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I.C.S Chapter 83: Invitation from the Akatsuki Organization

Mercer patted his head with one hand

He was really speechless about the ninja’s bad habit of calling out the name of their moves before fighting.

If he hadn’t said the words “Steaming Danger Tyranny”, he wouldn’t have thought of the Second Mizukage for a while.

For a group like the Demons, which had been lurking in history for a thousand years, if all the masters are ninjas resurrected by Dio, then they will make an impression that their historical background is too poor.

It’s the same when the father of Quincy, Yhwach, woke up after a thousand years of sleep, the Sternritter’s knights who followed him from the Wandenreich to fight against the Shinigami were all masters.

But fortunately for him, he is not without a background, so he will just have to think of an explanation.

While running through the ruins, he paid attention to the surrounding environment, as if he was looking for something.

“Are you looking for something, the little brother with the hood?”

Suddenly, a slightly teasing voice came from behind him. Mercer turned around and found that it was a strange man wearing a black robe with red clouds drawn on it, with short grass-green hair and yellow pupils.

The image of this eccentric person is too familiar, so Mercer immediately judged his identity – White Zetsu!

(What is he doing here? Does it mean Obito or Madara..?)

Since he had received a reputation from the two Uchiha when he had used the Demonic Energy to cause havoc in the Rain Village not long ago, he understood that the hidden boss behind the scenes was not dead yet, or that the events were getting out of his control and he could not die in peace as he had planned.

The seventy-year-old Uchiha had been calculating for so many years, and at the critical moment when the plan was about to be implemented, how could he just wait for Nagato’s Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique as he did in the original story?

If this super-powerful man who overwhelmed the ninja world is still alive, then it is likely that White Zetsu has come to carry out his orders.

“Who are you?” But no matter what, Zetsu’s appearance is not a bad thing for him, at least he can earn more reputation points.

Mercer stopped and asked.

“It doesn’t matter who I am, but I can help you find what you want.” Zetsu said in a seductive tone

“…… How do you know what I’m looking for?”

Mercer was unmoved as his muscles tensed all over his body, making a show of being ready to attack.

Zetsu still used the same tone, “Don’t be so tense, I have no ill intentions towards you.”

“If you don’t get to the main topic again, I will devour you, and then I will know exactly what you want.”

“Ugh ugh ugh, don’t be so grumpy, really, nowadays people ah ……” White Zetsu who was complaining took a look at Mercer and found that he was already showing scarlet blood in his hand and have really Killing intent in his eyes so Zetsu hastily waved his hands in a surrendering manner.

“I say, I am a member of the Akatsuki organization, you know the Akatsuki, right?”

“The organization whose leader has the Rinnegan eyes and had two encounters with the Demons.” Alex Mercer made a look as remembered and said “Are you here to find the demonic energy?”

The White Zetsu shook his head, “Technically, that’s not true, the boss doesn’t ask for demonic energy, I came here purely to invite you to join the Akatsuki.”

“Join the Akatsuki organization?” Moser’s heart moved. For Naoto, he had long wanted to insert his clones into the big various forces.

Only by having some knowledge of all the forces could he better develop a relevant script. For example, Konoha, the organization he had recently made, and the Akatsuki Organization were all related to him in some way.

The purpose of placing Ryo Shimazaki in the Akatsuki organization was precisely to be able to monitor Pain’s moves at all times.

But among the Akatsuki organization, Pain is only the obvious leader, and Obito, who pretends to be Madara Uchiha, has been hiding behind the scenes, and he is the kind of boss who deserves Naoto’s attention the most.

The one who came to invite him at this moment is Zetsu, so it is very likely that after he joins the Akatsuki organization, he will be in the Obito faction, just like Kisame.

But his current identity is not suitable. After all, the identity of Alex Mercer does not exist, and his body is the body of Dio.

In fact, he couldn’t do the few abilities he talked about in front of Jiraiya and the others.

Over time, and with Black Zetsu, there was no guarantee that something wouldn’t go wrong.

But even if he was going to refuse, the least he could do was probe them to find out what they were up to.

“I like to act alone, not to mention the fact that with the current power of your Akatsuki organization you are no match for the Doctor.”

“If the Akatsuki Organisation isn’t even a match for the Demons, then it’s even more unlikely that you’ll be able to take revenge on your own.” White Zetsu shrugged and said, “We are actively strengthening our strength in order to fight the Demons.”

“…” Mercer fell silent as if he was about to be impressed

White Zetsu struck while the iron was hot and tempted, “After joining an organization, you will have a huge intelligence network, and you can quickly collect whatever you want to find.”

“Beautiful words, but can you bring the Demonic Energy of Earth  to me first.”

“Well…” White Zetsu touched his head, then said, “At least you need to know the shape.”

“It’s a flower.”

  “a flower?”

“That’s right, according to the Doctor, the best carrier of the Demonic Energy of the Earth is the flowers. If you can bring it to me, I will join your organization.”

“That’s easy!”

White Zetsu’s body was about to burrow into the ground, but unfortunately, before he could finish diving, he found the ground becoming a muddy swamp.

Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld!

The First Kazekage Reto with an orange mask stood not far from the two of them, keeping them under control.

“You Akatsuki Organisation have ruined the Demons’ plans three times, so why don’t you just die here with the Shichibukai and Konoha’s ninja!”

“This is a mess!” White Zetsu made a panicked face, forcing himself to swim through the mud and hide behind Mercer, saying “I’m going to find the demonic energy for you, just don’t die by his hand!”

“…” Glancing at Zetsu speechlessly, Mercer broke free from the ground that had turned into a swamp in an instant. Zetsu’s movements were very fast. After Mercer jumped out, he also immediately jumped out and disappeared.

  “What is this thing?”

He felt a strange power from the White Zetsu, but he couldn’t say exactly what it was, as if it didn’t belong to the usual jutsu.

However, the most important task now is to complete Lord Dio’s orders——

Killing Alex Mercer who escaped from the Black Watch!

He looked towards the hooded man who had landed right on a house and instantly finished his seal, roaring:

“Wind Release: Pressure Damage!”