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I.C.S Chapter 64: The Curtain Falls

 “This ……”

 The sudden change made Konan and Hiei stunned for a while. They thought there would be a hard fight, but Dio actually retreated just like that?

 In fact, with Dio’s strength, he definitely won’t be defeated by Hiei so easily.

 After all, his body has the power of the ultimate creature Kaz

 With Kaz’s ability, he can completely transform a part of his body into other creatures. For example, in the original manga, he has done his hand into a squirrel.

 With Kaz’s ability, he can completely transform a part of his body into other creatures. For example, in the original story, he has done his hand into a squirrel.

 It could be said he has 90% of Kaz’s power, and with the addition of the four demonic energy, he already had power far beyond then a normal Jōnin ninja and was at the level of the Kage class.

 But he had been too careless, choosing to fight him in close quarters on the basis that Hiei would not use ripples. Although he was physically strong, he was still inferior to Hiei, who had trained his physical body so hard.

 In addition, Hiei used a flame that was deliberately aimed at Dio’s vampire ability, so it is not wrong to say that Dio lost against Hiei.

 But in the final analysis, because both of them are clones of Naoto, there is no need to fight to death.

 “The only way to completely destroy a vampire is to rely on sunlight or ripples, and I started the fight with the intention of sealing Dio from the beginning, but now it seems that the core of his being is in another place.”

 “I suppose so.”

    knew that Dio had been destroyed not long ago but had reappeared here in just a few days, and now she had heard Hiei say it, she understood the principle of all this.

 There was no shortage of people studying immortality in the Shinobi world, and jutsu like Dio’s that placed his core in a hidden place so that he could be revived by it even if he died It is not a strange process for her, so it wasn’t hard for her to understand what Hiei said.

 With that in mind, Konan suddenly ran to the side where Ryo Shimazaki had been sent flying earlier, and then dug him out of the rubble.

 There were no visible injuries on his body, after all, for his body that could resist bullets, some normal stuff as debris couldn’t really hurt him.

 What did hurt him was Dio’s power, and the repulsive force of the demonic energy didn’t just affect his body.

 Gravity is a field, and everything within that field is subject to gravitational force, which means that the internal organs of the human body are also subject to the repulsive force.

 Although his physical body was strong, his organs were not as strong as his physical body, which is why he fainted.

 “Are you going to take him to treatment?”

 “I came here for the demonic energy. Now that the demonic energy has been taken away, there is no point for me to stay here any longer.”

 Behind Konan, angel wings made of countless papers appeared. She turned her head and looked in the other direction. After thinking about it, she continued:

 “There should be vampires on that side, from the mysterious Pillar’s clan, who are currently fighting with the head of the Uchiha clan.”

 “Although I don’t know the specific situation of the battle, I’m not optimistic…”

 Hiei was stunned for a moment, then took a deep look at Konan and said:

 “It seems that the Akatsuki are not really ignorant about the demons, and the Pillar Men are not known to ordinary people.”

 Konan pretended to be mysterious and said, “It’s naturally that Konan has her own source of information.”

 In fact, she just learned some information about the Pillar Men from Ryo Shimazaki, but this does not prevent her from creating an equally mysterious image for the Akatsuki organization in front of the Shichibukai organization so that she wouldn’t be too passive when dealing with them in the future.

 Moreover, she also has the idea of ​​recruiting Ryo Shimazaki as a new member of Akatsuki’s organization.

 After all, Ryo Shimazaki was really strong, especially since it had not been long since the Akatsuki’s organization had been liquidated by Hanzo, and only Nagato and Konan were left as members, and even with the new weirdo who called himself Zetsu besides Uchiha Obito, she still thinks that it wasn’t enough power.

 And as Ryo was the bloodline left behind by the ancient wizards, it may be able to play a crucial role in the fight against the demons in the future.

 Of course, the most important thing is that Ryo Shimazaki knows many secrets handed down from ancient times. This information can be said to be invaluable to any faction.

 “Let me give you a piece of advice.” Hiei made a light reminder.

 “It was good to deal with Hanzo before, he was just a human who had drawn on the power of demonic energy. But now you have officially fought with the demons, and with their nature, they will definitely go after you.”

 Konan sneered, “Even though they can come, it’s not up to them whether they can leave. Under the power of the Rinnegan Eye, there is no difference between a demon or a ninja.”

 “Don’t underestimate the demons!” Hiei frowned

 “Don’t underestimate the Akatsuki!” Konan returned in the same tone

 “Whatever you say.” Hiei shrugged. In fact, in the demon camp arranged by Naoto, there seemed to be no strength that could threaten Akatsuki’s organization.

 The strength of the vampire beasts is indeed very strong, and they can defeat the six paths formed in a dense fog.

 This kind of strength can be considered one of the best, and against Nagato, who has not yet grown to his peak, it is possible to win against him, not to say win, but a 50/50 ratio.

 But at the moment, in addition to Nagato, there is also the newest member of the Dawn organization, Uchiha Taito, who has the Mangekyō Sharingan power of the Uchiha clan.

 It can be said that Kamui’s ability is almost the nemesis of a man like the Hulk who can only use brute force. Of course, brute force to a certain extent can also distort space with a single kick like the forbidden taijutsu Night Guy……

 But that’s still too difficult for the current Hulk…

 The angel wings behind Konan unfolded, then took flight with the unconscious Ryo Shimazaki, and after nodding to Hiei she flew off into the sky and was soon out of sight.

 Hiei sighed, before saying :

 “With everyone gone, it’s time for you to come out, right?”

 In front of him, Tachibana Raizo appeared, and he rubbed his head with some embarrassment and said:

 “Didn’t I believe in your strength? Look, you really did beat that vampire!”

 Hiei glanced at him and said in a faint tone:

 “I’ve already said that we only recruited you to fill the gap in the Shichibukai, but now with the addition of Pakura, you’re not necessary anymore. After regrouping the eight demon energy, we won’t stop you if you want to return to Konoha, so there’s no need for you to feel embarrassed.”

 “No… It’s not because of embarrassment…”

 Tachibana Raizo slid his fingertips on his cheeks and said a little embarrassedly:

 “At first, I hated Shisui, but it’s been so long, and nothing happened to me, so the hatred isn’t as strong as before…”

 “I mostly just didn’t know what attitude to use to confront Shisui …… anger? Question him? Forgive him?”

 “No need to think about it,” Hiei replied decisively

 “However, these are the contradictions and emotions of human beings…” Tachibana Raizo replied with emotional damage. 😀

 “Anyway, let’s go to Uchiha Fugaku’s side first, as for going back to Konoha? I just want to go back and you all support me, but I’m afraid it won’t be this simple ……”