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I.C.S Chapter 75: The Black Watch

The vest of Alex Mercer was transformed from Kars. Although Naoto wanted to pull out Alex, he was still a long-term goal.

Alex’s ability is really abnormal, with the power that the Blacklight virus gives him. Although Naoto can’t achieve the ability of Alex Mercer, he can still do it by imitating the power of Kars’s Ultimate Form.

The winged man he devoured just now was actually parted from him, and eating it is just to reunite again.

At this moment, he covered his head, as if he was digesting something, and muttered in his mouth at the same time.

“Black Watch… I caught you…”

Black Watch?!

Minato, who was approaching, just heard what he said. He pondered the information about the Black Watch in his mind, and in the end, he was discouraged and came to the conclusion that this was another word that he had never heard in his ninja career.

It seems that there are more and more strange things happening recently…

Just as he was about to ask, he didn’t expect Alex, who had been ignoring him before, to notice Minato, so he spoke first.

“I know your name, Minato Namikaze, the ninja of Konoha.”


Minato touched his nose in embarrassment. Could it be that he is more famous than a Sannin now? This one just now looked like he didn’t know Orochimaru…

“Ah… Yes, I’m here mainly to ask you a few questions, and I may trouble you.”

Before he knew whether Alex is an enemy or a friend, he wasn’t going to look like Orochimaru as if they were going to confront each other.

“After swallowing this guy just now, I probably understand what you’re gonna ask about,” Alex said in a low voice. He looked at Jiraiya and Orochimaru who were coming from afar, and then put his eyes in another direction and said:

  “Come with me……”

He jumped down from the high tower. The height was enough to scare normal people. In his eyes, it was as ridiculous as jumping on a trampoline. The most surprising thing was that he clearly did not use some ninjutsu.

Minato hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he decided to follow him, the two walked fast, and soon reached the edge of the village.

After walking for a while on this pitted street, they stopped outside a house that was extremely dilapidated.

Mercer gently pushed open the door, and inside was a house with almost no equipment, only one room. There was no furniture in the room except a tattered sofa and a glass table, not even a bed.

“This is… where you live?”

It is difficult for Minato to imagine that this is a place where humans can live, and it is even less like a place where people like Mercer live.

“It’s just a temporary safe house, there’s no need to have many things.” Mercer sat on the sofa and crossed his hands.

“After I escaped from the Black Watch, I no longer need to sleep and eat. A sofa that can provide proper rest is enough for me.”

“Black Watch? Escape? What the hell is going on?”

Minato frowned.

Alex was about to answer but was interrupted by Jiraiya and Orochimaru who just arrived, and they relaxed only after they saw that Minato was safe.

Mercer said slowly, “Black Watch is a research institution, affiliated with the Demon Race, with a doctor as the top leader.”

? ? ?

“Reputation from Namikaze Minato +666.”

“Reputation from Jiraiya +671.”

“Reputation from Orochimaru +669.”

In just a few words, the three of them were completely confused, but the three of them still did not miss the word “Demons”.

After returning from Mount Myōboku, the demons almost became the number one enemy of Konoha, an enemy who could destroy the entire ninja world.

It’s just that this enemy has always been hidden in the fog of history, lurking in the shadows of the world, making it unclear what is true.

Right now is probably an opportunity to get to know the Demon Race, how could they not be excited?

“To put it simply, the Black Watch is an organization set up to enhance the fighting power of the demons. They capture people from the ninja villages for experiments, and design powerful half-demons to serve as the Demon’s fighting force.”


Minato and Jirai were also shocked. They thought the demons had been hibernation all the time, but it turned out that they had already stretched out their fangs in the dark.

If, according to the current analysis of some information, the Demon race was indeed present in the Shinobi world and had been hiding for thousands of years, then how many people had been poisoned during this long period of time?

“The supreme leader of the Black Watch, Doctor …… do you know where he is?!” Compared to the two men’s anger, Orochimaru was much calmer. Not only did he not show an expression of shock or anger, but instead he asked with a look of interest.

Mercer shook his head, a rare expression of human anger on his face

“Not sure, in fact, I’ve been looking for the Doctor too ……”

Jiraya was also surprised, and tentatively asked, “Could it be that you also…”

“That’s right!” Seemingly knowing what Jiraya was going to say next, Mercer interrupted.

His arm was writhing with a black matter that looked hideous

“I am the experimental subject that was infected by the Black Light Virus designed by the Doctor himself, and the only one that succeeded.”

“The Black Light Virus?” Orochimaru asked immediately

Again as a researcher, he was even more interested in the results of these scientific researches than the intelligence of the Demons.

“That’s a pretty terrifying virus, and it’s no stretch to say that if the Demons are ruthless enough to spread the virus, then even if they don’t summon the Holy Lord from his seal in Hell, then it’s enough to destroy the world.”


Being told that by Alex, the trio became even more curious.

“The Black Light Virus, which you can understand as a variant of the Art of Obscene Transmutation, not only transforms the dead into destructive zombies, but also has a great ability to evolve, it can spread in many ways, and it only takes a few days to spread through a metropolis if no one suppresses it.”

“Only the transformed zombies are so irrational that even the Doctor can’t control them, so until now he hasn’t been able to harness the power of this black light virus.”

“What kind of person is this Doctor ……! How dare he be so heartless!”

“I’m not sure either, the Doctor’s identity has always been a mystery, no name, no appearance, no gender, not even if he’s a demon.”

“Reputation from Minato Namikaze +462.”

“Reputation from Jiraiya +312.”

“Reputation from Orochimaru +631.”