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I.C.S Chapter 84: Melee (1)


The explosion from the collision of the fire dragon and the water tornado lifted up the masonry of the ground made of concrete, and the ground beneath them was even worse, thousands of square meters where it was directly turned into a crater of unfathomable depth.

Ace took a couple of weak breaths, he was feeling a little tired from the succession of the big blasts.

Unlike the vampires, who were so full of life that they didn’t seem to know what exhaustion was, White Zetsu, who was theoretically more exhausted than Ace, but he still didn’t use much of his strength.

“It’s an intractable ability…” Ace frowned, just as he was about to continue his attack, he saw a dazzling light of lightning strike quickly from the distance toward him.

In a hurry, he dodged the attack to protect himself as much as possible from being harmed in his vital organs by the lightning.

“Orochimaru, what are you doing?!” Ace asks.

Apparently, even with the combined strength of the two Orochimaru and Manda the boss of the snakes of the Ryūchi Cave, they still did not have the ability to suppress the Third Raikage, instead, the two of them were constantly being forced into a one-on-one duel by A using his speed and his defensive advantages.

“Hmph, take care of yourself ……” Orochimaru coldly replies.

Even with his body’s flexibility and vitality, he was unable to break through the Third Raikage’s defenses and was constantly overpowered by that terrifying speed, making even the arrogant Orochimaru a bit annoyed.

“You dare to be distracted when you are fighting with this strong old man. Are you new to this kind of battle?”

White Zetsu raised his eyebrows after seeing Ace’s actions, and he shouted coldly, feeling that he underestimated his opponent.

“Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique!”

It was true that the Water Released he made wasn’t a great offensive jutsu, but for the owner of the Devil Fruit who was weak in the water, the not-so-offensive Water Release was what Ace feared the most.

Looking at the raging seawater, Ace rushed to get out of the way, and fortunately for him the ground was pockmarked and the huge crater slowed down the waterfall, allowing Ace to successfully dodge it.

“Fire Pillar!”

As the battlefield between Orochimaru and the Third Raikage was in progress, Ace simply cooperated with Orochimaru to attack A who was wearing a dark blue mask!

“Lightning Release – Black Lightning!”

Facing the sudden flames, A did not panic, his body was flooded with black lightning, which eventually formed into a black panther under his control.

The black panther rushed towards the Fire Pillar that fell from the sky with superb speed and quickly, then the collision happened and the black lightning with the fire pillar exploded in the air.

But on the other side, Manda spat out a powerful air cannon from its mouth, hitting A’s back with a boom and knocking him straight back hundreds of meters.

However, Manda’s attack couldn’t break through A’s defenses, which was basically a lightning shield in The lightning chakra mode.

After he stood firm again, he had arrived at the side of the First Kazekage who was coming to him too.

The two looked at each other through their masks, nodded at the same time, and then simultaneously used their attack ninjutsu!

“Water Release: Water Severing Wave!”

“Hell Stab!”

Not to be outdone, Orochimaru and Ace on this side also used their jutsu against the oncoming duo in order to counter their attacks.

“Flame Mirror!”

“Summoning: Triple Rashōmon!”

On the ground in front of Orochimaru, three mysterious giant gates with a height of more than 1,000 meters suddenly stood up.

Each of these gates had a hideous giant face as if it was the gates of hell.

The Third Raikage turned into an unstoppable thunderbolt, and easily pierced the first gate, and the second gate was also pierced without being able to withstand it for a long time. The last gate lasted the longest, but for the third Raikage, It wasn’t that hard to break through when he changed four fingers into one.

“Eight Branches Technique!”

A hint of madness was revealed in Orochimaru’s eyes. In the face of such a powerful enemy as the third Raikage, he was forced to use this jutsu that he hadn’t yet fully mastered!

Orochimaru, who claimed that he have eternal life, used this jutsu to violently transform into a giant white snake with eight heads that were even bigger and have sharper fangs than Manda!

Orochimaru, with this technique, can even fight head-on with a tailed beast, and his indestructible body is enough to defend against the attack of the tailed beast.

And even for a super genius like Orochimaru, it took him a month or more to learn it!

After attacking the four gates using Hell Stab Technique and penetrating all of them, A consumed more than 70% of his strength and could only hit one head of the eight-headed snake before one of the other seven heads directly hit him, sending him tens of meters into the air.

On the other side, the Water Severing Wave followed behind the third Raikage attack after he made a hole in the gates.

And just when the third gate was breached, Ace’s flames had already blocked the last gate.

No matter how powerful the terrifying high-pressure water attack is, it cannot easily break through the Flame Mirror’s defenses.

suddenly, a highly concentrated storm pillar easily swept the rubble from the ground into it, tearing it to shreds in less than a second.

The terrifying pillar of the hurricane wind blew Ace’s flames even further, and at this moment the flames merged into the hurricane, making the hurricane even more aggressive, and eventually turning into a hurricane strong enough to blow away a mountain!

It also sprinted forward continuously through the Gates gap created by the Third Raikage, and almost in an instant, it had already crossed a distance of hundreds of meters and came to Byakuren’s side!

If this kind of terrifying attack completely hit him, then even as the First Mizukage, he would definitely not be able to survive!