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I.C.S Chapter 77: CP ZERO

In the biography of Kakashi((Kakashi Retsuden: The Sixth Hokage and the Failure Boy)), Kakashi once used the Multi Mud Wall to protect a small town and maintained it for more than a day and a half.

Not only that, to prevent the Mud Wall from being damaged by the lightning ninjutsu, he used a more refined technique of earth Quartz to turn the earth wall into Quartz.

At this moment, although the sand covering the village was very large, you must know that it had been controlled by two Kage.

The First Kazekage, Reto, and the Second Kazekage, Shamon, two Kage-level powerhouses of the Sand Village, work together to use ninjutsu powerful enough to create a giant sand shield that would block out the sunlight of the entire village!

“Orochimaru of Konoha and Ace of Shichibukai, don’t be stubborn.”

At this moment, at one end of the village, a huge wave of water suddenly set off, destroying all the houses in the entire street ahead with unstoppable momentum, and rushing towards the two.

“Damn it, he’s not the same demon, who the hell are you?”

Ace waved his hands, and a tall wall of fire suddenly rose from the ground not far in front of him, the blazing flames emitting endless light and heat, illuminating a radius of hundreds of meters, blocking the water wave.

It was a man wearing a sky-blue mask and a solid black outfit who released the water wave, with a white beard peeking out of the mask and slightly hunched over.

There was a loud snort as the flames collided with the waves, and the water was quickly evaporated.

“The Black Watch’s battle group, we CP Zero are specially gathered together by the Doctor to deal with you Shichibukai.”

As soon as the masked man spoke, the ground behind him suddenly collapsed into a large hole, and out of it popped a man dressed in solid black and wearing a dark blue mask.

He was quite large and glowing with lightning, and he crossed the fire and waves that were facing each other with a speed that surpassed the voice of the sky-blue masked man.

They even made a huge hollow in the air out of both as the lanky man kicked out hard and aimed at Ace with a speed that exceeded the limits of human reaction.

But Orochimaru, who had been prepared for this, barely managed to react, his arms becoming long and writhing as he heard the unusual sound of the ground, and all of a sudden, like a viper hunting its prey, they stretched out and reached Ace before the man with the mask could reach to him, protecting him.

“Lightning Release: Thunderstorm!”

A lightning glow appeared on his hand, then he turned to Orochimaru who was flying forward.

With such a quick reaction, he reacted to Orochimaru’s attack at this critical moment and made a counterattack in an instant. This kind of terrifying combat experience made Orochimaru a little surprised.

“Wind Release: Whirlwind Fist!”

Orochimaru formed a wind-releasing seal quickly, causing a big collision between wind and lightning


Orochimaru frowned and a mouthful of blood was about to spill out, his body was sent flying like a fired cannonball an unknown distance away.

The lightning that was transmitted to his body along his fists made him paralyzed for a moment, and even his clone could not be maintained so it dissipated.

It also gave him information about the other side!

“Black Watch ……”

Originally, he had been watching Ace over behind his back, but suddenly he was attacked by these two strange ninjas wearing masks and calling themselves CP Zero.

“Your strength is not bad. I wonder who you are, and what’s your purpose.”

Orochimaru asked with one arm hanging down, and he made an evil smile ignoring his injuries.

The masked man wasn’t having a good time either, especially against Orochimaru, one of the Three Legendary Sannin, and even the famous Third Raikage suffers against him.

These masked ninjas are the Kages sent by Dio, but they did not show their original appearance in Dio’s order but put on special masks to hide their identities.

“Just give up. To arrest you all, seven S-class fighters like us have been dispatched. No matter how strong you are, you will not be able to escape.”

“Seven…and S-rank is the level of the strongest combatant…” Orochimaru stuck out his tongue and licked his lips, showing a weird smile, “It looks like you’ve made arrangements for Jiraiya and his side as well.”

“That’s for sure, none of you will be able to escape today.”

“Is that so ……” Orochimaru said coldly as he restored his dislocated right hand and then stood up straight

“No one can escape, and the converse is the same.”

He formed a seal with both hands, and said at the same time, “I, Orochimaru, accept these seven S-rank members as hostages!”

“Summoning Technique-Formation of Ten Thousand Snakes!”


Behind Orochimaru, a large piece of white fog suddenly appeared. After it dissipated, a huge python with purple stripes appeared on its body.

“Summoning Technique? ……” the third Raikage gave a cold disdain

However, he didn’t relax his defense, because he knows very well who his opponent is, Orochimaru, who raised his name high in the ninja world after the third world ninja war, one of the sannin and the master of the arts of spells and seals

But who is he? He was even more famous, the Third Raikage! A man who fought against ten thousand shinobi of the Iwagakure for three days and three nights!


An electric arc erupted from his body, and the terrifying electric current continued to flow out and spread over his body, like a deep lightning armor!

  “This is……”

Orochimaru’s pupils shrank slightly.

As a Konoha ninja who has been fighting against the Land of Lightning for an unknown amount of time, Orochimaru knows this scene well!

“Lightning Release-Chakra Mode ……”


Just as a shocking battle was about to erupt on this side, the fire and the water that had been facing each other were also divided at this moment.

The raging waves failed to break through the wall of fire defenses set up by Ace, and finally dissipated!

“Now we can talk about you …… CP ZERO and the purpose of the Black Watch!”

Amidst the falling water droplets, Ace said coldly