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I.C.S Chapter 79: Haki

Water Release: Water Mirror Technique, is a very special ninjutsu.

Using the mirror surface, it can not only copy the opponent but also copy his moves.

Most of the water releases mastered by Byakuren are defensive ninjutsu. In such a situation, he can only counterattack when Ace uses his ultimate move.

It’s just that Ace’s ability is different from the ninjutsu that required a seal, he derives his power from the devil fruit he ate, so he can still use the flames to defend at the moment.

If a ninja had been in a different position in that scene, he would have been cut in half by the terrifying cutting power of the Water Severing Wave Technique!

   “The Shichibukai are better than that, come on.”

The face beneath Byakuren’s mask showed contempt and was about to use another ninjutsu when he suddenly sensed an extremely dangerous aura.

He looked at the source, and this incomparably domineering aura was released by Ace, who slowly stood up from the ground.

It was as if he was going to tear the sky and earth into aparts.

But at that moment, Ace stood on his feet, and his whole body seems to be wrapped by some invisible force, a kind of absorbing power that has affected the surrounding.

“I didn’t expect to use my two types of Haki so quickly.”

Ace wiped the blood from his lips with his hand and sneered:

“Haki  ……” Byakuren tried his best to minimize the effects of that aura, muttering under his breath:

“What a strange power, is it your bloodline limit?”

“Huh?” Hearing Byakuren’s question, Ace couldn’t help but laugh:

“Since you already know that there are more than just ninjas in this world, why do you want to classify power as a kind of ninjutsu?”

His whole body was glowing with flames, and the still-unextinguished flames on the ground were stirring under his control.

“But you’re right …… worthy to be a family legacy that has been passed down for a thousand years, it’s really not the kind that you can underestimate.”

“Too bad though, your flames can’t break through my Water Release after all.”

” Is that so? Then you have to take a good look at it.”

Ace opened his hands and the flames around him seemed to be summoned, turning into countless fire snakes and concentrating in front of Ace’s chest.

The flames illuminated the entire village and made Ace’s handsome face hideous.

Amidst the endless flames, Ace burst out laughing, then compressed the flames with both hands, becoming more solid under the influence of Busoshoku Haki.

Byakuren felt that Ace in front of him has turned into a flaming demon.

“Water Release: Hard Whirlpool Water Blade!”

But how could Byakuren, a strong man from the days of the ninja god Senju Hashirama, be overwhelmed by such an aura?

No matter how blazing fires in the distance, and the flames continued to gather and compress, he just returned with his most confident ninjutsu!

The water was compressed in the same way, and even more finely than the flames, as the huge column of water became a thin wall of water that clung to his hand under the control of the First Mizukage, eventually forming a column of water like a javelin!

Ignoring the flames that exploded from time to time beside Ace, he aimed at the center of the fireball and threw the water javelin forcefully at it!

By now, Ace’s flames had also finished gathering, and as Ace pushed forward, the compressed flames intertwined with his aura to form a fierce dragon of flame!

The dragon roared with a voice that sounded like it came from the underworld, and it came face to face with the water javelin.

The water javelin instantly transformed into a huge water tornado, followed by an even louder roar, louder than the explosion of thunder, as the huge forces of water and fire continued to squeeze and converge, distorting the air and eventually turning the space where they collided into an illusion.

The air was distorted and the space where the clash took place became illusory. The flames were tossing and splashing, even a little bit of flame was enough to burn a building to the ground, and right now there were thousands of fire snakes, enveloping the land for miles around!

Luckily, the First Mizukage used the most flame-restricting ninjutsu, and the essence of water was fused within the flames, extinguishing it before it could really ignite.

“Haaa ……!”

The two desperately tried to control the water and fire that were rushing together.

On the other side, Orochimaru and the Third Raikage had been affected by the attack as soon as Ace used the Great Flame Commandment: Flame Emperor.

The terrifying clash of water and fire was too much for the two of them to resist easily, especially since they were already engaged in a fierce battle with each other, and even the slightest external factor could be the key to victory in such a situation.

“Your companion is really something.” the Third Raikage says after he sent Orochimaru flying by a kick, but his snake-like body protects him from most of the damage.

But even if it had spared him 90% of the force, the remaining force hitting him was still unbearable for ordinary ninjas.

     But in this situation, Orochimaru still had the strength to say:

“Hmph! I told you, all of you will die today!”

He was surprised by the power of Ace, but he was the greatest Raikage his village has ever had and one of the strongest ninjas in the shinobi world, so how could he be intimidated by such an attack?

In fact, he was already prepared to fight alone against both Ace and Orochimaru if Byakuren failed.

He punched Orochimaru so hard that his slender body curled up with the punch, turning into a supersonic cannonball that broke through the air and blasted hard against the distant village wall.

The wall collapsed as it could not withstand the tremendous force, but Orochimaru’s body continued to have no tendency to stop until he crashed into the Barrier of Sand, making a large crater into it before he stopped finally.

“Is this the limit of your strength, Orochimaru, one of the Three Legendary Sannin?”

The Third Raikage breathed a sigh of relief and was about to move forward to check the situation when he saw a hand suddenly extend from the wreckage, which was almost a mass of flesh and cumulus, followed by Orochimaru’s almost intact face peeking out from it, and finally, he stood on his feet.

In terms of fighting ability Orochimaru may not be as strong as the Kage level but in terms of surviving ability ……

I’ am afraid that apart from Uchiha’s Sword of Totsuka, there is no existence that can threaten his life.

He gave a wicked smile, then wiped his mouth gently with one hand and said:

“Your fighting style reminds me of someone, but unfortunately, this fighting style can’t help you.”