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I.C.S Chapter 80: Jiraiya vs Gengetsu Hōzuki

The face of Minato, who had just come, didn’t look good. Although his Rasengan was able to punch a hole in the sand cover, the healing speed of the sand shield was fast, he is the only one in the field who was able to leave before the whole place was covered.

He was about to try again with all his might but he was forced to stop by the flames that suddenly flared up a few streets away.

Manipulating flames, which is the ability of Shichibukai member Ace, and judging from the extent of the flames bursting out on this scale, knew that he was already in a hard battle ……

Could the combatants sent by the Black Watch really be that powerful? Even Ace, who was able to defeat the Six-Tailed, had to use his ultimate move?

(What about Orochimaru?)

Minato and Jiraiya’s faces were filled with anxiety

Normally, with Orochimaru’s strength, even if he could not defeat his opponent, he would have no problem staying alive, and even if his enemy was too powerful, he would be able to escape.

However, they soon stopped worrying about others, because the ground below them shook for a while, and a rough-looking man emerged from the ground, wearing a black mask, and rushed towards Minato the first moment he emerged.

“Look out!”

Jiraiya shouted loudly but was interrupted by a series of scattered water. A tall man with a light yellow mask pointed his finger at him, and suddenly there were dozens of water bullets.

“Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall!”

Jiraiya also had to use the earth release ninjutsu that restrained the water, but it was pierced by the continuous high-pressure water bombs. Fortunately, Jirai also reacted very quickly and avoided the earth wall before it was about to break.

“Damn, such a strong water release, is he a water Kage?” Seeing this scene, Jiraiya couldn’t help but curse angrily.

In fact, the blow just now was an enhanced version of the water gun ninjutsu used by Gengetsu Hōzuki. With so many water bullets, it is normal for Jiraiya’s earth wall to be unable to stay steadfast.

“Mizukage or not Mizukage aside, you are at least the top fighting force in Konoha, is that all you have?”

Gengetsu Hōzuki said with disappointment in his tone. Even though he was controlled by Dio, he still wanted to test the strength of his opponent.

“So much…?” Jiraiya frowned, then laughed at him.

“Looks like I’ve been underestimated.”

Jiraiya’s eyes widened, and his hands quickly formed a seal.

“Fire Release: Big Flame Bullet!”

With a relaxed look on his face, Hōzuki unhurriedly formed the Seal of Water Formation Wall. Suddenly, his water formation wall unexpectedly exploded by Jiraiya’s Big Flame Bullet.

“Ha, looks like I’ll have to take back what I said before, you’ve got some skills ……”

“That’s for sure, I am the strongest among the Konoha Sannin, and you are trying to provoke me. You are too misguided!”

Jiraiya made a provocative smile, and then

The big flame bullet finally broke through the defense line of the water formation wall, and the blazing flame swallowed the shadow of Hōzuki.

Yet before Jiraiya could let his guard down, he heard Hōzuki’s voice coming from behind him.

It was a water body that Jiraya hits!

Jiraiya turned back, he was just in time to see Hōzuki raising his index finger.

“Really? But I think you are the one who made the mistake.”

“Water Release: Scattering Bullets Technique!”

He flicked his finger in the air, and instantly the same liquid bullet as before shot out.

At such a close distance, Jirai could only dodge in a hurry, but he still couldn’t compare to the speed of the water bullet. In a panic, his hair stretched and wrapped tightly around his body.

Ninjutsu – Needle Jizō!

The needle-like hair, which was strong enough to defend against the full force of an ordinary Shinobi’s strike, could not protect Jiraiya from this blow, and a liquid bullet pierced through his left shoulder, leaving a finger-sized hole.

Blood flowed from the wound incessantly, and Jiraiya frowned, and silently fight back.

“Earth Release: Earth Flow River!”

The dirt rushed towards Hōzuki like a river, but it just disappeared in the blink of an eye. The ferocious mud river easily destroyed a house without causing any damage to Hōzuki at all.

“What a fast teleportation technique!”

Jiraiya was astonished, to be able to dodge his great river of earth flow in an instant, the reaction required was definitely of superhuman level.

“No…Is it really a teleportation technique?”

Jiraiya muttered, he was considered as a man who had been through many battles and was experienced in combat, and he quickly saw a hint that something was wrong.

The instantaneous ninjutsu was indeed very practical ninjutsu, but as long as it is a ninjutsu, it could not be perfect, and in that teleportation just now, the opponent didn’t have the time to use the teleportation ninjutsu.

(Was it an optical illusion??)

“What you just used was an illusion, right?!” Although it was a question, Jiraiya said in an affirmative tone.

“No… not just now, I should say that I have been in your illusion the whole time, hahaha”

“What can you do if you know? Do you have the skills to break it?”

Gengetsu Hōzuki shrugged his shoulders.

His illusion is achieved by psychic beasts. In this state, he can even easily face an army by himself. It is definitely not a ninjutsu that anyone can easily break.

But Jiraiya smiled confidently “This kind of ninjutsu that interferes with reality must have a medium of some kind, so let me guess what your medium is ……”

“Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!”

A powerful whirlwind came out of Jiraiya’s mouth, blowing away all the surrounding fog, but the mist quickly regrouped.

“I originally thought this was the mist created by the flames evaporating the water from the other battle, but it doesn’t look like that now ……”

The ninjutsu Demonic Illusion: Steaming Multistoried Building from the Second Mizukage was able to produce mist, creating a super-sized mirage, and would create a doppelganger of Hōzuki while his main body could take advantage of the opportunity to hide.

This was originally a tricky ninjutsu, but it was easily discovered by Jiraiya.

“But what can you do if you know it’s an illusion technique? Show me how to break it if you have the skills for it.”

Hōzuki let out an excited laugh, he loved opponents like Jiraiya the most, that’s what makes it challenging!

       “Just wait and see ……”

Jiraiya made a seal with both hands and shouted “Summoning Technique!”

“Shima, Fukasaku, I’m going to use Sage Mode!”