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I.C.S Chapter 81: Sage Mode vs Steaming Danger Tyranny

“Really, I’m going to fight someone else again, this is tiring.”

“Well old woman, stop complaining, this is a time of life and death for the Shinobi world.”

“It’s really troublesome, big sister, but the guy in front of me is a demon fighter, so I need your help.” Jiraiya’s eyes appeared dark red shadow, Shima and Fukasaku the Two Great Sage Toads stood on his shoulders, assisting him in absorbing natural energy.

“Oh? I didn’t expect you to use the Sage Mode.”

Gengetsu Hōzuki raised his brows. This was the first time he showed obvious emotional fluctuations. In Sage Mode, he could no longer look leisurely and indifferent.

As an old man who has been active since the Warring Countries Period, Gengetsu Hōzuki has seen the Sage Mode of the First Hokage Hashirama Senju. The terrifying power is enough to easily change the terrain, and it is a form that can condense far more than ordinary chakra.

However, he understands that tricks are tricks, and power is power.

But he also knows the fact that the strength of the first Hokage is far beyond the Kage level.

Not to mention that sunlight was also part of the natural energy, and that energy was undoubted as deadly to him who had turned into a vampire as the ripples.

“It is too pathetic to think that you can break the Demonic Illusion with enhanced perception.”

“The Steaming Multistoried Building is not something that can be cracked by sense ninjutsu.”

He was answered by Shima, who gave a dismissive snort, “Who needs to use that fiddly ninjutsu, all you need to do to find your location is to use your bio-sense.”

Shima used the Frog Call Senjutsu, and she use it in a different direction.

After Shima had determined Hōzuki’s position, Jiraiya and Fukasaku also used their own jutsu immediately:

“Earth Release: Earth Dragon Bullet!”

“Water Release: Large Projectile!”

Hōzuki frowned, the shell of the Giant Clam was indeed tough, but how useful could it be under a combined attack of this scale?

“Ha, I can instantly catch the weakness of your move, and I don’t know if the weakness of the Steaming Multistoried Building is too obvious or the old guys’ observation is too sharp. .”

Shima was right, the mirage created by the big clam is a ninjutsu that can’t hide everything on the battlefield.

Because on a battlefield with a large number of people, the sound is too complicated, even if you know that the body of Hōzuki is hidden, it is difficult to know where it is.

But if it is a 1v1 duel, especially a duel between masters, no matter how subtle the voice is, it is easy to perceive the deeply hidden anomaly.

The reason why Jiraiya was able to find it so quickly like before was largely due to the sound of the hidden giant clam and the breathing of Hōzuki.

“How about using this trick then, huh?”

Seeing that the shell of the big clam was about to lose its hold under Fukasaku’s water release, Hōzuki simply solved the technique and sent it back, and at the same time used a water wall to defend the Giant Clam.

Hōzuki took a deep breath and in a cold voice he said:

“You guys forced me to use this move, be careful not to get yourself killed now…”

Before Jiraiya could react, he heard him say softly:

“Ninjutsu – Steaming Danger Tyranny!”

“Steaming Danger Tyranny?! How is this possible?!”

Jiraiya was shocked, many shinobi today might not be aware of the power of the Steaming Danger Tyranny, but this did not include him as a disciple of the Third Hokage!

It was the strongest ninjutsu of the Second Mizukage, and it had once forced the Second Tsuchikage Mū into a desperate situation!

Only too few people had seen this ninjutsu, and only a handful of people in the entire history of Shinobi knew exactly how it worked and how to break it.

“I can’t believe you can use this move! Could it be that ……” Looking at the hail rising from the battlefield, Jiraiya instantly thought of Dio, who had been killed by him not long ago and who had awakened several dead members of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, could it be that under the mask of this man in front of him was none other than the Second Mizukage!

“Looks like I’ll have to take off your mask after I defeat you!”

Looking at a dummy that was about the size of a child that came at him, Jiraiya dodged it at breakneck speed and flew forward to attack Hōzuki, but was overtaken by the dummy that came after him, which at this moment had grown to a size almost similar to that of a normal adult, and was more agile than a small fierce beast.

“Boss, big sister, please, I need to defeat this masked man as soon as possible!”

Looking at the dummy attacking from behind, Jiraiya chose to trust the Two Great Sage Toads on his shoulder while he used his earth release at an even faster speed.

“Earth Release: Earth and Stone Dragon!”

A huge brown dragon made of stone and earth rose out of the air, and it let out a loud roar, like the wrath of the earth, and attacked directly to the Second Mizukage.

The Two Great Sage Toads also used their own jutsu to attack the dummy, but the dummy easily dodged it with its nimble body, growing larger and larger as it continued to advance.

In the end, the dummy exploded with a bang and very powerful energy.

Fortunately, Fukasaku used a water release for defense just before the explosion, allowing Jiraiya to receive only a fraction of the repercussions.

However, this slight effect still made him feel dizzy, but there was no time to check himself and he hurriedly directed his eyes at the earth dragon that was about to devour the masked man.

The huge earthen dragon opened its mouth wide, carrying the force of ten thousand pounds across the ground. Under such terrifying ninjutsu, even a Kage would probably lose his life, whether he was swallowed by it or hit by it.

But part of the masked man’s body suddenly deformed and turned into a liquid just before the earth dragon was about to swallow him, and not only that, the liquid seemed to be able to blend into the ground and disappeared in the blink of an eye ……

Before disappearing, Jiraiya could hear the slightly arrogant voice of Hōzuki when said:

“You’ll have a good time with my Steaming Danger Tyranny!”