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I.C.S Chapter 63: Hiei vs Dio

 “Oh? I know you, Hiei of Shichibukai, right?”

 Seeing the storm has dissipated, Dio frowned slightly.

 Hiei had a solemn expression on his face, he pulled out the knife behind him, pointed it at Dio, and said, “You’re the vampire who Suzuki told us about you… And already has the demonic energy in your hands?!”

 “Ha… Of course, now I already have four demonic energy, are you envious?”


 “You are also a demon, right?” Dio uttered words that made the heart tremble

 Tekka also recognized Hiei’s identity, he knew about his seeming desire to compete with the Sharingan, and at this moment, he even heard that Hiei was actually having the demon’s bloodline limit…

 But why did the Demons join the Shichibukai?

 he heard Toichiro Suzuki, who is also a member of Shichibukai, say that there is an antagonistic relationship between them and the demons led by the Holy Lord!

 And Konan, on the other side, had already heard Nagato talk about the identity of the demon race. At this moment, she was even more curious about how Hiei would deal with Dio, who had gathered four demons.

 Without caring about the reaction of the two people behind him, Hiei just gripped the hilt of his sword tightly and gathered his strength, saying:

 “The identity of the demon race is nothing special to me, and since the positions are opposite, there is no need to talk about origins.”

 There are those who stand against each other because of their race, and there are those who ignore race because of their opposing standpoints. From this point of view, Hiei is undoubtedly the latter.

 This is a legacy of conflict from thousands of years ago.

 A few leaders in history can forgive the traitors who betrayed them or betrayed their race, and this is even more true for the more brutal and dark demons.

 “If you’re good at planning, with the power of these eight demonic energies perhaps you could have the power of a holy lord, right? If you break the seal and released the demons sealed in hell, then gaining their approval to become the new king would not be impossible.”

“This is maybe attractive to you, but I’m not interested and I’ve never wanted to be king.”

 Dio narrowed his eyes, “As a demon, you are indeed very special”

 With a nod from his hand, the temperature of the nearby place rose rapidly, and the sky suddenly turned red, like a cloud of fire.

 “The members of Shichibukai, since they are here, there is no need to go back. You and them will become my faithful servants!”

 “The demonic energy of the sky, as I expected, is in your hands.”

 The long blade in Hiei’s hand was burning with black flames in conjunction when he rushed towards Dio at a speed that exceeded the limits of normal human vision.

 The whirlwind wrapped around Dio’s arms, blocking it before the quick blade hits, and the two forces collided and sparked a spark.

 Dio bulled forward, first with an elbow strike that was blocked by Hiei’s arm, and then lifted his right leg, using his waist, and swept his left arm.

 The ground beneath Dio’s feet made an overwhelming sound, yet he remained motionless. From his shoulder to his hand, sharp blades like gears appeared in his left arm, slamming directly into Hiei’s body.

 Hiei’s brows wrinkled, his right hand holding the knife exerted force, and when his body was frozen in his place, he forcibly twisted his body, endured the pain of bone spurs penetrating his body, and slashed toward Dio with his strength.

 “Oh no!”

 Dio didn’t expect Hiei to fend off the attack regardless of his injury. He was caught off guard and could only hurriedly raise his right arm to resist, but this time the whirlwind was swept by a sharp blade before it could take shape.

 Dio forcibly kicked Hiei away, his right arm was chopped down by Hiei’s sword from the elbow down, and the blood was burned and evaporated by the black flame before it could flow out, and the flame clung to the wound like maggots on a bone. 

 “The effect of the Sword of the Darkness Flame I left on your arm is an earthly flame, but it ranks among the most powerful. It is not difficult to inhibit your regenerative powers.”

 Hiei flicked his wrist, his right leg was cut by a bone blade with a length of about 50 centimeters. At this moment, the blood was flowing out. This is a fatal injury for ordinary ninjas, but Hiei didn’t look like he cared at all.

 “Damn it ……” Dio gritted his teeth, but in the next second he suddenly smiled, he picked up the broken wrist on the ground when Hiei didn’t notice, and then quickly put it back together at the cut part, and in almost a blink of an eye the two limbs were back together again! It was as if the cut didn’t exist at all.

 “Hahahahahahaha, I’m an immortal emperor, you think I can only regenerate?!”

 But what surprised him, even more, was Hiei’s next words

 After seeing Dio sewing the limbs together, Hiei revealed a cold smile and said:

 “When did you get the illusion that I don’t know anything about you?”


The illusion of ……?

 Before Dio could ask, he suddenly felt a sweltering heat inside his body, as if the flame was coursing through his veins!

 “My flame doesn’t just have the power to stop regeneration, it has long since infiltrated your body through the wound and will explode at a mere thought from me.”

 He pointed at Dio’s right arm and said:

 “Originally it can sneak into your body through a small wound or fracture in your arm, but the effect then it will not be huge, but now I have no such worries!”

 “Now, explode! Dio!”

“Nooo !!!!!”

 Dio let out a miserable cry, part anger, part despair, and then cracks appeared in his body.

 He hurriedly used the power of the demonic energy of fire to calm the black flam down, but the flame used by Hiei was even stronger. The power of the demonic energy could not restrain it for a while!


 Dio covered his head with both hands, doing his best to stop the flames from flowing into his brain, and eventually his body scattered in all directions with a boom, and the black flames seemed to use Dio’s body as sustenance to grow and then erupted, spreading directly to 50 or 60 meters outside of Dio’s body!

 After seeing this scene, Hiei was relieved. He covered his right leg with his hand, trying his best to keep the blood from flowing out.

However, he was only halfway through wrapping the bandage around it when he suddenly sensed that his back had suddenly become burning hot.

“Watch out!”

Konan shouted

 The Fire Qilin, which had been absorbed by Dio at the beginning, stood up again, but with another frightening feature, There were two more sharp fangs on its big mouth. The fangs were exactly the same as vampires!

 The blood exchange had already happened when Dio inserted his hand into the Fire Qilin’s body, which meant that it had now become a corpse under Dio’s command!

After Conan’s warning, The Fire Qilin spit out the flames in anger but was blocked by Konan, who had spare strength with the help of Ryo Shimazaki, using a teleportation technique. Hiei has successfully been alerted. Just when he was about to use the Sword of the Darkness Flame, he suddenly found that the Fire Qilin changed its trajectory, and it rushed straight towards Tekka.

At this moment, Tekka has exhausted the chakra and has no ability to fight back at all. The Fire Qilin grabbed him with its mouth, then flew away and disappeared.