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I.C.S Chapter 78: Flame Emperor

“As expected from the D family who has been in the Shichibukai since ancient times.”

The first Mizukage Byakuren with a sky blue mask praised with a hoarse voice. At the same time, the ground under his feet suddenly became hydrated, and a huge water dragon flew out from it, roaring fiercely, and then pounced on Ace.

Ace’s body turned into flames, quickly dodged, and the liquid splashed, he dodged before the water dragon hit the ground.

He is the Fire Fist man who ate the Devil Fruit, and the devil fruit person has a weakness against the sea, so the water release has a big effect on him.

But unless most of the body is immersed in water, ordinary rain on the body will not affect the combat effectiveness at all.

In the plot of the original One Piece, there is a scene where Luffy pierces a tsunami. This shows that unless a Devil Fruit power user is subjected to a large ocean of water as Kisame Hoshigaki can do, then they will not be restrained much when facing a water ninja user.

And there are not many in the entire ninja world who have chakra comparable to the tailed beast or Kisame Hoshigaki.

Without the huge chakra support, even a Kage-level power would not be able to use such terrifying ninjutsu in such a waterless area.

With another blast of flame and water release, Ace leaped up a tall building in one leap, and as he looked down below, he questioned:

“Where exactly have you been hiding from Hiei during these thousands of years?”

“Hiei? Is that the traitor of the demons race?”

The masked man at once used an offensive water release that sliced the made tall building right in half.

“Not the traitor of demon, but the righteous one who doesn’t want to be in the same boat with you monsters.” Ace narrowly avoided the sharp water blade while using flames to counterattack, his fingers aimed at the hunched figure below, followed by a steady stream of flames being released from his fingertips.

“Water Release: Water Formation Wall!”

In the face of the flames that filled his vision, Byakuren didn’t even move, and easily blocked the flames.

He was the ninja that establish the Kirigakure Village during the chaotic Wars period, the power of the water release that he could use was frightening.

“Hmph, as an outcast, he is certainly not qualified to be where the Holy Land is.”

He snorted coldly and said according to the script that Dio gave:

“It has come to this now, there is no back from this.”

“At the time when the Holy Lord was sealed, he used his remaining power to create the Invisible Empire for the remaining demons to hide themselves, and has been hiding inside the Invisible Empire for thousands of years!”

“The Invisible Empire?!”

Ace said deliberately loud enough for Orochimaru, who was in the middle of a fierce battle, to hear.

“That’s right, it’s a world built in the shadows. A demon hinterland that only the chosen demons can enter!”

“Built in the shadows? How could that happen?!”

Ace made a shocked expression as he casually slapped the roaring water dragon to pieces, then his shock turned to determination, and said:

“I see, so since that’s the case, then you gave me no choice!”

He raised one hand upward, and in an instant, a radius of dozens of meters was filled with flames. These flames spiraled upward, and most of it finally condensed in his upward palm.

   The terrifying high temperature evaporated the water in an instant, and the surrounding buildings were gradually melting.

And the flame range is still spreading, the temperature is still rising, and in the blink of an eye, it starts to fill the whole area. Looking from up, this part of the village was covered in flames!

With a cold look on his face, Ace dragged the ball of fire, which looked like a small sun, with one hand.

With one hand, he turned to the masked Byakuren and said:

“Invisible Empire, too bad. You are feared because you are invisible, but at this moment you are unknowingly exposed. And now I can only tell you with regret that this is the end for you!”

” Great Flame Commandment: Flame Emperor!”

With his cold roar, the huge ball of fire fell from the sky as if an asteroid was about to hit the earth!

The face under the mask of the First Mizukage was grave yet calm, and in the face of such a terrifying attack, he did not panic, and quickly he formed ninjutsu.

“Water Release: Water Mirror Technique!”

A mirror appeared in front of him, which shone on Ace and then shattered with a crash, but the shattered glass combined to form an exact replica of Ace!

And this duplicate also rose one hand facing the sky, and the huge flames gathered together, forcing even the masked man to retreat some distance.

The flames gathered frantically and took a shape a second before the fireball hit the ground, colliding with it before it could completely destroy the area.

The two fireballs collided and a terrifying whirlwind of flames swirled up, with occasional glimpses of flame landing on the ground and melting the ground into a deep crater.


Soon after this impact, the flames were instantly dispersed in a circular shape, and the terrifying streams of fire kept spreading to the outside the area, burning a quarter of the village area in almost the blink of an eye!

Hundreds of buildings collapsed, but most of the people had been away from the battlefield as soon as the sky cover of sand was formed, otherwise, this blow alone would have sent thousands of people to hell!

“Water Release: Water Severing Wave!”

Amid the flames, a super-pressure water pillar came out of Byakuren’s mouth.

The water pillar seemed to be the sharpest blade in this world, and even the flames that had no material form were easily torn apart.

As one of the most aggressive jutsu in the Water Release Jutsu, Water Severing Wave had cut the roots of the sacred tree at the hands of the second Hokage Tobirama Senju.

In the hands of the First Mizukage, this jutsu would be no less powerful than that of the second Hokage!


Ace, who had just used his ultimate move, had not been able to breathe a sigh of relief, and suddenly encountered such terrifying ninjutsu, so he could only defend in a hurry.


Although the blow was barely blocked, the powerful impact was still felt through the flames and Ace’s body fell like a broken kite from the tall building ……