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I.C.S Chapter 73: Suspicion

Looking at the shadows coming out of the coffin, Dio was still a little sad that he couldn’t find the bodies of the First Hokage and the Second Hokage.

Maybe Konoha moved them after learning about Dio’s abilities. After all, after learning that a person can revive the dead for use, any force will take corresponding precautions.

But even if he found the body of the First Hokage, he would not dare to resurrect him easily.

After all, this is not Jojo’s world. There are chakras and ninjutsu here. The First Hokage’s chakra is too scary.

In addition to that, the bodies of the first and second Tsuchikage of Iwagakure Village are not known where they are stored.

But even so, the army under his command now is enough to wipe out a Ninja village.

It must know that during the Fourth Ninja World War, the Third Raikage, the Second Tsuchikage, the Second Mizukage, and the Fourth Kazekage were enough to compete with the ninja army led by the Kages.

“Now my turn ……”

Dio’s face changed again, and soon it became a completely different look from before.

Speaking of which, this is Naoto’s favorite ability of Kars. The transformation ability of the ultimate creature is not like a fake transformation that relies on Chakra to maintain.

Ultimate creatures can even change their genes, and this change is a real change, not a fake.

“I feel with this card, I can play many roles…”


“Sensei, if we don’t leave, we may lose the demonic energy.”

In a restaurant, Minato looked distressed at Jiraiya who was eating and drinking.

It had been two days since they had traveled all the way from Konoha and arrived in this vicinity according to the information.

For the past two days, they have been watching Ace’s movements.

They think that there must be a reason for the other party to be here all the time. Maybe there is demonic energy hidden in the village.

So in this case, they must always be vigilant!

A day earlier, they had decided to take turns monitoring Ace.

And now it is Orochimaru who is doing surveillance work.

It’s just that Minato still has some worries. For some reason, he just smelled the smell of gunpowder in this peaceful village.

Once this gunpowder explodes, this village will suffer a disaster.

After all, if there is a real fight, the few people present are top-notch experts, and there is no problem with being called Kage-level. If such people engage in a scuffle, it will be a misfortune for the village.

“Don’t worry.” However, Jiraiya wasn’t as nervous as Minato. He learned something from the Great Toad, and it didn’t make him look at the demonic energy as more important, instead, he made his mind focus more on the Son of Prophecy.

For as far as he knew, the Great Toad’s prophecies had never been wrong, and since he has already said that only the son of the prophecy can save the Ninja world, the rest are only minor details.

“About Orochimaru, don’t worry. He can manage himself. He’s the cold and dark type. Anyone who looks at him doesn’t dare to predict what’s on his mind..”

He took a gulp of wine and then burped.

“I’m not worried about Orochimaru.” Minato shook his head

“Have you forgotten? Suzuki, who fought with us, has disappeared. Maybe he is in the dark, watching us like we watch Ace. “

“Suzuki ah …..” Jiraiya’s red cheeks became quite normal, he replied after thinking for a while.

“That guy is really not easy to mess with. But with the strength of the three of us, if the two of them want to fight, they will be defeated.”

Such a lineup is indeed worthy of Jiraiya’s confidence.

At this point, Jiraiya smiled and said, “If we’re really going to fight, I’ll let you see my Sage Mode!”

“Sage mode…” Minato touched his hair, “Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to master it completely yet.” Jiraiya said.

Although he had signed a contract with Mount Myōboku long ago, he had only just begun to learn the Sage Mode.

It was mainly because he didn’t have the time to learn it during the Third Shinobi War, and he hadn’t even been able to develop the Rasengan he had created himself.

After this demonic incident is over, he must cultivate for a while.

Recently, the fighting standards of the ninja world are getting higher and higher, and even Minato has a sense of unreality.

“That’s for sure!” Jiraiya exclaimed, “Even a genius ninja like your teacher has spent so many years without being able to fully master it, If you learn it in two or three  years, then you may surpass your teacher!”

“Nice.” Minato smiled and was about to speak again but suddenly shut his mouth, his eyes topped off at a newcomer with a hood, only he withdraw his gaze once the newcomer had taken one of the seats.

Noticing the abnormal behavior of Minato, Jiraiya raised his brows and looked at the position where Minato was looking.

It was a man with his face hidden in a black hood, with a body that was considered stocky compared to most ordinary people.

“What’s the matter, Minato?” Perhaps because the alcohol was numbing his brain, Jiraiya didn’t see anything wrong with the man, except that he didn’t reveal his face.

Minato said hesitantly:

“That guy is no ordinary person. Just now he was walking at such a light pace and was deliberately weakening his presence that even I almost failed to notice, and I’ve only seen such people among some members of the Anbu.”

“Anbu ……”

Jiraiya was silent. He was a high-level Konoha executive, but he knew what kind of ghosts were at the Anbu.

“Should we go and try something?”

Minato was a bit worried, after all, it was not normal for a suspected killer from the dark to come to such a remote village at such a time.

But in the end, Jiraiya didn’t agree “Let’s wait for Orochimaru first and discuss it with him.”

Tracking, reconnaissance, this kind of tedious and complicated stuff is what Orochimaru was good at, so it would be good to listen to his advice on such matters.

Minato nodded, quickly released a shadow clone, and then the shadow clone left.