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I.C.S Chapter 85: Melee (2)

“Sensei, look out!”

Jiraiya, who was dodging the Steaming Danger Tyranny Ninjutsu of Gengetsu Hōzuki, suddenly heard Minato’s shout, and without thinking, Minato moved Jiraiya away from the area using Flying Thunder God Technique, and in the next second, there was a roar from that location.

The second Raikage knelt down on one knee, the clothes on his back were completely torn, and there was a wound on his back caused by the penetration of the Rasengan, but the wound healed quickly, he stared at Jiraiya with his scarlet eyes, and with the force of his knees, he immediately rushed towards Jiraiya who had just been transferred through the teleportation technique like an arrow from the string.

“Big Ball Rasengan!”

However, Minato was faster than him!

Before A’s fist could hit Jiraiya’s body, it was averted by using the Flying Thunder God technique, and the Rasengan in Minato’s hand amplified violently, it was big enough to cover the whole body of the Second Raikage!

“Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique!”

“Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique!”

Jiraiya and the two toads on his shoulders also used ninjutsu to assist. However, the Chakra Mode seems to have lost its effect on the Second Raikage. His body changed direction almost instantly, avoiding the wind and water with an agile movement, and condensed the lightning on the whole body. In the palm of his hand, violent lightning suddenly soared, forming a lightning spear.

The Big Ball Rasengan collided with the Lightning Spear, and the violent chakra overflowed. It stands to reason that the Big Ball Rasengan, which was made of wind chakra, was supposed to be a restraint to the Lightning Release, but the lightning under the Second Raikage control was highly concentrated when transformed into a sharp spear. He wanted to crack the Big Ball Rasengan with the strongest penetrating power!


As if the cloth was being cut by scissors, the Big Ball Rasengan was directly cut in half, but the Second Raikage, who had endured part of the power on the front, was sustained some major injuries…

But the vampire’s physique allowed his body to regenerate and he was able to slowly advance even when the Rasengan was already hitting him!

“Senjutsu – Rasengan !”

Seeing this, Jiraiya also used the Rasengan to help Minato, and the Rasengan, which added a large sum of Sage chakra, became even bigger.

The second Raikage tried to condense the lightning spear more and more, but it wasn’t enough to block the second attack of the Rasengan powered by the Sage Mode.


The Rasengan finally hit the ground, and then a large cloud of dust and smoke rose up. Several surrounding buildings collapsed and then turned into powder. A blazing thunder fire emanating from the center, as if it were an inferno on earth.

On the other side, Minato and Jiraiya thought that they had solved the problem, and before they could feel happy, they noticed that the big dummy had begun to explode!

Fortunately for them, the technique of Flying Thunder God does not require a seal, and Minato’s reflex speed is even more astonishing. At the critical moment, he threw a Kunai backward, pulled Jirai, and moved behind him.

However, the explosion range of the dummy was too wide, and in that instant, they didn’t have time to teleport to a farther place, so they got hit a little by the explosion.

But both of them are very powerful, and an explosion like this is only in the category of minor injuries to them, which is much better than the Second Raikage condition who suffered from the Rasengan attacks.

Jiraiya was better off on the battlefield because of the large Chakra that he derives from the sage mode.

Minato on the other hand had lost a lot of his Chakra after he used the Flying Thunder God Technique and the Rasengan many times and even used most of the Chakra to use the Big Ball Rasengan

But the Second Raikage was even worse. Vampires do have great resilience, but it’s all based on energy because even a vampire can’t violate the most basic rules and repair his body just from nothing.

For a normal vampire, energy is from the human life power, but for a ninja vampire, in addition to feeding on the life of others, there is also Chakra, which is a mixture of physical and spiritual energy in the body.

After such a fierce battle, and having to use chakra to repair his body, A had almost reached his limit.

The energy of the Rasengan mixed with Jiraiya’s Senjutsu Chakra did a strong effect on him, even if it is not as strong as the vampire killer energy of the ripples, it is much stronger than other energies.

The fact that he is still alive now has been entirely due to his strong body and the lightning armor under the Lightning Chakra Mode, otherwise with this kind of power if it was any other Kage, would have been smashed into ashes.

“Minato, this exploding dummy is an infinite blasting ninjutsu that will recover. That guy’s body is hidden in the ground. Let’s use the earth release to force him out together!”

Even though he didn’t have many chakras left, Minato was able to launch a few earth releases without any problem.

Without the Second Raikage’s power, they would not be afraid of the Steaming Danger Tyranny. Because their mobility is so strong, even if the dummy is fast, compared with the yellow flash of Konoha, it was a far cry from his level.

All they had to do now was to force the Second Mizukage, who was hidden in the ground, to show himself.

“Earth Release: Earth Flow River!”

Jiraiya, who was still in good condition, took the lead and directly used his earth release to dive into the ground, while Minato, who remained on the ground, used some simple earth release to change the terrain, cooperating with Jiraiya’s attack and trying to hold back the dummy.


“It seems that my time has come…”

Suzuki Toichiro, who had been observing in the dark, kept the battle situation in his eyes and thought to himself.

“Time to move on to the next phase……”

He put his eyes on White Zetsu, who was constantly searching for the Demonic Energy of the Earth in the surrounding and made a cold smile.