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I.C.S Chapter 82: Flying Thunder God vs Hell Stab

As for things like blending into the ground, it is impossible to do it without special ninjutsu.

But now that he had been transformed into a vampire, his vampiric powers were sufficient to blend into the earth or a living organism.

His body would have gone into a period of considerable weakness after the use of Steaming Danger Tyranny, but now he is able to hide his true nature, which means that his last weakness no longer exists.

This is because Steaming Danger Tyranny is a jutsu that can explode indefinitely, and it will never stop exploding unless its original body is defeated.



Minato instantly reached the top of a three-story building, and then a cold wind came from behind him, almost unbelievable in this sea of ​​fire.

It was a blade, a deadly blade that was glowing!

The owner of the sharp weapon was none other than the black-masked man who had started it all, his true identity was the second Raikage of the Cloud Village, and the basic policies and paths of the current Cloud Village could be said to be a continuation of this one’s ideology.

Both the popular ninjutsu and the subtle lightning chakra were developed during this man’s reign.

Underneath his great achievements, he was very strong, he was one of the few ninjas who could master the Lightning Release Chakra Mode.

His opponent is the powerful Yellow Flash Minato, who has mastered and optimized the Flying Thunder God based on the Second Hokage’s original technique.

The speed of the Flying Thunder God Technique was definitely beyond the reach of even ninjas with the Lightning Release Chakra Mode, but the Third Raikage still has the title of the foremost spear and the strongest shield.

“Lightning Release Jutsu!”

The second Raikage snorted coldly, and a large thundercloud suddenly condensed above the earth.

Countless thunderbolts were like giant dragons sticking out their heads in the clouds.

But Minato was even faster than the thunderbolts!!

The moment he saw the thundercloud taking shape, Minato’s mind was as calm, but his body was swifter than the thunderbolts, and amidst the countless thick thunderbolts falling, his body kept flashing as if he were a dancer dancing on the tip of a sword.


The next dodge, Minato came behind the second Raikage, and in his hand, the light of the Rasengan shone.

“Lightning Release- Liger Bomb!”

The second Raikage’s right hand slammed into Minato’s Rasengan! However, just when the lightning was about to cut the Rasengan, the figure of Minato suddenly disappeared. The second Raikage suddenly felt bad, and turned his body directly, just to find that Minato was behind him and was about to hit him with the Rasengan that he formed again.

“Oh damn!”

In his desperation he had to shield his vitals, his body was not as impeccably trained as that of the Third Raikage.

A single hit from a jutsu like the Rasengan would be enough to determine victory under normal circumstances.


Minato pushed the Rasengan into the chest of the masked man in front of him, and the huge amount of chakra centered in his chest, knocking the sturdy ninja back hundreds of meters!

His body fell from the sky like a falling meteor, hitting the ground with a loud bang, creating a large crater.

“Fire Release: Dragon Flame Release Song Technique!”

Minato didn’t stop there, he have fought the Third and Fourth Raikage, so he had a clear idea of the defensive power of these ninjas who could use the Lightning Chakra mode.

Under his shield of lightning, he can even engage in fierce hand-to-hand combat with tailed beasts!

“Wait, this is ……”

After seeing the Second Raikage reappearing, Minato’s pupils shrank slightly. In his imagination, this move had to seriously injure the opponent, because according to his perception, the physical quality of this lightning ninja is much lower than that of the Third Raikage who was like a monster.

But the scene in front of him smashed his concept. His Rasengan had indeed punched a hole in the masked man’s right arm protecting his chest, but at this moment, the flesh and blood of the wound were writhing and healing at a speed visible to the naked eye!

“Is it medical ninjutsu?!”

Minato frowned. If you use the speed and strength of the Lightning Chakra mode, coupled with the powerful self-healing ability, you can almost say that you have a body comparable to that of a tailed beast!

“No… it’s not a medical ninjutsu.” Hearing Minato’s words, A let out a snort…

He gently stroked the bloody gash on his right arm with his left hand and explained in a cold tone:

“This is the power of a half-demon, super speed regeneration, unless you kill me in an instant, I’ll keep regenerating, you won’t be able to kill me with just your power.”

His regeneration ability actually came from Kars, As the top vampire he wasn’t only able to revive corpses like Dio, but also create vampires who are loyal to him.

Unlike the most basic cannon fodder, the vampires had a very strong life force.

Like Dio, who was able to survive with only one head left.

It could be said that after converting into vampires, they no longer had the same weaknesses as their previous selves, except for ripples and sunlight.

The thought of a Raikage who can regenerate at high speed is unsettling!