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I.C.S Chapter 74: Alex Mercer

Minato was extremely fast, he sent one of his shadow clones to bring Orochimaru in just a few seconds.

The speed was so fast that many of the guests in the room didn’t even note the fact that there was already another person on his table.

“Is that the suspicious character you were talking about?”

Orochimaru shook his head and looked at the hooded man, with a playful look in his eyes as if he had encountered something new.

Orochimaru, who has worked with Danzo, can easily see the dark aura emanating from the man, which must be the temperament of a person who has experienced the deepest despair.

The snake-like Orochimaru walked straight over and revealed a bit of coldness.

“Hey, Orochimaru! At least we need to discuss it first, don’t make any extravagance.”

Jiraiya hurriedly leaned in front of him and said in a low voice

However, Orochimaru ignored his words and stood directly in front of the hooded man.

Seeing this look on Orochimaru’s face, Jiraiya and Mizuto had no choice but to follow suit and ended up behind Orochimaru, looking as if they were pretending to watch the scenery.

Their ears perked up as they listened to Orochimaru say as easily as if he was addressing a friend he hadn’t seen in a while

“Your name is……”

It seemed that he just realized that someone was standing in front of him, the hooded man raised his head slightly and made a flash of disappointment after seeing Orochimaru.

After adjusting his expression to a cold one, the hooded man looked around at the three of them before slowly saying “I don’t think I know you.”

Minato and Jiraiya had strange expressions on their faces, neither of them had used the transformation technique to change their appearance. By definition, unless it was a small, isolated country, these faces were recognizable and well known.

“My name is Orochimaru.” However, Orochimaru didn’t get angry because of this, and simply made a self-introduction

But even after hearing the name, he still looked like he didn’t recognize who was in front of him, and only made a similarly simple introduction: “Alex Mercer, just call me Alex.”

“Alex? Sounds like a strange name.”

Orochimaru licked his lips as he radiated danger, like a viper about to capture its prey.

Alex Mercer, a name that was indeed strange amongst the Shinobi world, but when combined with the information they had received a while ago, it was not so strange.

Dio Brando.

Jonathan Josta.

Both were men with names that were different from the way they were named in the Shinobi world, and both were mysterious characters that had only recently appeared in the Shinobi world.

“It just seems strange to you.” Alex ignored the dangerous aura from Orochimaru and returned coldly

He suddenly stood up and looked out the door. Jiraiya and Minato also looked where he was looking, but they didn’t see anything.

Just as he was about to look back, he was pushed away by Alex who stood up suddenly, and the man suddenly ran out as if he had found a treasure.

Jiraiya gestured to Minato, who nodded and immediately went after him, followed by Jiraiya and Orochimaru.

In terms of speed, even if he didn’t use the Flying Thunder God technique, Minato’s speed was still one line faster than the two of them, even faster than Alex.

But when he went out to follow Alex and see where he was going, he was shocked to find that his opponent was not built like a normal human being and that he was running on the walls of buildings as if they were flat, crossing the distance between several houses with a single leap.

Minato paused for a moment, stunned by the way his opponent was moving

There are a lot of buildings nearby, and there are naturally many obstacles, forcing Minato to use the Flying Thunder God Technique.

Minato is called the yellow flash of Konoha in the ninja world. People compare the flash with him. He followed Alex’s figure in a few moments. At this time, he also found the target Alex was chasing.

Alex’s eyes were fixed on the sky, and there was a… person with wings?

Although he was incredible, there was no shortage of people in the ninja world who could use special ninjutsu to fly in the sky, so Minato was not too surprised by this.

What shocked him was what happened next. He jumped quickly and became running against the wall of a tall building and in moments he reached its roof and then jumped from the top of the building until he almost reached the clouds!

Afterward, he opened his arms, and flew towards the winged man like an eagle about to prey, and became behind him in an instant.

Then there was a bloody scene. Alex pierced the winged man’s chest with one hand before he could react. Immediately, the blood gushed out from his body!

Suddenly Alex began to devour the blood and flesh flowing from the winged man.

Minato was almost horrified when he saw this scene, his hair stood, and a feeling of nausea came, which made him want to vomit.

He has been on the battlefield many times since he was a child, but this is the first time he has seen such a bloody, inhuman scene!

To devour a human being, how heartless!

He thought of the vampires that his teacher, Jiraiya, had mentioned, and the legend said that Dio fed on humans.

But it was still broad daylight, how could a creature like a vampire, who feared the sun, appear at a time when the sun was blazing?

Ever since the Shichibukai and the Demons had come into being, there had been more and more chaos in the Shinobi world, and these strange things were vaguely connected to each other.

It’s like a big net that holds all these things together ……

Minato believed that it was definitely not a coincidence that such a thing happened in such a village that was suspected of being haunted by demons.

” Could it be one of the eight demonic energy?”

He heard Suzuki say that demonic energy is divided into eight, corresponding eight abilities – mountain, earth, sky, thunder, fire, water, wind, and moon.

What he has seen so far has fire and wind. Could it be that the person who flew just now is the carrier of the demonic energy of the sky?

Then what happened to Alex?

With a questioning attitude, Minato walked over…