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I.C.S Chapter 86: The Demonic Energy of Earth Appears

“Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!”

Even though it was only C-rank Ninjutsu, what came out of the mouth of the First Kazekage Reto was enough to blow everything down in front of him.

After making the huge sand dome that surrounded the village from all sides, he let the Second Kazekage to maintain the ninjutsu in the dark, and he ran out to confront Alex Mercer.

However, Mercer was a doppelganger who had been transformed by Kars, and his body possessed the four Demonic Energy of Wind, Fire, Sky, and Moon, and with this scale of increase, his strength had reached the level of the Kage class.

As the First Kazekage, Reto wasn’t weak, but to defeat a ninja at the same level, it would be impossible without a period of trial and error in one-vs-one combats.

The violent hurricane blew past, and Mercer’s right arm changed into a sharp blade that shone with light, and he swung it forward with such force that the wind, which was strong enough to blow down a tall building, was torn apart by the light of the blade, and the wind transport, which was split in half, cut a huge wind scar into the ground on either side of him.

The speed of Moser, who was advancing against the wind, continued unabated, with a slight phantom behind him. The blade of his right arm changed again with some fine gears. The extremely fast rotation of the gears made the wind flow even more turbulent.

“Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique!”

Reto’s expression remained unchanged, although the Great Breakthrough couldn’t have a substantially damaging effect on Moser, it did restrict his forward route, and he could simply target him for his next attack.

Facing thousands of wind blades, Mercer was not flustered. He felt the flow of the wind carefully. He was like a bee in the wind. He was still moving at full speed.

Those wind blades that were about to cut Mercer changed their orientation at the last moment, it seemed that these wind blades deliberately avoided Mercer’s direction.

Looking at this, Reto, who was running like a son of the wind, frowned, then quickly formed his seals, and two jutsu quickly took shape.

“Wind Release: Killing Formation!”

“Wind Release: Storm Tornado!”

A strong whirlwind was set off from around him, spreading all the way to fifty meters around, forming a wide tornado.

The terrifying tornado seemed to be able to tear everything in the place into pieces, and Alex Mercer couldn’t break through for a while during the extremely fast rotation.

But it didn’t matter if he couldn’t break through, he had no intention of fighting to the death against a Wind Kage.

“The Demonic Energy of the Earth is mine.”

He simply made the declaration indifferently, then turned around and left without looking back.

Sure enough, Reto, who had come to stop Mercer, could not let him leave easily and had to make a move to block him off.

The terrifying storm began to move slowly under his control, but this was only relative, a single movement of its size could cause a far greater impact than the actual action.

Just between two breaths, Mercer felt a strong suction coming from behind. He simply relaxed his body and resisted with a force slightly lower than that of the storm, allowing the strong wind to push His body back.

When the storm was less than ten meters away from him, Alex turned around abruptly. He could feel the fierce wind tearing through his body.

He used all his strength, coupled with the full strength of the storm, to head back at a speed that was faster than his original speed.

He broke the sound barrier in an instant, and a spark appeared behind him. Alex’s right hand remained in the shape of a blade, and the tiny gear was spinning again at an extremely high speed.

At the same time, his left hand turned into the appearance of a heavy hammer. And the heavy hammer hit the tornado.

Alex’s hammer halted the storm’s advance directly for a moment, and then he turned his body and slashed downward with the blade’s right arm.

The sharp blade stretched into the middle of the tornado and then charged into the storm with the most powerful force, directly heading at the fierce fighting standing in the center of the storm.

“Wind Release – Beast Tearing Gale Palm!”

While controlling the tornado to keep it from collapsing, Reto aimed his right hand at Alex who was about to slash down, then spewed out a fierce wind from the inside of the tornado.

  “too slow!”

With a roar, Alex cut all the gusts of wind away, and the sharp blade with a cold glow could pierce through the body of the First Kazekage after only two more steps.

But just as the last step was about to happen, a large amount of sand suddenly stood up in front of Reto. These sands quickly condensed and combined to form a protective wall that just wrapped the front of Reto.

Alex’s blade stabbed the hard sand guard, and the strong shock made his mouth go numb. However, in this rapidly changing battle, he had already thought about the next attack.

He took advantage of the hole created by the blade as a prelude to his next hit, this time using his heavy hammer.

“Air Sand Protective Wall!”

Faced with Alex who had suddenly changed his attack style, Reto had to use a large amount of chakra to once again condense the guard of sand above his head.

It was a very powerful absolute defense, even this heavy hammer that could forcefully stop even the movement of the storm failed to destroy it.

Reto’s figure appeared above Alex, and he pushed him to the ground.

“Prison Sand Burial!”

He drowned Alex several meters underground.

He was about to make a sealing spell, but was suddenly attracted by a blue light——

“Damn it, the Demonic Energy of the Earth, leave it away!”

Reto dispersed the tornado that had enveloped a fifty-meter radius and saw White Zetsu who was chasing a blue gas not far away ……

“Don’t even think about it!”

With a wave of his hand, a large amount of yellow sand formed a huge hand and slapped him with a boom.

“The Demonic Energy of the Earth is mine!”

At the same time, dense energy rays suddenly appeared in the sky, and Suzuki’s figure descended from the sky and charged toward the Demonic Energy of the Earth in a flying stance ……

Before he could react, there were roughly twenty red energy light balls that hit the ground where White Zetsu and Reto were…