This fleeting fight didn’t give it a chance to fight back!

 This scene made both Tekka and Konan stunned.

 Especially Konan, she heard from Ryo Shimazaki and Shell that they had fled their village after this monster destroyed it, and they had no choice but to go to the Rain Village to make a living.

 But now this ……

 It’s true that after two battles, the Fire Qilin was less than a third of his full strength, but Ryo Shimazaki was also constantly using space-time jutsu to transfer from place to place, and the chakra used up during this period should not be small!

 Even if he still had 50% of his strength, he could have defeated the current Fire Qilin so easily, so the difference in strength should not have been this big even in his prime.

 Was he lying?

 Konan frowned. If all this was a lie, why did he have to bring himself here?

 Did he want to use his power to fight the demons?

 She instinctively didn’t want to accept that idea, because she didn’t think the shocked look Ryo Shimazaki had made earlier after knowing about the mural was too fake.

 And it doesn’t seem to make sense to do so…

 Or was there some new change that had made him much stronger?

 “Ah… I don’t know why, after seeing the murals in the temple, the bloodline of ancient wizards in my body seems to have awakened.” Seemingly feeling Konan’s questions, Ryo Shimazaki touched his hair and said casually.

 Seeming like he had Know Konan’s doubt, Ryo Shimazaki touched his hair and said casually.

 Konan nodded, sort of accepting this one answer because after all, this was really not the right place to explore this issue right now.

 “That’s one solved, right? What about the others?” Ryo Shimazaki asked Tekka.

 “The Leader was fighting another monster up there, Shisui I’m not sure …… but I think he had some problem maybe he’s fighting too,” Tekka answered truthfully,

 He wants to help the other two battlefields now, but his current situation is obviously not enough for him to do so.

“…you two rest here first, I’ll go…”

 Konan was about to speak but was suddenly interrupted by an extremely desolate roar. When everyone looked back, it was the Fire Qilin that slowly straightened up and stood up with difficulty!

 “Do you still want to be brave?!”

 Even when she saw Fire Qilin’s shaky appearance, Konan remained expressionless, she would not have any sympathy for her enemy.

 “No…something else?!” Tekka, who has his Sharingan open, and has sharper attention at that moment, said in surprise.

 There is a person floating on the side of the Fire Qilin.

 One of his hands was inserted into the body of the Fire Qilin, and the blood like magma splashed onto his body, but he didn’t care and laughed.

 ” Hahahahahahaha, I would like to thank you all for this.”

 The man’s other hand was over his face as if he was suppressing his excitement.

 But even without looking at his face, the crowd could have deduced his identity!


 There was no one else but Dio with that trademark blonde hair to be here!

 “Speaking of which, I would like to thank you for…” Dio slowly put down his hand, revealing his distorted face.

 “If you guys hadn’t eliminated this monster, I wouldn’t have been able to collect two demonic energy this easily.”

 His right hand, which had pierced into the flesh of the Fire Qilin, pulled out violently, and at once the huge body fell to the ground again, and the crowd saw two dark blue gases coming out from the mouth of the Fire Qilin and flying into the sky.

 At the same time, Dio took out a bizarre mask, the top of which was inlaid with a red magnificent ruby. The moment this mask came out it seemed to create some kind of suction, It was also noted that this magic gas began to be affected by this suction.

 “Damn! We must stop him!”Tekka, who had heard Fugaku mention Dio’s deeds, immediately turned pale and hurriedly warned.

 According to his information, Dio was purifying the side effects of the demonic energy through a ninja tool called the Red Stone of Aja and transferring the power to himself through the Stone Mask, but according to Jiraiya, the Stone Mask should have been recovered by Jonathan Josta!

 Had something bad happened to him?

 But whatever the case, Dio with two demonic energy was already difficult enough, and if he got two more, he’s afraid there wouldn’t be many people in the ninja world who could stop him!

 He put on the Stone Mask as soon as the Demonic Energy entered the Red Stone of Aja, and an extremely strong aura came out from his body, like a ferocious ancient beast!


 He put one hand on the mask and let out an uncontrollable laugh!

 A wildly laugh!


 “It’s not far…!”

 “I’m not far from the day when I become the ultimate creature!”