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I.C.S Chapter 62: The Power of four Demonic energy

 While everyone was stunned, Dio slowly took off his stone mask, revealing his handsome face.

 He pulled up an evil smile and held his hands open, in a majestic scene filled with vanity.

 Against this majesty and solemnity, Ryo Shimazaki exhaled a long breath, and then ask with a grim face.

 “Didn’t you say you were going to watch the battle of the Pillar Men or whoever you mentioned?!”

 But Dio replied with disdain: “That’s why you are still human and I am something higher.”

 “Anyway, I don’t really care about what the bugs say.”


“Ha! Don’t measure me by human behavior…… Anyway forget it, these words are bigger than your mind and your ability to understand and comprehend, after all, these are your last words before you die.” Dio said nonchalantly.

 But it made Ryo Shimazaki, Konan, and Uchiha Tekka shrink their pupils, their muscles were tense, and their spirits were highly concentrated, so they could fight back at any time.

 “Big talk, you need to be careful with your next words.”

 However, it wasn’t Dio who made the move first. Ryo Shimazaki appeared behind Dio in an instant and threw a heavy punch.

 Needless to say, the power of this punch made the Fire Qilin just now can’t stand. Although Dio got two extra Demonic Energy, its defensive power may not be comparable to that of the Fire Qilin with the scales of the defense.

 But just when everyone thought that this punch was about to take effect, Ryo Shimazaki’s punch suddenly stopped less than five centimeters in front of Dio’s body.

 Ryo Shimazaki only felt that a powerful repulsive force was acting on his body, and no matter how hard he pushed himself, he couldn’t break even one more millimeter forward.

 Dio let out a cold laugh. Then he stretched his fingers in the direction of Rio and a dent suddenly appeared in Ryo Shimazaki’s abdomen, but his super-sense read Dio’s next move and he left the moment the dent appeared with an instant movement.

 But even so, his shirt was torn in the middle and a fist-sized dent appeared in his abdomen.

 “Let’s fight together! This guy already has four demonic energy, and none of us will win in a solo fight against him!”.

 Tekka, who thinks that he is the most aware of the vampire’s ability and the nature of demonic energy among the three, saw this scene and realized Dio’s current strength, and understood that if he fought one-on-one with Dio, he will die.

 No, death will be a mercy in this case.

 The most terrifying thing to be alive but becoming a slave to darkness after your mind is distorted!


 Konan also nodded solemnly. After the fusion of the four demonic energy, Dio’s strength has obviously surpassed all of them, and it is necessary to join forces!

 The two looked at each other and used their best ninjutsu at the same time!

 “A thousand paper needles rain!”

 “Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique!”

 Countless paper needles and flames are mixed together, doubling the ninjutsu power, overwhelming the sky, and making people have nowhere to hide!

 Dio didn’t dodge, just stretched out his hand and pushed it forward, a circular wall of fire appeared in front of him, and then he clenched his fist, the wall of fire suddenly started to spin and turned into a spiral to block the paper rain and the fireball in front of him, and then completely devoured the astonishing combined attack.


 There was a muffled sound in the flame as if something was exploding all the time. The flame was constantly changing its shape by the shock wave, but it was still tightly wrapped, and the force of the explosion was not transmitted to the outside. The attack has been contained.

 “It’s useless, useless, useless, useless! Your chakras are running out! If you give up now, I will give you eternal life.

 “Live forever! “

 In a strange pose, Dio placed his left hand on his right shoulder and his right hand on his outstretched right leg, which was bent and the soles of his feet raised slightly, showing off his attractive body.

 “It’s too early to talk about this now!”

 “It’s too early to talk about that, I just started warming up!”

 The figure of Ryo Shimazaki appeared from above, and swept him with fierce kicks, but was easily avoided by Dio. This time, Dio did not use the power of the demonic energy of the moon but chose to use pure physical combat.

 The body shape of the two was like an arrow from a string at that moment, and the fierce confrontation of fists and feets caused a frantic whirlwind. It was only an afterimage of fists, feet, and fingers in the eyes of the viewers, interlocking and endless.

 In terms of strength, Ryo Shimazaki has powerful physical skills.

 In terms of reflexes, he also has super-sense, and can even predict Dio’s next move.

 In terms of speed, he has teleportation skills. It stands to reason that there should be no ninjas stronger than him in melee combat!

 But Dio wasn’t an easy competitor at all. The vampire’s physical quality and the increase brought by the quadruple strengthening of the demonic energy made his body as powerful as a Taijutsu ninja who had been practicing for many years!

 Sensing the leg that was attacking like a steel whip, Ryo Shimazaki hurriedly used teleportation to dodge in advance, but Dio’s reaction was equally astonishing. He followed Ryo Shimazaki’s body with lightning punches!

 Ola Ola Ola Ola Ola !!!!

 The two people’s staggered shapes crisscrossed, and the two ninjas on the side were dumbfounded. They wanted to use ninjutsu to help, but there was no room for them to intervene in the fierce hand-to-hand combat!

 “It’s useless! It’s useless! It’s useless!” Dio shouted loudly

 “You can’t use ripples, You will never hurt me! The battle game is over!”

 He wanted to punch Ryo Shimazaki with countless punches, and then he kicked him in the stomach. Maybe he reached the limit, or his chakra or physical strength was not enough to support him using teleportation again. This kick turned him directly into a cannonball, and then he flew backward with a boom!

 “As an entertainment show, you’re not bad…”

 Not caring what happened to Ryo Shimazaki, or maybe he had a lot of confidence, Dio turned his attention directly to the nervous Konan and Uchiha Tekka.

 He licked his lips and said: “It’s your turn now.”

 Naturally, the answer to him was not kind words, but a ninjutsu released by the two of them with the last remaining chakra!

 “Gospel of the Angel!”

 “Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique!”

 “It’s over!”

 With a single thought, four whirlwinds appeared around him, whirlwinds that whistled wildly and transformed into a raging tornado in the blink of an eye!

 “Fighting Technique: Divine Sandstorm!”

 The tornado easily crushed the Paper and Fire Released, the insignificant human power was like a mantis in front of the great power of an angry lion.


 Seeing that the tornado was about to engulf the two of them, Dio revealed a satisfied smile, yet this smile did not last long before it fades.

 The extremely swirling storm was suddenly torn apart by a mighty force, black flames reaching all the way to the sky dispelling the storm in front of it and revealing what lay behind that.

 A three-eyed warrior stretched out his hand with a grim expression as if the terrifying storm was broken by his light touch…