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I.C.S Chapter 76: Changes

“The black light virus is strong because of its infectious nature, if the doctor really spreads the virus regardless, then it is estimated that it will only take a few months to infect a country-wide.”

“The virus ……” Orochimaru’s eyes were heavy as he pondered over it and finally said “If this Black Light virus is so powerful as you say, how have you been able to keep to yourself?”

Mercer shook his head and said in a deep voice “I’m not sure, maybe it was an accident, maybe it was meant to be, the Black Light Virus fused perfectly with me.”

Jiraiya shrugged, “It may be fate’s choice too, but it’s good for us to have someone like you.”

That being said, none of the three of them let their guard down.

This wasn’t Knoha’s interrogation room, so who knew if he was telling the truth?

“But because of what happened to you, it is expected that the doctor was keen to monitor you as a sample of a special experience……”

Although Minato didn’t say it explicitly, he basically raised their question.

Although Minato didn’t say it explicitly, it basically kind of put their doubts forward.

This is an example of a sample that has been experimenting for many years and finally succeeded. How could he just let him escape?

Mercer was silent for a moment, then raised his head to look at the three of them and said:

“There is no cage that can trap the black light virus…”

When he was speaking, his flesh and blood began to squirm in waves, blood surging, and it was almost the same as the scene he swallowed the winged man flying before, making Minato frown.

But soon his expression turned into shock because after the blood disappeared, Mercer’s appearance turned into a completely different appearance from him before!

“Did you see, this is the power of the black light virus, what do you think I devoured the other party for?”

“By devouring the other man’s flesh and blood, I am able to take on his appearance, and this transformation is not an effect caused by your crude ninjutsu, in addition to his appearance, even his memories.”

Orochimaru’s golden pupils suddenly shrank and he was about to say something, but suddenly his face changed and before he could do anything he turned into smoke and disappeared!


They were shocked, but they knew that Orochimaru was watching Ace.

“Is he coming ……”

Murcer muttered, he stood up and pushed open the door

“Follow me, I’ll tell you the rest as we go!”

Jiraiya and Minato also immediately followed him and ran out.

The two of them trusted Orochimaru’s strength, but at the moment, their opponent was a member of the mysterious Shichibukai, a powerful person who could defeat the Six-Tailed Beast head-on!

It was hard to imagine what had happened at that moment when he couldn’t even maintain his clone technique!

“The half-demon that I just devoured was a Black Watch combatant, and I got an important piece of information from his memories!” Mercer made an anxious face as he sprinted.

This was the first time that Jiraiya and Minato had seen such a worried emotion on Mercer’s face, and they didn’t feel comfortable about what he was going to say, apparently it will not be a pleasant piece of information.

But there was no need to be pretentious at this point, so Jiraiya followed Mercer’s lead and yelled, “Important information? What is it?”

“You’re looking for the Demonic Energy of the Earth, aren’t you? That’s what the Doctor has been after for a long time, and Ace of the Shichibukai is here too, and he somehow got information that we are in this city, so he decided to take us all down!”

“All together?!” Jiraiya paused, then scoffed “How dare he think of that!”

The Doctor didn’t seem that stupid, he knew that he is hunting Konoha’s strongest ninjas and a member of the Shichibukai organization, the latter is Mercer with his mysterious powers. All five of them are absolute at the Kage level.

But Minato didn’t think so. In his cautious thinking, the demons who have endured for many years are by no means unreasonable.

Since they have given such an order, they will never let anything to chance!

He said to Mercer, who was flying over the wall

“Do you know what experts they have sent?”

Knowing the other side is the only way to be safe in a hundred battles. The demons know a lot of information about them, but they don’t know anything about the demons on their own side. This undoubtedly puts them at an intelligence disadvantage.

“This half-demon is just a pawn passing orders, he doesn’t know much, but I think if he can be entrusted with the important mission by the Doctor, then he definitely has his considerations.”

Their speed was much faster than that of a steed, they had already approached Orochimaru’s location under the leadership of Mercer.

Although there is still some distance, they have already felt the powerful chakra that erupted not far away!

But what shocked them, even more, was the huge sand net that suddenly rose from the ground. The wild sand that swept in like a sandstorm covered the sky and slowly covered the entire village!

People on the street were terrified by this sudden scene. People hid in their houses one after another, tightening the doors and windows, hiding from this natural disaster that seemed to destroy the whole place.

It’s just that the yellow sand in the sky didn’t destroy the buildings or target the crowd. It just slowly rose to the sky and finally gathered together to form a canopy that enveloped the entire village!

The huge sand cover blocked the sunlight from the outside, and suddenly this small world was pitch black, and there was no light at all.

“Minato!” Looking at the yellow sand that blocked the village, Jiraiya shouted.

The ninja, known as the yellow flash, nodded lightly, then threw a Kunai forcefully, and then appeared in the sky in a flash.

In his hand, there was a sharp chakra, which spiraled and finally formed his own Ninjutsu Rasengan, which slammed into the sand with a bang!

But this supposedly fragile sand turned into the hardest steel at this moment. Minato only felt that his blow had hit a big mountain.

“Reputation from Minato Namikaze +612.”

“Reputation from Jiraiya +599.”